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Chapter 5: The Confused Rikiya

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With Haruki becoming closer to Rikiya. He's beginning to realize and explore his feelings?! Maybe in more ways then one.

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For some reason Haruki wasn't bothered by THIS special person, but I was bothered before he thought, why? He decided to figure it out later, "I'm Haruki Oshiro" he smiled at the little neko, "what's your name?" She rocked back and forth on her heels with her ears twitching and tail swaying. "My name is Akari Shizuka. Nice to meet you Har- I'm mean Mr. Oshiro-sama. "She beamed.

"I said it right Onii-chan?" She whispered. Rikiya nodded and smiled at her like a proud brother. "it's nice to meet you too" Haruki smiled, he didn't like the term sama, but his owners were always telling him that it's what everyone was suppose to use to refer to him since he was so high class, but he never saw himself as someone who was more special than anyone else.

Akari continued on "Oniichan I drew something for you today!! I hope you love it. I worked really hard wait here." Meanwhile Rikiya and Oshiro-kun was waiting on the couch for cute little Akari to come back with her drawing. Rikiya smiled and waited while Oshiro-kun's ears twitching with frustration trying to figure out why! Haruki was quite frustrated, it almost never took him this long to figure things out, and this is about how HE felt, shouldn't I know how I feel he thought.

He got lost in his mind trying to find the reasoning, but couldn't find it. Akari came back as Rikiya was looking to console Oshiro-kun causing the nervous brother to snap foreword to her attention. It was the beginning of a finger painting of a forest. Much like one he painted in watercolor 2 months before so he thought it was cute and kissed her head. Which caused Oshiro-kun to blush and be the smallest bit jealous."I love you, Akari, now go to bed."

"Ok onii-chan, night and night night Oshiro-sama!" Oshiro-kun somewhat bothered by the honorifics "night night Akari-san" Haruki now had another problem to think about, to go home or stay out a little longer, it's possible his owners already reported him missing and he could get Shizuka-senpai in alot of trouble, but he wanted to talk with him, just for a bit. What to do, what should I do? He thought to himself.

Rikiya relaxed a little the little kitten now asleep. "So would you like anything to drink?" He stood up looking at Oshiro-kun. "Unless I'm holding you up, otherwise you can stay a while." And looking a Oshiro-kun but in a more assertive way. Haruki jumped off the couch and hugged Rikiya "sorry Senpai" he said latching on too him "I have to go home, but let's hang out again real soon" and then he let go of him, looking down at the floor and headed toward the door, "bye Shizuka-senpai, I'll miss you" he smiled, a kind of sad smile and then walked out the door.

Rikiya blinked and smiled as the door closed and sat down on the couch and sighed then rolled over into the the pillow. Biting his lip blushing looking toward the celing. "What am I doing....I mean he's... but dammit. He's cute. Ugh it would never work." He covered his face with his hand dammit he thought. I'm so stupid.....

When Haruki got home there were cops in front of his house. "there you are! Where were you?!" asked his owner who ran over and hugged him tightly. "sorry" he said, "I got lost on my way home from school" obviously he lied, making sure to keep Rikiya out of trouble. After the mess was cleared up Haruki went in side and took out the laptop from underneath his bed.

He research his feelings on Shizuka-senpai and all searches led to the same thing: love. "love, I'm in love with senpai?" he sighed, "now that I think about it, I am, masters would be very mad if they found out. They can't find out, anyway Senpai probably just sees me as a friend, and that's all we'll be"

Rikiya blushed brighter " why can't I forget this kid...and my .... dammit....I can't be attracted to him can i. No! Everyone will call me a freak.. but I guess alone I can indulge these fantasies... I can't help it.... I want him" Rikiya ears feel back as his pants unzipped. "damn I'm pathetic...but just for now.."
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