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Chapter 4: Special.....Someone?

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Rikiya has a little special someone in his life. How will Haruki react?

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When Rikiya got to the entrance Haruki was already there. Haruki waved and smiled, "I waited by the entrance because we didn't set a meeting place and this seemed like the best place to meet" he looked down at his shoes then back up at Rikiya, "actually I was scared that you might have just left without me senpai" "Haha no I would never I'm a man of my word. And I apologize for that. But I really need help with my groceries today that's all I don't have enough hands to carry them to my apartment. And if I take to long a special someone might get sad." Rikiya said looking away and laughing a bit. Which made Oshiro-kun very nervous though he wasn't gonna admit that he wasn't as special to senpai as someone else. Besides a guy like him must have a girlfriend no wonder he doesn't talk to girls...though it doesn't matter, senpai is just my friend. Rikiya picked up many items paid and they left. "Hey Oshiro-kun your really quiet since I picked you up. Are you okay?" "oh yeah, I'm fine" for some reason the fact that Riykia had someone special bothered Haruki, he didn't know why it bothered him so much, he spent so much time trying to figure it out that he was quieter than usual, but Haruki also was able to come to the conclusion that at the very least that Rikiya wasn't as rich as everyone else, or he wouldn't have to shop. Haruki wanted to learn alot about Riykia because for some reason not knowing bothered him. Why does it bother me so much? He thought to himself, he just couldn't figure it out. They reached the apartment complex. and used the elevator. To go up the same three flights Rikiya travels everyday. Oshiro-kun was so nervous as Rikiya turned the key to his apartment his heart was racing as the door open. Rikiya walked in. "I'd like you to meet someone very special to me she's my world." Oshrio-kuns mind was racing and for some was bothering him he closed his eyes for a split second. When Rikiya turned around to say "here she is" Oshiro-kun opened his eyes then looked around then down. Coming face to face with little Akari a white tiger neko of 4 years old. Otherwise known as senpai's younger little sister. "Oniichan look it! It another white fured Neko!! I like HIM!." Oshiro-kun was smiling not only because of her adorable nature... but because she called him a boy and relieved that senpai was still single.
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