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but its better if you do

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Brendon/O.C. Brendon and Amy cross paths out of sheer luck, will Amy fall hard for the panic! singer or will he let her down like all the rest of the guys?

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oh no! He is supposed to be here in 15 minutes and I'm still not even dressed. "just chill out, Amy" i say to myself. I blame myself for taking forever to do my hair and makeup. I just wanted to look nice encase this one does show up. I run through my apartment to my room where I unshed my robe pick up the deep red knee length tight satin dress with a sweetheart neckline and slip it on. it clung to my skinny tall frame perfectly as if it was made for me, no wonder it was my favorite dress. I quickly pulled on my black heels and ran into the living room where I once again checked my hair and make up. My normally shoulder length black hair was pulled back into a simple pony tail and my green almond shaped eyes were lined with a deep black eyeliner. I think I looked very pretty and don't really understand why I keep getting ditched on dates. This one, my best friend since 2nd grade, Carla had promised me this date would be different. It was with a guy named Alex who she had set me up with. I had met Alex before and seemed like the type of guy who would whistle and cat call girls on the street,you know the type, and Carla knew I despised those type of guys. I have no idea why she had set me up on this date, I think she must be getting desperate for me, on the other hand I didn't really feel too bad about not having a boyfriend, it kind of made me feel independent, don't get me wrong I still get upset when I get stood up just like any other girl, but I think I'm starting to get use to it by now. I herd a crash of thunder followed by the sound of rain beating against my roof and the side of my house. I nearly jumped at the lightning that followed. I looked at the clock and noticed it was 8 pm. he should be here any time now. I was starting to get nervous so I sat down on my couch and pulled out my laptop. the screen flicked on to Facebook where I saw Carla was on so I decided to message her.

"hey! hows your trip to see your parents in Utah?" I typed

"boring, as always. you know what its like, you've been here with me before. I miss L.A. did Alex pick you up yet?" she asked. I looked at the clock it was 8:05.

"no he hasn't, and I don't think hes going to, we might as well add him to the no show list and pop open a bottle of desperation wine." I said

"well, I'm so sorry Amy. I wish I could be there with you to share our tradition of desperation wine and movies." she said adding a sad face to the end of her message.

"its okay. you'll be home soon though, right?" I asked.

"yeah in a few more days I'll be back and we can do some thing fun. I miss you!" she replied .

"I miss you too! hey, I might as well turn on a movie and pop open that wine." I typed.

"okay, if you need anything call me or something, I'm always here!" she typed.

"alright Car, I'll talk to you sometime tomorrow." I typed to her and shut my laptop. oh man this was going to be one depressing, long, boring, rainy night. I get up off the couch and went to get the wine and glass. normally Carla and I just passed the bottle back and forth, but tonight since no one was here, I felt like being fancy. I took the bottle and glass into the living room and poured myself some wine. I turned on the TV and kicked off my heels. I had decided upon a scary movie and was getting pretty into it when I herd a loud boom of thunder followed by lightning which made me jump. then I herd a loud pop and my power went out which made me squeal. great. just great. what a crappy night. I debated on just going to bed, but I wasn't really tired and it was only 8:30, so instead I decided to gather up candles and light them in different spots around my living room giving the room a romantic restaurant like glow. this was kind of nice, I thought to myself as I sipped my wine, probably better than my date would of turned out if Alex had shown up. I sat there for a minute trying to figure out what might be wrong with me to whee these guys kept standing me up. I wasn't ugly, well at least I didn't seem to think so, I was just normal looking. maybe I was annoying or something, hell I know, maybe I just didn't have the best of luck. I sipped my wine quietly lost in thought among the sounds of thunder and rain until I herd a knock at my door. shit! maybe that was Alex after all! maybe he was just late! I slipped my heels back on and headed for the door. Instead of the expected face of Alex, I was greeted with the face of a tall guy with brown hair and brown eyes staring back at me. his hair clung onto his face in wet strands that dripped down his face. his white shirt and black pants were drenched. he ran his fingers through his wet brown hair before he spoke.

"uh, hi. my convertible broke down and the hood wont go back up and now I'm kind of stuck out here until the tow truck I called arrives, Is there any way I can come in?" he asked sincerely looking at me with his dark brown eyes. I almost didn't even catch what he had said, I was too busy just looking at him and watching him talk. I quickly snapped out of it and answered him.

"yeah, sure" I said stepping away from the door to let him in.

"thank you" he replied. "I don't know what happened, one minute it was fine and the next it was just a downpour, then my car just broke down for no reason right out front, i guess its just not my day" he chuckled a little to himself.

"you and me both" I murdered, but I'm pretty sure he caught it. "let me go get you some towels so you can dry yourself off." I said hoping he wouldn't ask about my bad day remark.

"thank you, again" he said kindly as I went to the bath room to grab some towels off the shelf and return. I handed him the towels.

"I hope I wasn't interrupting something he said looking at the candles and wine as he dried his hair.

"oh no, your fine, I just- my power went out" I said trying to think of an excuse of some kind for my setup.

"oh, I see." he said softly. he reached out his hand to me and smiled." I'm Brendon, by the way" I took his hand and the feeling of our hands touching sent electric through my spine.

"I'm Amy" I said back with a smile. I took the damp towels from him and took them back to my bathroom and before I threw them in the hamper I gave them a quick sniff. man, he smells good, really good, kind of like clean laundry and cinnamon. okay, that was weird, I shouldn't ever do that again. I didn't realize I could be such a creeper. I walked back into the living room to find Brendon just awkwardly standing where he had been this whole time. "you can sit down, you know" I said with a smirk.

"no way, you already helped me out enough I'm not going to ruin your couch with my wet clothes!" he said shocked that I even offered.

"I really don't care, you wont ruin my couch. its fine." I said laughing at his statement. he hesitantly sat down on one end of my couch and I sat down on the opposite end leaving plenty of room between us. we sat in silence for a moment until Brendon finally spoke.

"so, why are you so dressed up?" he curiously questioned. shit. what do I tell him? I guess I could just tell him the truth no matter how dumb it made me look. hes just a stranger I wont see after tonight any way.

"well, I was supposed to go on a date, but I got stood up." I admitted feeling stupid my decision to tell the truth.

"oh, I'm really sorry." he said apologetically.

"its fine, its not your fault don't apologize, I'm use to it any way." I said. why the hell am I telling him all this? I Need to just shut up!shut up me!

"It happens a lot? well, if its any constellation, those guys must be stupid or something because they don't know what their missing right now." he smiled at me.

"it kinda does. and thank you Brendon." I smiled back at him. jeez when did I start taking compliments from strangers? well at least he was a hot stranger so the compliment meant more either way I'm sure I felt myself blush from it.

"so what do you do, Amy? Brendon asked.

"I'm a make up artist, it was my dream my best friend ended up making me go to school for it when she became a nail tech." I said

"do you do celebrity's make up?" he asked.

"no, I just do things like weddings and proms and that junk" I said "so what do you do?" I asked returning the question to him.

"I'm just in this band, we just released new a CD not to long ago." he said. I immediately was interested, I loved music.

"anything I've herd of before? whats your band's name?" I asked taking a drink of wine.

"maybe. our bands called Panic! at the disco" he said nonchalantly. and thoughts came back to me of the posters of the band that use to hang up in Carla's room and Carla's obsession she use (and still may have) to have with the band. the singer's name was Brendon Urie, but this couldn't be him.
"are you Brendon Urie?" I questioned with my eyebrow cocked.

"so you do know who I am." he smiled.

"well I just remember my best friend being obsessed with your band back in the day. you guys are the ones that did that A Fever You Can't Sweat Out CD right?" i was till confused and looking at him thoroughly wondering if it was actually him.

"yup, that's us alright. whats the matter do I look different or something? he laughed at my stares.

"you do, from what I can remember from my best friends old posters in her room you were a lot more uhhh..." I couldn't put my finger on the word.

"emo back then?" he said with a smile.

"yeah, that's it. but you are him after all, I guess" I said. I looked at him he was defiantly different to a point he still wore black jeans and converse but his hair was so different with it wet I could still make out it was in some sort of modern a fohawk type thing, and his face looked a bit older but he didn't look old.

"what's your best friends name?" Brendon asked with a sly smile.

"her names Carla, why?" I asked suspiciously knowing he was going some where with this.

"lets give her a call." his smile now grew wider and toothier.

"okay, but she may not believe it, just saying" I said. we began to hash out the plan of the call. I put Carla's number into my phone and put it on speaker. the phone wrung twice before her sweet little voice answered.

"hey Amy! hows that desperation wine coming along? she said and Brendon shot me a smirk from our nickname of the wine.

"its great, my power went out, I lit some candles and Brendon Urie showed up at my door" I said nonchalantly listing the events that took place. she started to laugh.

"Amy, your so drunk right now, but you know Brendon Urie is nothing to joke with me about" she said and Brendon quietly started to break out laughing and I elbowed him, but it was too late Carla herd him.

"who's with you? did Alex show up, is that you Alex?" she demanded as if this were a practical joke.

"no he didn't show up, I'm not drunk and Brendon's sitting beside me." I said in a serious tone. by then Brendon was loudly cracking up.

"have him say something." she said not wanting to believe me.

"go ahead" I said to him.

"hey Carla! It's actually me, I swear." he said laughing a little.

"sing something, I still don't believe it." she said. I rolled my eyes and gave him a look.

"okay, fine" he said and begun to clear his throat "shes not bleeding on the ball room floor just for the attention, cause that's just ridiculous-ly odd. well she sure is gonna get it here's the setting fashion magazines line the walls now, the walls line the bullet holes" he wailed. "was that okay? I thought you might know that one." he said. Carla was quiet a few moment before letting out a very high pitched squeal.

"jesus Carla! your going to deafen us!" I said

"that really is him!" she yelled.

"yeah, it really is" Brendon said sarcastically with a smirk.

"oh my god! whats he doing right now?!" she asked almost hyperventilating into the phone. it was like she has rabies or something. I looked at Brendon.

"he's uh, sitting on the couch... just sitting here." I said a little freaked out by my best friends behavior. "I'll call you back in a little bit Carla, so you can tone down the rabies or what ever" I said.

"okay be sure to call me back though!" she said still exited.

" I promise i will. bye." i said

"bye Carla!" Brendon said. which made her squeel again.

"bye Brendon! bye Amy!" she said then I hung up the phone.

"That was kind of amusing. I've never really seen her act that way before." I said

"I'm use to it, it kind of comes with the job" he smiled. just then we herd a honking sound and noises outside. I got up and looked out the window.

"your tow truck is here" I said.

"finally! I was beginning to think they forgot about me." he laughed.

"yeah right on time too! or everything in your car would of been ruined!" I joked.

"well, thank you Amy" he said as we walked to the front door and I opened it "you totally saved my ass from standing in the rain" he said.

"no problem Brendon, it was really nice meeting you" I said.

"it was really nice meeting you too. oh hey! can I see your phone?" he asked. I pulled out my phone and handed it to him he also pulled out his. he began putting something which I'mm assuming was his number in my phone and sent himself a text. "there, now we have each other's numbers, is it okay if I call you later this week or something?" he asked.

"yeah, sure I answered."

"and again, sorry about your date, maybe I can make it up to you" he said. my heart skipped a beat for a moment and all I could do was smile and blush. we said our good byes and once he left I went back to sit on my spot on the couch. this all had to be a dream or something, what are the chanced of all this? I looked over to see a wet imprint on the other side of my couch. nope not a dream. I picked up my phone and dialed Carla's number.

I'm thinking this will be my last story, I think this one will be short. I love writing these for you guys so please comment and rate to let me know what you think.

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