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He watched her out here and something told him that this here was her haven, this was where she could be herself. No hiding, no masking emotions and shielding herself. His place was here, in this city, locked away behind a door where the only thing that existed was music. There weren't any screaming fans that looked at him, loved him, wanted the parts of him he couldn't give. There weren't any critiques. No delving into the impossible for something unattainable. There was just him, the rhythm of the music, the chords strummed on his guitar, the solemn sound of his voice as it sang the words he usually had yet to perfect. That was his haven, his heaven, his resort when the world around him failed and all that he was left with was emptiness.

She leaned against one of the smaller platforms and smiled at him, pushing her braid off her shoulder as she lifted her leg to rest the heel of her boot against the wall. She was trying to impress, wasn't trying to see a part of him that he didn't want to share. Jared wasn't exactly sure what it was that she was trying to do. Or if she was trying to do anything at all. She didn't look at him like she wanted anything but she did know him. He should be suspicious at least. Anyone would tell him that but he couldn't bring himself to be.

"What do you think?" She softly asked with a small laugh, shrugging her shoulders a little as she walked towards him. Without waiting to hear his answer she pulled her jacket off and tossed it onto the ground, smiling over at him from where she stood several feet from where he was. Her hands started working through her messy braid, letting the wavy strands fall loose as she shook it out a little.

"It's freezing." He stated, a smile reaching his lips and also reaching his eyes. He wanted to laugh a little at her, wanted to feel himself just bask in this without feeling the tensity that was rushing through him. There was still that distant voice telling him that he shouldn't be here. And then that age old argument that he was a grown adult. He could do whatever he wanted. He didn't have to sit here and listen to some tired conscience that spoke volumes of responsibility and obligations. All of those could be gotten back to at one point or another. But freedom was hard to come by. Hardly ever available to be bought, work chased it away and life simply disintegrated it.

She shrugged a little, walking on over to the ledge and leaning down onto it, throwing a glance at him over her shoulder. She moved her head a little as a gesture for him to come on over to where she was before she looked back out over the lights, those brilliant lights that rang through the city as if they could never be touched, never be shut off. When in fact that had been powered out so many times, sending the city into a bit of a tailspin. This place was nothing without its lights. The city that never sleeps only sleeps in darkness.

Jared walked on over, his boots making something of an echoing sound on the rooftop. He buried his hands into his coats pockets and tightened it around himself, his hair was no doubt mussed now, windblown and a mess. He didn't care though. He made it to where she was standing and leaned on the ledge as well, his eyes looking down at the miraculous height they were at. On top of the entire world it seemed where the sky was closer and the wind was colder.

"On top of the world, huh?" Essie said with a smile, lightly nudging him before she leaned back, hands still attached to the ledge. Her now loose hair cascaded in crimson waves down her back and her green eyes were glistening in the city's dark. There was a delicate glow to her skin, pale and smooth like the surface of silk. She was beautiful, he'd noticed that before but there was something about her that seemed so different, so uncertain. She was comfortable in her skin and yet she was so out of place. Except here, here she was home.

He nodded a little, pushing back the wind blown strands of his hair behind his ear. He turned to look at her, carefully nudging her back as another smile made its way softly onto his face. "On top of the world." He repeated just as a question filled his mind. "Do you really...well you really live here?" He questioned. He'd lived some weird places as well, especially when he'd been struggling, the streets of Los Angeles his only home. But a roof? On top of an abandoned building? It seemed absolutely poetic and somehow he enjoyed the thought.

She turned around, her back leaning against the edge, strands of hair blowing about in the sweet breeze. She gave him a nod, her hand reaching out to gently smooth over his shoulder, her touch was lingering and for some reason made his breath catch in his chest. "I do. Don't have anywhere else to go." She replied, a smile on her full lips. "And besides, a girl's luxury is to have a lot of space right?" She said softly laughing at her own words. Her eyes never faltered from his and her stare was almost exhilarating.

"Are you from here?" He questioned, his eyes making a quick sweep of her features. Her eyes, down over her lips, the skin that her dress exposed. His gaze finally met hers again and he gave her a small smile. It would have had to be New York that had taken him out of his comfort zone, landing him into a moment he would never have gone into had he not come here. Perhaps he should thank that event going on in the city somewhere. He wasn't even sure where he was.

She nodded and smiled at the thought, almost proudly. "I am. Born and raised here. Well not on this roof but you get the idea." She laughed softly, hand lifting from his coat to push back through her hair. "Living in New York gives you a dimmer view of the world unless you're here. I don't think things can quite compare." She sighed a little as her eyes moved over the view in front of her, the one that didn't have the lights, the glorious city. She looked out towards the darker part of the city and she smiled softly.

He made to answer, wanted to say something in agreement. Because it was true. Nothing could compare to New York with its dazzling lights and its lonely, cold core. Nothing could compare to the contradiction of these streets. The loneliness, the togetherness. Nothing could. This was where he belonged and it was where he went to whenever he had the chance. But just as he parted his lips to answer his phone rang from his coat pocket. His hand made to reach for it, he always answered, not one thing was left unanswered.

But Essie's eyes went to him and she reached out, halting his hand. "Don't." She whispered and his brows tensed a little with confusion. "Take off your coat." She softly ordered, tugging at the lapels which gave way with his allowance. She managed to get it off, still hearing the sound of the phone ringing from the pocket. She didn't give him a single warning, didn't tell him what she meant to do. All she did was move her hand and within a second the coat was out of her hands and over the ledge.

"What the hell?" Jared demanded, leaning over the ledge to watch its descent. His phone was in there, that coat had cost quite a bit of money as well. His eyes made to shoot to her, a glare in them but she wasn't beside him, leaning against the ledge.

She pressed herself to his back, the softness of her body so close to his and a small breath escaped his lips. He felt her hand move some of his hair from his neck and his eyes closed. "Let go." She whispered into his ear.
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