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Where is Pete? Will the crazy guy get caught? And someone said love!

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"their all together now, I don't know what to do. They all have their guards watching, I can't get to him" the deep voice on the phone said. What do I do? Jest tell him to forget it? No I can't, it's too far gone, besides no one will ever find out. "do what you have to get him alone, he has to come out by himself some time. Just watch them." I growled and hung up the phone. I can't believe the words that had. One out of my mouth, I shuddered to think it was my own. I looked around the dark fancy restraunt where I had finally stopped. Not one of theses people enjoying their dinners in this place knew how awful I was they just went on with their dinners in their bright and happy world while I plotted to hurt the people I cared about. I downed my glass of wine which was th only thing I ordered and asked for another. I had told her I didn't have feelings for her, but that was a lie. I had already had my plan then, I was to pretend I was going to set her up with Patrick and scare brendon and Patrick away from her and then I was going to swoop in and pick up the pieces of her broken heart and make her fall for me. I had been planning this since I tried to kiss her in my car and she turned me down. I was so hurt and angry, I just played it off as a test. I should of just told her before, maybe I could of just been honest, but I'm just that guy all ladies want to hang out with but never want to be in a relationship with once they realize I'm not the guy the thought they thought I was. I'm just some fucking dumb ass guy who tries too hard and who hates himself, all these girls think I'm some great, talented, rich, poetic bastard. I'm just Pete, I'm no big deal, the Pete that is on stage with fall out boy and signing autographs is a big deal that's who everyone thinks I am, but me and that guy just share th same body and face, in the real world I'm just Pete. I need to find a hotel and go to bed, I'm starting to feel the bottle of wine. I hope I can fix all this.

Patrick's POV

Emily was staring at me wide eyed and clutching onto my hand.
"please" I begged the group staring at me just as shocked as em was. " all I have to do is just catch the guy, I'll have the text written and have my hands in my jacket pocket and just hit and when he comes out" I said

"no, Patrick that's crazy. That guy is lurking around him some where and your the main one on his fucking list buddy. It's like walking into a death trap!" now shouted throwing his hands in the air.
Everyone was quiet for a moment and joe and Andy looked at brendon. Brendon didn't realize why at first, but I saw his face as it dawned on him.

"hell no! I've already had my encounter with that guy once. So I've been warned. Next time hell probably kill me! By the way, thanks for throwing me under the bus you guys!" brendOn yelled and rolled his eyes.

"he's right. Let me just go, I'll bring a knife. It's the only way to end this." I said firmly.

"no" Emily said letting go of my hand and crossing her arms. I turned to her and cupped her face in my hands.

"I want this to end. I just want to be with you for once. Nothing bad will happen. I promise." i said leaning forward and softly kisseding her forehead.

"fine" She said reluctantly. With that I went over to her kitchen drawers and rummaged through them until infound a kitchen knife that I stuck in one of my dark blue jacket pockets. I then took my phone out and entered a text.
"I will send this text if I'm in trouble or I got the guy, I'll walk about a block or so straight down this street. As soon as I send it brendon you stay here with emily and call the cops. Andy and joe, you take the body guards and come after me. The text will be sent to Andy's phone, so as soon as you get it do what I told you. If anything happens, I love you guys. I whispered to one of the guards to call the others in, and I herd Emily start to cry. He guys looked to me with sad faces. "Emily, it will be okay, I promise. Andy went over to her and sat down beside her and hugged her to try to comfort her. He was always the kind of person who would be there for you when you were down. I smiled at the thought of all the times he had done that for me and Pete. I saw the rest of the guards come in and I walked out.

"becareful out there sir." my body guard said. I nodded and walked out.

I began walking slowly up the street with my hands in my jacket pockets my right hand on the knife and the left on the send button on my phone. I was nervous. I knew he was out here, somewhere watching me. My hands fidgeted with the smooth handle of the kitchen knife. My hands began to sweat and my heart and head began to race. What had I gotten myself into? I can't think about this, I just have to do it, I want everything to be safe again and I want my best friend back. I looked behind me and saw I almost made it a block and a half. Maybe I should turn around and- my thought was cut off by hands grabbing hold of me from the back and a cold object to my neck. As if almost on instinct I pressed send before my arms were pinned to me.

"stay quiet lover boy." the deep voice behind me commanded. "you need to stay away from Emily, because I won't tell you twice pretty boy." he said coldly. I had to stall him some how until the guys arrived.
"Why are you doing this?" I asked.

"I thought I td you to fucking stay quiet! Do you want to live?!" he said pressing his knife to my throat harder. I herd the guys coming and so did he, his guard was down so I took the hand with the knife out of my pocket and drove it into his upper leg as hard as I could. I felt a sharp pain in my arm as the man in black fell. The guys ran up to us and joe stepped on the mans hand with the knife and kicked it away from him and the body guards finally arived. They got on him and zip tied his hands together. He began to struggle and 3 poliece cars pulled up and immediately once again tackling man to the ground and taking off his ski mask. I had never seen this man before. He had dark brown hair and looked to be in his late 40s he had dark green eyes and was very tan.

"youve never met his man before? He doesn't look to be a fan" an officer said to me.

" no I've never met this guy before. And he doesn't fit the criteria of a fan" I laughed.

"are you alright sir? Your arms bleeding." the officer said. I looked down to see a long gash down the side of my arm. He blood was flowing down my fingers dripping onto the ground, I hadn't even noticed.

"yeah I'm ok, it doesn't look too bad, must of happened in the scuffle.

"are you sure your okay sir? Do you need medical attention?"

"no, no, I'm fine"i insisted to the officer.

"he's okay... Yeah he caught the guy! Here he is." Andy said handing me his Phone.

"hey." I said

"so your alright? Emily said

"yeah, I isn't have this scratch on my arm, it's not bad." I said reassuringly.

"hey trick! Don't get your gross hand blood on my phone!" Andy yelled to me. I ignored him.

"em, they may want you and brendon down here for some questions we're only a block and a half away." I said

"Okay, we'll be right down." she said. " and hey Patrick?"

"yeah" I said

"I love you" she said. He words echoed in my mind but immediately brought an Awnser.

"I love you too Emily" I said and hung up the phone. So she loved me. And I loved her. Considering all that had happened tonight I felt happy.

hey guys! So how are you feeling things so far? If you hate it let me know. If you love it, do the same. I've been thinking about not writing anymore so please help my spirit! As always thank you guys so much for reading! It means a lot! :)
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