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4. From Just One Bite

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A/N: I'm so so so so so sorry for not updating this story when I said I would but it's heeeeeeeeeeeere! ^.^

Chapter 4: From Just One Bite...


"How is this possible?" Gerard asked, shaking his head repeatedly as he stared up at me, barely able to believe it. "You can't be here, it's impossible!"

"Clearly not, Gee..." I muttered and ran a hand through my hair, Gerard had now stopped crying but it seemed like it was turning into anger and frustration. Frustration at the fact that he had no answers to his hundreds of questions that he had. I didn't have the answers so he shouldn't blame me for this. It's not my fault, I did not ask to be turned into a freakin' blood sucking vampire!
Oh shit.



I glanced down at Gerard's bleeding knee and took a deep breath, a dry feeling in my throat. A...Dry...Feeling...Just...Blood...God...Blood...

"M...Mikey?" Gerard asked a little hesitant, "Mikey! Fuck, Mikey!!" Gerard screamed at me and Frank suddenly pushed me backwards from the sofa and onto the floor away from Gerard. I let out a whimper and stood quickly, looking around the room.

"What the fuck was that!?" Gerard shouted at me and stood too, his face was terrified, his whole image was scared..But his language wasn't.
"What...?" I asked it as if I was about to pass out and Gerard clapped his hands in front of my face.

"You idiot! Your eyes went all psyco..?" He informed me, giving me a dumb-look. "Do you...Do you really not know what just happened?" He asked and I shook my head, of course I didn't, who's the idiot now for not picking up on my emptiness...Ugh.

Sheesh, where was this anger coming from?

This was Gerard. My brother. Calm down Mikey...Calm down...
"Your eyes turned completely black and your face....W-was...Pure white, full-on titanium paint white." Gerard explained. Always the artist...

"You looked like you were gonna eat his face off!" Frank shouted and shook his head, starting to pace.

"I w-wouldn't...I..." I took a seat on the sofa and ran my hands through my hair, Gerard sat down next to me but Frank stayed well away, absolutely terrible.

"Mikey..." Gerard murmured, "is everything we believed in a few years ago true?" He asked, swallowing hard as tears started to form in his eyes again.

"I can't say the word, not out loud.." I replied instantly, starting to panic as the more I thought about Gerard's blood the more I craved it...But it was my brother's blood, why would I want blood? Oh for God sake Mikey, you're a vampire, my thoughts screamed at me. I took a deep breath, not believing it still.

"But how did it happen?" I went on, "I didn't get bitten...I don't remember running into any...Creatures...Why would I? For all we know, I could be a freaky-zombie creature right now." I shuddered and Gerard shook his head.

"You don't look like a zombie-killing-machine who wants to eat my face," Gerard teased.
"You sure about that?" Frank blurted out, anger boiling in his voice. He made a disgusted look and glared at me, then Gerard before grabbing his jacket and storming out of the house out of anger. I turned to Gerard after we both watched him leave and he sighed.

"He's just scared, you know what he gets like..." Gerard murmured, I nodded in agreement and opened my arms for him. He cuddled into me and shivered.

"God you're freezing, Mikes." Gerard frowned and I ran a hand over his hair, playing with it, just thankful that he now knew that I was alive. That I wasn't going to live in this world forever because I had him. He actually understands everything...Unlike...Frank. Who bailed. We would figure this out, whatever I am, who did this to me and how I was get it reversed. But...Who said I didn't want to live forever?
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