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He kept telling himself that he shouldn’t be here. But there was something about the way she smiled that caught him off guard. She couldn’t really see inside him, he knew that but he also knew that there was something of an understanding. Sure she wasn’t the famous celebrity he was but she looked every bit put out there, every bit invaded. He hated the idea that brought to him. Hated that there were other people who perhaps hadn’t asked for it the way that he had. He shouldn’t be here though, no matter what. He had to be at the event and now everyone around was going to be looking for him. What was wrong with a little irresponsibility?

"You know how to ride?" She questioned, leaning back against the bike as she pushed her red braid off her shoulder. She was leaning back against the motorcycle, her body there before him on full display. If he’d been younger he would’ve stayed right here, taking that body for his advantage, slipping her out of that black dress and ripped up leggings and still make it back to the event. But right now, where he was at in his life now he knew that he didn’t exactly want to simply do that. There was an excitement, a curiosity about heading off into some unknown.

He thought about how to answer her. Sure he’d rode before, Shannon’s bikes were always up for the ride when Shannon wasn’t around but he never took them out. He’d gone on a couple on his own, never really knowing what to do but who said that today was for being sheltered. He knew how to ride just fine, he’d been taught, had held his own before. Ain’t no reason why he shouldn’t be able to now. He looked at the bike and then again to her, giving her a simple nod before he stepped forward.

"Sure I do." He replied, unbuttoning the front of his coat to give himself a bit more room to move about in. He loved the way that she smiled at him then, almost as if she were more than impressed. That alone he hadn’t seen in such a long time from a woman. He’d locked himself away, drowning in work for God only knows how long. That look that women gave when they were truly interested was completely different than the look a fan gave, a look a reporter gave. But with this one here he couldn’t tell if she was interested, testing him, or just making fun of him.

She pushed off the bike and nodded. “Not bad.” She said with a small laugh as she reached for the helmet on the bike. “Want it?” She asked but when he shook his head she smiled and tugged it on herself. “After you.” She held up the keys, dangling them in front of his eyes. “Just don’t crash it…however you could pay for it couldn’t you?” She chuckled a little and adjusted the helmet, pushing back her hair underneath it.

Jared turned his eyes back towards the way they had come. There was an uproar from the crowd he heard, must have been someone famous coming along. There was a pull inside of him that made him almost regret this decision. How many fans were over there waiting for him? How many people would miss out because he’d decided to slip away? They would understand though wouldn’t they? There was only so much that they could hold against him right? He felt like he deserved this moment, this simple getaway. Besides, how long could it take?

He turned back to her, taking the keys and laughing a little at her words. That was true. But he had no intention at all of crashing it. He wanted this sudden and surprising time away to be perfect. He wanted to feel whole again, real, something he hadn’t felt in so long. He’d always just been walking in a daze. Music set him free and yet the making of that, the strenuous pain of getting everything just perfect always knocked back a few walls. He had to tear those down tonight because even with taking these keys from her now he was letting his trust out.

With the keys in hand he moved over to the bike, tucking his coat closer to him and got on. She followed behind him, the soft feel of her arms going around him almost comforting. She was pressed close against him, the contours of her body he could feel and he couldn’t help but let out a small breath from between his lips. He set the key into the ignition and at the revving of the engine he felt her arms tighten around him. He swallowed down, knowing full well what Shannon would say if he saw him now. There would be hell but he’d done crazier things than this.

Soon enough he drove off from the curb, the wind whipping past him and his hands tightening with a bit of excitement. New York was beautiful and seeing it this way, no car to hole you up it the lure of the city felt so much more powerful. He took turns, picked up the speed and a smile grew on his face. He soon forgot about just about everything that was supposed to be happening, what would happen after all this. He just thought of this moment, this single moment where a bit of newly found adrenaline was coursing through his veins. He really was alive and being right here made him remember that.

He heard her say something in his ear loud enough for him to hear. Directions some place. And as he followed them he hoped that she wasn’t leading him some place that he could go to anytime. A tourists place. He could ride down there any day of the week, have himself recognized, known, sign off autographs. But the more they drove on he noticed the change in the atmosphere. This was definitely not a tourist spot, it was entirely urban the way the streets looked, the graffiti marked walls. This wasn’t the ordinary place and he was somehow more relaxed, more attune with the pulsating core of the city he had now delved into.

He felt her squeeze him a little and he took that as a signal for him to stop which he did, putting the brake on and turning the key in the ignition to kill the engine. She got off and the loss of the warmth of her body behind him made him get up and step down onto the wet streets. He looked around, a dimmed and dirty orange glow was illuminating the area. He turned around to face her. God she was beautiful even standing here amongst the dirt and grim of where they were. But somehow she belonged, so perfectly. too.

"This where you live?" He asked, buttoning his coat again before combing his fingers back through his hair. He looked up at the building they had parked next to. Tall, seemingly abandoned. His eyes traveled back down to her, curious eyes as he held hers.

She shrugged a little, smiling as she looked up into those blue eyes of his. She stepped closer, having taken off the helmet, her red hair a mussed mess around her. “Why do you wanna know where I live?” She asked, tilting her head a little. The paleness of her skin took on an almost gold tone as she lifted her hand to reach for his. “Come on, I’ll show you.”

He felt himself hesitate a little before he set his hand in hers, smiling at her over the soft feel of her hand in his. He nodded and let her lead him. God, he’d never met her before but somehow this seclusion just seemed alright. He was going to be in a whole lot of trouble for running off, running off with someone he didn’t even know too. But he brushed those thoughts aside and let her lead the way up a staircase.

The place was rundown, completely abandoned, no one lived here. His brows furrowed as she kept climbing and climbing until she finally opened the door to the roof and stepped out, finally releasing his hand. She did a little turn as the wind picked up the frayed hem of her skirt before her eyes finally met his. She was a vision it seemed and he wouldn’t be surprised that if he stepped forward that she wouldn’t even be real.

"You were right, this is my home." She said with a small smile.
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