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The Gig- part 1

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The Gig, will Slash succeed?

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The Gig (part 1)

That evening, the ninth day, they had a gig to perform. Slash had managed to get Axl to guzzle down a few beers before the show. Though it was not enough beer to get him real drunk. However, Slash could tell Axl was pretty affected. Slash crossed his fingers. During the show Slash worked up a huge, horny appetite by watching his beautiful singer perform enticingly about the stage. Hypnotizing the audience; and indulging himself in the music. Axl got lost to the rhythms, putting Slash too, under hypnosis. 'He should be BAREFOOT and PREGNANT, NOW!’ Slash would often wish. And if all went as he planned, they'd make their own special music tonight. They’d get in a tight wrestling match. Axl would get knocked up, and a mini Axlslash would be created inside his belly. As far as Slash was concerned, there was no better combination in all creation. Their stage chemistry proved it.

Axl leaned against Slash's back while he played; Slash hid a grin under his hat. Later, Axl embraced Slash from behind and teasingly watched while he played, head on his shoulders. How good Axl felt! Axl was such a flirty tease. This night Axl would pay, Slash told himself. As usual Axl wore the tight clothes, showing off that voluptuous figure, and perfect round, tight ass! Axl was an EXCEPTIONAL dancer too. Like a flexible masterpiece, his body gave easy smooth, visual expression to their melodies. Slash by far wasn't the only one that drooled. And very few people could pull it off like Axl or had the flexibility to imitate his slither dances; a quality that deserved much more recognition than it actually got. Axl could really work those round hips! It was small wonder he chose the snake dance as his signature move. 'He'll put those hips to more important uses tonight', hoped Slash. In other moves, Axl spun effortless without losing balance. Sometimes it seemed Axl floated because his moves were so smooth! What an AMAZING front man; spellbinding (and not to mention sexy) to watch!

Axl's pretty face revealed pleasure, when aroused by the melodies; and so too his drop- dead gorgeous, almond eyes! Axl now teased Slash's hat, giving his cute flirty smile. Still, later Axl winked at him. Apparently the gig (and the drinks) had helped soothe Axl's mood swing. Just as Slash had planned. Slash strum his guitar pressed against his hungry man meat throughout show; contemplating what he would to do to Axl with a devilish smirk. And Axl was in the mood to tease; ‘good’, thought Slash. 'If Axl only knew', thought Slash again. Surely, he’d make Axl pay tonight. As the show ended, Axl completely snatched his hat, giving Slash a sly wink and took off into the back. O- Axl’s dreamy, penetrative eyes! Slash had been on the side talking with a guitar tech. Slash started after him.

But Slash had barely followed Axl into the back area, when he was abruptly intercepted by Izzy. "Dude, what kind of 'playing' was THAT out there tonight? You were way off key and all over the place! What do you suppose this is, --Poison?!!" Blurted Izzy, spraying spittle and pressing his finger in Slash's chest. "Um.... what?", questioned Slash, startled. "And flirting! w.... with Axl," Izzy swallowed hard, then continued, "Thinking with the wrong head, Slash. Stage = Music, stage-music. Remember that Slash," Lectured Izzy now pointing to his own head. Izzy fuming, was hardly hiding the fact that inside he was growing more jealous, of their relationship, and of their trademark on-stage chemistry. Slash simply shoved Izzy aside for now; no time to waste. He'd deal with Izzy later.

Slash knew time was running out. He'd missed a whole day, and it was towards the end of the final day.
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