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Brendon asks Amy out on a date, but does he have another girlfriend?

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"so tell me everything that happened! did you guys kiss or anything good like that?! did he flirt with you?!" Carla's barrage of questions hit my ears coming through the phone.

"no, we didn't kiss. his car just broke down and he didn't want to stand out in the rain. I don't know if he flirted with me or not, I don't really have much to compare it to, he might of. he got my number and gave me his."

"wow! that's so crazy Amy! you have Brendon Urie's number!" she said getting exited again. "well did he say anything like he wants to see you again or something?" she asked.

"he apologized for my date standing me up and said he wants to make it up to me or something like that, he also said he wants to call me later this week. does that mean were going to go on a date?" I asked her.

"that's exactly what that means,I think he has the hots for you. now here the kicker, he has a girlfriend." she said.

"then he defiantly doesn't have the hots for me and I don't have any business going on a date with him." I said matter of factually.

"just go out with him once and see what he wants." she pleaded.

"no, I just don't think that's a very good idea" I said "besides he probably just felt sorry for me." said not backing down "I'm not doing it"

"well, I'm pretty sure your tune will change once you see this. open Facebook, I sent you a link." she commanded. I did as she said and I clicked the link it went to YouTube and realized it was one of his bands videos for a song called Girls/Girls/Boys his face was in the frame as he began to sing.
"so? its just him singing." I said.

"just wait" she replied. I waited a few seconds and saw his bare shoulder blades.

"no shirt?" I said.

"wait" she instructed again. then I saw what she meant.

"holy mother of god!" I said and she let out a laugh. He appeared to be naked the camera panned down to the v in his lower mid section. his abs were amazing and he was singing with such emotion. he appeared to be very manic and nervous in the video and a little bit crazy, that wasn't what Brendon acted like earlier at all.

"do you like it?" Carla asked.

"what girl in the world wouldn't?" I laughed "but I kind of don't understand the obsession at all, I mean hes pretty cute and nice and stuff but i think girls just obsess over him because hes famous" I said.

"girl, you'll understand. like I said I think hes got a thing for you, so you cant hide your thing for him either, all guys aren't jerks you just have too drop the I have a grudge against guys attitude and just admit you got a thing for Urie." she laughed.

"okay, fine. I do." I admitted.

"first step is admitting." she said

"whats the second?" I asked.

"going on a date with him." she answered.

after I got off the phone with Carla glad our freakishly long discussion about him had ended, I decided to call it a night and headed for my bed. I let everything play through my mind as I fell asleep. I woke up to my phone going off. I opened up my phone and realized I had a text from Alex.

"sorry Amy, I had a family emergency last night and I couldn't come. can we try again tonight? I grunted to myself as I read his text.

"I have plans tonight" I lied as I pressed send. he almost instantly texted back

"please, don't be mad. look, I'm sorry If blew this. when are you available?" I closed my phone and didn't text back, I just didn't feel interested in him, not when I have someone else running through my mind. why kid myself? he has a girlfriend, hes famous, and hes out of my league, he probably wont even contact me, and hell if I contact him first, I don't want to look desperate. the only way I'm going to make it through today is if I just quit thinking about Brendon, but in order to do that I have to keep myself busy.
I looked at my phone to check the time, great. its 10am on a Sunday. that means I have absolutely nothing to do. I rolled out of my bed and began slowly and very zombie like, making my way to the kitchen as normal to get some coffee. I reached into the cabinet where my wake up juice was kept and pulled out an empty container. well, I guess I know what my adventure for the day is. To the store! I got dressed and got into my car in search of the nearest superstore while along the way I stopped for some coffee, I just couldn't help myself.
once in the store I began to think about Brendon again. I played those fantasy scenarios in my mind like most girls do to the boys they have a crush on (you know you do it too). When my brain finally came back to reality I realized what I had been doing. I had been loading dozens of bags of frozen peas into my cart one at a time. so this is what my body does on auto pilot?! as I started to put the frozen peas back into the freezer I noticed that I had been getting some looks from people. I felt something sliding down my chin, great I had been drooling too. I felt the heat of embarrassment spreading through my body. I grabbed my coffee and another bottle of wine and checked out and got the heck out of that store as fast as I could. once I got to my car int he parking lot I began banging my head into my steering wheel feeling like an idiot for the whole pea fiasco. my head accidentally hit the horn and I looked up and saw that I had scared a woman with her little toddler girl who was walking in the parking lot in front of my car. the little girl girl was so startled by my horn she began to cry, and the mother shot me an angry glare. I have to get home before I mentally scar myself again or anyone else.

I had finally made it home and I decided I would have a marathon of scary movies, because staying inside away from people, was the best way to go today. I got out some chips and all the other necessary junk foods for all day movie watching and slipped back into my PJs. I was 3 hours in to the marathon and watching rather intensely when my phone started to go off on my coffee table. I shoved a hand full of chips into my mouth and answered the phone.

"Hello?" I said almost in audible through a mouth full of chips.

"Amy?" Brendons voice came through the phone and at the surprise of hearing it I began to choke on my chips.

"are you okay? why are yo choking?" he asked confused and concerned. I swallowed the rest of the mouth full of chips and cleared my throat.

"yeah, I'm fine. I was just eating chips, and I just didn't expect you to call me." I admitted.

"you didn't think I would call you did you?" he questioned. I sat quiet for a moment not wanting to answer his question luckily for me Brendon began to speak again. "so I was wondering if you had any plans tonight, because I kind of would like to take you out to a nice restaurant or something.... I know its short notice, but I-"

"yeah sure! I interrupted and realized I sounded overly exited.

"great! so I'll pick you up around 7 then?" he said. I could he was smiling which was weird because I felt like something had been wrong with him at the beginning of the conversation. I could tell he had been nervous, but that wasn't all. It seemed like he had been sad or something.

"yeah, sounds great!" I finally replied.

"alright see you tonight then!" he said. then we said good bye and hung up. Why would he possibly be sad? I cant even put my finger on how I noticed either, maybe it had been in his tone of voice, or maybe it was just my imagination. as I clung to my phone still in thought and shocked that he actually called me after all my phone began to go off again I noticed I had a text from Brendon.

"wear that dress again, I loved it. ;)" as I read the text to myself my heart jumped a little. I instantly forwarded it to Carla with another text that said

"guess who just called me and asked me out tonight , then sent me this text?" I smiled as I sent her the text.

"Brendon! you go girl!" she replied almost instantly. my heart sank with the idea of tonight as I remembered he has a girlfriend.

"but he has a girlfriend though, what do I do about that?" I asked

"well you already agreed to go, right? maybe he will explain things." she replied. she was right I could just go and see what happens, although I didn't want to be the girl on the side. I'm assuming too much, maybe he doesn't want me as anything more than a friend. if so why would he be taking me to a nice restaurant and obviously flirting with me? I guess we'll find out tonight. I watched horror movies until 5, but it was so hard to keep my concentration on them. I began to get ready for my date. I took a shower, did my hair and makeup and got dressed with 30 minutes to spare. all of a sudden fear began to develop inside of me. what if he doesn't show up? they never show up. I began to text Carla out of my despair.

"what if he doesn't show up?! they never do!" I sent as I began to pace the floors in my heels.

"he will, I just know he will." even in a text I could feel her calm and reassuring tone.
I was still terrified, what if he didn't show up? it would hurt me a lot. I actually like him. I paced my floor for about 5 minutes until I herd a knock at the door. by body was cold as I went to answer it. I opened the door to find just what I had wanted more than anything, It was Brendon's handsome face with a smile looking back at me. His hair was not flat and wet this time it was up. he was wearing a white dress shirt and his black skinny jeans and converse. I took a deep breath to try to come back to what I was doing and smelled his scent, it was almost intoxicating.
"I'm sorry I'm early, I just didn't want to give you the chance to break out the desperation wine" he chuckled "are you ready? If not I wan wait. by the way you look even more stunning than the first time" he nervously stammered after getting a good look at me. i looked up at him and smiled.

"so do you, but that's probably because you haven't been standing out in the rain" we both laughed and thought to myself, even when he was soaking wet he was magnificent. " I am ready though" I told him.

"well, lets get going" he said happily. I locked up my house and he held on to my hand so I wouldn't fall down my porch steps in my heels and the moment he took my hand waves of what felt like adrenaline pumped through my body. I looked up at him and our eyes met looking into those big brown eyes caused my heart to give a few beats so loud I could hear it thumping in my ears all of a sudden I felt my knees go weak and our eye contact broke as I almost fell but he caught me.

"thank god I was holding on to you" he laughed which caused me to not be embarrassed but to laugh too.

"you just saved my life" I chuckled. he went around to the passengers side door of the big black SUV and opened the door and helped me in once again our eyes locked causing my heart to beat almost out of my chest and almost stop breathing. as he was going around to the drivers side I let out my breath and tried to gather all my cool. who am I kidding? I never had any cool. He got into the car and started it.

"so you said were going to a nice restaurant, right?" I said trying to make conversation to keep me from drooling over him once again.

"yeah, you'll like it. It's pretty nice, that is if you like things like that...if not we can go somewhere else... or any where you want really." he said nervously trying to make sure I was okay with everything and running one of his hand that wasn't on the steering wheel through his hair. his nervousness made me laugh a little. why would he be so nervous around me?

"every thing's fine Brendon, you can relax" I laughed a little.

"but it's so damn hard to do when I have this gorgeous girl siting right beside me" he said charmingly as he flashed me a smile. I felt stunned. did he really just call me gorgeous? me? really?

"really?" I herd my mouth say still astonished and shocked.

"really. I think your really pretty." my shock turned to doubt as I remembered his girlfriend. we had finally arrived at the restaurant. it was beautiful it was dimly lit and very romantic and very high class. we were shown to our seats and our orders were taken. Brendon also ordered a bottle of wine. when we had our wine and were waiting on our food I became anxious to ask the question that was on the tip of my tongue.

"why did you ask me on what looks like a date?" I finally asked.

"it is a date. and, well, I like you Amy," he said simply. I looked at him for a moment as his face glowed at the candle lit table and his beautiful brown eyes sparkled. I didn't want to ask, but I had to.

"But don't you have a girlfriend?" I asked nervously of the answer.

"no." he started. "I wouldn't be doing this if I did currently have one we wouldn't be here, I'm not that kind of guy." he began and paused a moment. "you've been so truthful with me so far even if it embarrasses you so I feel I should be truthful with you. the other day when my car broke down at your apartment my girlfriend and I had just broken up, and I was a little sad over it. she had been in my life for years. I didn't want to tell you because you were sad that day too. and honestly being around you made me feel better. I hate to say this but my ex girlfriend and I didn't really love each other and we didn't even live together or anything like that we just found each other attractive and that was it.I mean I was a little sad when it ended because if you get use to seeing someone so much and they just fall out of your life, its a little heart breaking. I don't even know how or relationship survived together for so long, and with her I felt so alone. and I know we've only known each other for 2 days, but when I'm around you I don't feel alone." he said. he just basically poured his heart out to me and I don't even know what to say back to him. he seemed very honest about this whole situation, bu something just bothered me about it.

"but its only been two days since you guys broke up why are you jumping into dating so quickly?" I asked worried that he was going to get mad t my question. instead of getting mad he looked me in the eyes.

"I was ready to move on a long time ago, that relationship was dead from the start. You make me feel something different, and I like that. I like your honesty, and sincerity and how you actually do care, I'm not just purely attracted to you." he said. I smiled knowing my worries were at ease. Our food had arrived and was sat down in front of us. we began to talk about where we grew up and how I met Carla in second grade when my parents moved me here. we even began joking around and laughing people at other tables stared at us as we fed each other and played in our food. and again, for some reason I didn't feel embarrassed around him he just made me feel comfortable around him.

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