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The Gig part 2-back room

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Slash looks for Axl in back rooms

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Part 2-back room

Slash had missed 2/3 of his 'sowing' time, and was fast losing patience. The day hadn’t gone too well so far. And as Slash hurried away, Izzy caught up and intercepted him again more forcefully this time, pinning him against the wall. “Fuck off, Izzy!” hollered Slash, hurling Izzy back. Izzy stumbled, then launched back at him and they struggled. But Izzy grabbed handfuls of curls and pinned Slash back against the wall. With determined eyes full of green envy, Izzy was starting to form his first bitter words with hardened lips, when Vicki called out to him a second time. “Izz… Izzy come now. Please!” she insisted, another manager was standing with her, ready to help. Izzy reluctantly drew back and left Slash standing there, narrowly averting a blow from Slash's hardened, balled fists. Vicky ushered Izzy into a room. Slash gasped, and drew in a few deep breaths. He waited till he calmed down. ‘What’s gotten into Izzy?’ he thought.

Then he continued in the direction Axl had gone. He searched through a few rooms. Meanwhile, Axl had returned back up front. When Slash couldn’t find him in back, he went up front to ask where he was. But he didn’t need to. There Axl was, in an equipment room at the front, the door partially ajar. Slash walked over to the room, came in, shut the door. He turned to find Axl looking confused. “Slash? Why did you shut the door?” Axl asked in his lovely voice tone. Slash didn’t answer; he just locked the door and started towards him. “You missed me?” asked Slash. Already hard, Slash could taste Axl, but as he got close to him, hands on his pants, a familiar voice stopped him. “Slasher!” And Slash turned to see that Duff was sitting on the other side of a bookcase, along with Steven! “Oh--- Am I disrupting something?” asked Duff after noticing his upset expression. “Horny enough Slash?” mocked Steven, dangling handcuffs. ‘Holy shit!@’ Thought Slash. He quickly exited the room red faced and shut the door behind him. He checked his watch. Time was running out!

Suddenly Slash needed the bathroom. Drops of urine trailed his path to the bathroom. Slash spat some choice words as urine poured from him. It’s not that they hid their relationship from the band, but Slash didn’t exactly care for audiences. Besides, he really had it BAD for Axl, and didn’t exactly want the band knowing- especially about his plan! Next, Slash decided to wash the sweat from his face. But the mirror revealed his eyes were bloodshot and stressed! After washing his face, he downed half bottle of Jack Daniels to calm his nerves. Slash changed his pants, straightened himself out, and got back to his mission. He was glad to see Axl was no longer in the equipment room. Slash searched through rooms again, working towards the back.

He finally spotted Axl again, in isolation, far in the back, sorting his outfits in a partially lit, back room of the gig. His back was to Slash. Slash glanced around, saw no one. Slash noiselessly walked to the entrance, glanced around inside the room, then exhaled quietly. But for Axl, It was empty. Slash paused; savoring the sight of Axl bending and sorting, in his cute tight, dressy stage clothes. His full, round sexy buttocks was well defined through his revealing, tight black leather pants, which was completed by stylish black leather boots. ‘YEAAHH Honey!’- thought Slash, his cock getting hard again. Axl had great style. Axl’s long, beautiful, silky tresses shimmered and flowed down gently like waterfall from beneath his black bandana; and cascaded gently around his frail shoulders and small perfect frame. (Slash wanted to bury his face inside the lustrously flowing tresses.) The bandana also produced a crown effect on Axl, who was already so beautiful, so delicate, even from behind. OOOh, Slash ached to tap his fine booty and bury his cock inside the beautiful, smaller man; and KNOCK Axl’s boots! And here Axl was, alone! ‘Vulnerable’, thought Slash with a sneer. Y’ see, not only was Axl weaker physically, but he was also weak for Slash. Slash savored the moment, nearly masturbating.

Then Slash moved forward. Axl turned and noticed Slash approaching,partly shaded in the partly lit room. "Hey Slasher, it’s ok about earlier. Duff suggested we do the next gig w-" Axl started to say, when Slash collided into him and kept walking, forcing him back. Axl stumbled, dropping his clothes; clearly startled as Slash backed him roughly into a corner, then placed his hands on either side of him. Slash forced eye contact. Axl could’ve sworn-- that look was in Slash’s eyes again. ’What’s with this?!’ wondered Axl, still shaken. Axl’s beautiful, sweet dazzling, almond shaped eyes questioned Slash. Slash’s sincere, dark expression was partly hidden as he traced along Axl’s beautifully structured, inquiring face. Slash examined Axl head to toe. “I said… do you miss me Axl”, said Slash as more of a statement than question. But not allowing Axl to respond, he held Axl’s chin up, and moved his mouth closer and they began making out; slowly at first. Their plump lips met tenderly but firmly. Slowly, their mouths opened slightly and their tongues danced lightly. Soon their tongues battled, as they tightly grasped the other's face, and struggled for dominance.

The hallways

Slash failed to notice he'd been observed by Izzy, who had kicked Slash’s guitar out in the hallway, but now stood contemplating in the distance. Izzy was somewhat reluctant. Now, not too sure he could confront all this. Slash and Axl had had sex many times before, why feel so much dread now? Besides, Axl had a girlfriend he loved, as did Izzy… But not Slash.

Of course, Izzy loved Axl too… Maybe more than he wanted to admit. Much more. The threat of Axl becoming inaccessible intensified Izzy’s love for him. You see, Izzy could see it. There, in Slash’s eyes, and demeanor. A secret plan. The peculiar way he looked at Axl; Axl mostly unawares. It’s like Slash was plotting. And there were other disturbing things Izzy had discreetly noticed. Slash was up to something. Something more sinister than the casual relationship the two had formerly enjoyed. 'What could it be?' Fear rose in Izzy. Suppose to possess Axl… would he hurt him? No, not Slash. Never. So, what then? Axl was very special. Izzy was loving, jealous, and protective of sweet Axl. They were very close since childhood and enjoyed many great times, and great intimacy. Izzy couldn’t exist without him. And adding to his worries; was well, with Axl, it was hard to know where his head was. But, surely he loved Izzy, right? Instinct was telling Izzy something. Things didn’t feel right. Izzy’s feet began slowly stepping forward on their own it seemed, gradually bringing Izzy closer......

Back room

A chair now lay turned on its side in the room. Slash gripped the back of Axl's neck; one hand under his soft hair while his full lips engulfed Axl’s plump cherry red lips, taking more control over the kiss. During the kiss, Slash’s other arm squeezed Axl's smaller body close; holding him tightly by his waist, sinking his bulge into him. “He’s MINES,” thought Slash. Every part of him needed Axl; his human addiction. Axl’s hands squeezed and massaged Slash's tense back muscles to relax them during the kiss. He knew Slash needed him, but he needed Slash too. Probably more than Slash realized. He held Slash by his booty and moved himself against Slash's bulge. Then pulled back, loosed Slash's belt, and reached in. He fondled and squeezed Slash's erection through his underwear. Slash moaned hungrily. It seemed Axl always knew what to do.

Axl’s mind:

Axl truly did miss Slash. All the arguing with Erin recently made it worse. Much worse. Axl gladly accepted the beer earlier, to rid him of his headache from arguing with Erin, as the band still had a gig to perform. Axl craved the warm, passionate affection that Slash offered; all drama-free. He reminisced about it on stage. And Slash's hard erection revealed he missed Axl too. But Axl already knew; for Slash's eyes showed it. Deep pain, when Axl was with Erin; like Slash felt forgotten, betrayed…or misled. Axl realized his actions were at times a bit confusing. But he'd take care of Slash tonight. Not Erin, or Izzy. Besides, ‘Slash looked awful good tonight’, thought Axl, ‘shirtless, masterful handling of that guitar, shy grins under his curls’...... (Well, It was certainly a good thing for Slash his curls hid his ‘shy’ grins from Axl!).

Axl gained footing and shoved Slash back. He pushed again, got him against a nearby wall, and then kneed his legs open. He unzipped Slash’s pants, reached in. Slash was powerless to Axl, smitten. Axl focused on Slash's eyes while slowly, methodically, squeezing and groping his swollen bulge. Slash muttered something. Slash desperately searched Axl’s eyes for sincerity. Disappointingly, Slash could see the liquor was still having some effect on Axl. But Axl seemed sincere enough. ‘Fuck! Now isn’t the time for questioning!’ Slash disciplined himself. Axl's hands were expert on him; skilled, therapeutic fingers working his shaft. Axl read Slash’s eyes, and often his soul. Axl could see he did something that no one else could. Slash was vulnerable to him. Axl eyed Slash devilishly. He removed his hand, then used his thigh to press and rub against Slash's bulge; thigh first, then body.

"DAMN AXL, uuuhh!" groaned Slash. It was like Axl knew him- Mind, body, and soul; and satisfied all parts! ‘The perfect permanent partner’ thought Slash darkly. His back now against Slash, hands on his thighs, Axl moved against his cock; using his good flexible ability. Slash yelped, succumbing to Axl’s great prowess. Axl was simply too HOT! Playtime was over. Slash promised himself this! ‘Ding dong!’ went the old fashioned clock. Just then Slash noticed the clock. ‘The plan, fool!’ Slash’s mind disciplined. With his cock throbbing harder now, (and feeling a bit rushed), Slash suddenly grabbed the smaller Axl crashed mouths and tongue-fucked Axl’s mouth, clashing their teeth, and bruising Axl’s lips while he shred Axl's shirt with hungry hands. A table with piles of clothes and a few drinks got tipped over.

The two wrestled, both desperate for each other. And Slash was now in a rush too! Several more items in the room fell and crashed. Harsh, strained noises escaped their throats through passionate kisses. During kisses Slash aggressively violated Axl’s tight pants. Then he reached in into his underwear, jerked his growing erection. "Uuuhhmm," moaned Axl through their kisses. They struggled again, then Slash wrestled weaker Axl down on a table causing Axl’s bandana to fall off his head to floor. Slash climbed over him and with one jerk ripped off what remained of Axl’s shirt, revealing his smooth baby-soft chest. Slash paused at the beautiful sight below. “God your f’ckin’ gorgeous” he said, repeatedly squeezing Axl’s bare tits, making Axl gasp.

The hallways

An audience of two custodians stood at the door, observing the scene. They were discussing what to do, and finally decided to shut off the area to others, and go about their cleaning elsewhere. Another act was due to perform soon, and they didn’t have time to clean the jungle of debris created by the two horny love birds. They placed ‘area closed’ signs in the hallway, and entered other rooms.

Back room

The table had toppled over from the movement, spilling them both on the floor. Slash had eyed Axl like lost prey. Axl lifted himself. But Slash forced Axl into a corner, pressing him against it. Then he went for his neck. Slash sucked and nibbled hungrily on Axl's neck, roughly from one side to the other, paralyzing him against the corner. Axl moaned. Slash was winning, and Axl was fixed in the corner. Slash kissed along his chin, then tilt his head back by his soft hair, and proceeded to deep-throat Axl. Axl’s grip weakened on the shoulders of the stronger man, as he took his breath away. Slash’s hand began groping Axl's chest and tugging his nipples. Then he groped Axl's balls, while he pulled his mouth from their kiss to engulf Axl's supple tits; sucking, licking, and nibbling. Slash devoured the smooth as silk flesh. “ O fuck, Slash!” Axl moaned hungrily. Unable to wrestle free of the corner and the passion of the stronger man, his moans steadily grew louder. Axl hands ruffed through Slash’s curls, moans escaped him, his eyes fluttered, losing themselves in pleasure. Axl so needed this.
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