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Chapter Eighty Five - Insane

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Why did she look so terrified all the time? What could've possibly happened that made her scared of her own family and friends?

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A/N Hey guys, I think this chapter's a little shorter than it usually is but it is quite exciting, so I'm hoping that'll make up for the slightly shorter length! Thankies to Chemical_30 and thisbrokencitysky for reviewing the last chapter, it means a lot! If you can please review and feel free to leave any theories about what you think might happen next =) Sorry for any mistakes or typos. Enjoy ;)

Chapter Eighty Five - Insane

Acid woke up the next morning, feeling slightly sore from the previous night she spent with Poison. She expected him to be next to her, but he was nowhere to be seen. Unsure of what to do, she began putting her clothes back on then planned on trying to find him.
While she pulled her jeans up her legs, the memories began to spin around of the night before. She remembered everything from the way he kissed her to the way he'd held her. A smile grew on her lips at the memories.
Once she was fully clothed, she walked into the kitchen, noticing they were running dangerously low on food supplies again. She also noticed none of the other Killjoys were around and instantly wondered where they were. She grabbed a candy bar, quickly devoured it then continued to search the diner for other Killjoys.
Acid knocked on her sister's bedroom door then slowly opened it, deciding to talk to Death about the horrible events she had experienced at the same time as she'd promised Ghoul she would.
"Hey, do you know where the others are? I can't really see them anywhere." She asked her.
"Um . . . t-the redhead said they were getting more food."
She arched an eyebrow. "Did Poison go too?"
"Y-yeah . . . he left with the others."
"Why the hell did he leave in the condition he's in? He's still recovering from being shot for God's sake . . ."
"I don't know, he said he was feeling better and told me not to wake you."
"Must be the Better Living meds," Acid muttered to herself.
Acid sat down on the bed next to her sister, who looked almost afraid of her action. The worry she'd previously felt for her little sister increased. Why did she look so terrified all the time? What could've possibly happened that made her scared of her own family and friends? Acid was determined to find out.
"Look, I just wanna say I'm sorry. I know we haven't really had time to talk after everything that happened with the Dead Flies and Andy, but I'm all ears now and you know I'm here for you right?"
"O-okay." Why was this girl being so nice to her? Death didn't understand why they were treating her like this after Better Living had told her about everything that had happened. They'd tried to kill Death and they kidnapped her little sister. It didn't make sense why she was treating her like family.
"So, do you want to talk about it? I mean, I'm guessing Better Living weren't exactly nice to you in there."
"Not really."
"Are you sure? I'm not gonna lie, Death, we're all pretty worried about you. You just seem so scared and paranoid all the time."
"I'm fine . . . I just wanna know if Bandit's okay."
She furrowed her eyebrows in confusion. "Honey, Bandit's fine. You know she's safe with Lypse, Pen and Devi right now. She's been there for almost a week . . . You already knew that."
"Oh . . . right. Where is that again?"
She shrugged "A few miles away from here. Look, I'm starting to get really fucking concerned here. You need to talk to me."
"I don't want to."
"Well, if you don't want to talk to me then talk to Ghoul. You two used to be so close and he's worried too, sweetie."
"I don't want to talk about anything and you can't make me. I just want to be left alone." Death's blood began to boil. She just wanted to go back to Battery City with her sister, like her mother had told her she could do once she found Bandit.
"I can't do that. I don't want to force you to do anything you don't want to do, but I'm worried about you. I just want to help."
"Well I don't want your help! I just want to go home and be with my family!"
"This is your family."
"No it's not! I'm a fucking prisoner in here! Just let me go. Let me go and let me take Bandit with me!" Her screams were desperate with a hint of anger and annoyance.
"Death, you're scaring me."
Death felt an uncontrollable urge to laugh. "I'm the one who's scaring you? You're not the one who was kidnapped by insane strangers!"
Acid put her hands on her shoulders and tried staring into her sister's eyes to calm her down.
"I don't know what you're talking about right now, but what I do know is that you need to calm down. Just take deep breaths and-"
Death swiftly punched Acid across the face with her tightly clenched fist. Acid didn't have time to react, so Death continued to beat her down violently.
Death wrapped her hands around Acid's neck, strangling her. Even though she was in shock by her sister's actions, Acid pulled strands of Death's long hair painfully and caused her to let go of her neck.
Acid tackled her to the ground and tried to restrain her after the violent outburst, but she still continued to kick her legs while she screamed.
"Not until you calm down!"
"Acid, what's going on?" Andy said, standing in the door frame after hearing the shrieks of anger and pain.
"Andy, get the-"
Acid was knocked on her back before she could finish her sentence.
She rolled over onto her back and tried to crawl away and get back on her feet but Death dragged her legs back before she could get anywhere. While holding Acid down, she grabbed a knife from her nightstand she kept in case of an emergency and tried to stab her in the chest.
Seeing her grab the knife, Acid kicked her away and rose to her feet swiftly. She grabbed Death's wrist in a crushing grasp and forced her to drop the pointed dagger in her hand. Death kicked her in the stomach, throwing Acid straight back onto the ground where she'd been just seconds ago.
"Andy, grab the knife!" Acid ordered.
He scurried over to the knife on the floor and grabbed it before Death had the chance.
"Now what?"
"Go! Lock yourself in the bathroom until I tell you to come out!"
"But Acid-"
"Andy, go!"
He ran away with the knife in his hand. At least by locking himself in the bathroom Death couldn't get the knife and he'd be safer. Acid knew he'd be safe, she wouldn't let Death get to him.
Death flipped Acid over and smashed her face into the floor. Acid heard it before she felt the painful crack in her nose. The strong, throbbing pain followed by the gushing blood leaking from her nostril told her that Death had most definitely broken her nose.
"I want my sister back!" Death screamed as if she were in tremendous amount of pain. She didn't want to kill the girl she held to the ground, she just wanted to leave. But by killing this Killjoy, she hoped it would show the others just how serious she was about getting her sister back and returning to Battery City where she could be with her parents again. That was all she wanted; to go home.
Death began crying and held Acid's arms behind her back. Why did she have to put up a fight? It could've been quick and easy; less painful for both of them.
Acid rolled over and ignored the pain she felt throbbing in her broken nose. She had to ignore it if she wanted to survive because at the rate Death was going, it looked like she wanted to kill her.
"Death, stop!"
"I don't have a choice!"
Acid used her foot to push her sister away from her then kicked her to the ground. She held her foot over her ribcage to keep her on the ground, Death twisted her ankle in one quick movement.
"FUCK!" Acid shouted at the top of her lungs. She barely pulled her leg free from her sister then ran into Poison's room to grab her gun. She knew there was no way in hell she'd shoot her own sister, she just needed it as a threat to make Death stop what she was doing before one of them ended up dead.
Death ran into the room then stopped in her tracks when she saw the gun pointed in her direction.
"Stop." Acid was breathless.
"O-okay . . . I'll stop."
"Sit down on the bed. Now."
Death sat down on the bed, her lip bleeding slightly from their fight.
"What the fuck was that about, huh?" Acid demanded to know, still holding the gun with a strong grip.
"You know exactly what that was about."
"Actually, I don't. I have no idea why my own fucking sister just tackled me to the ground, broke my fucking nose and tried to fucking kill me!"
"You're not my sister."
"They did something to you, didn't they? That's why you've been acting so fucking strangely, isn't it? Do you know what they did to you?"
"I don't know what you're talking about."
"Better Living, they did something to you. Did they do to you what they did to me? Did they take away all your memories then feed you some bullshit lie about your whole life?"
"Better Living are trying to help me. They're trying to help me get my sister back."
"Show me your neck." She demanded to know.
"You can see it."
"No, show me the back of your neck. That's where they inserted my chip when they erased everything. I want to see if you have the scar from where they inserted the chip."
"You're insane."
"Just show me your fucking neck!"
Reluctantly, Death turned around and showed her sister the perfectly straight faint scar on just below her hairline. Acid felt her heart sink into her stomach. The bastards had hurt her baby the sister in the exact same way they'd hurt her. She was just relieved she'd seen the scar before they had the chance to use her as a killing machine.
"Those assholes." She traced the scar with her finger tip. "They hurt you . . . God, I should've protected you . . . I should've known."
The room was silent for a while.
"Are you going to kill me?" Death broke Acid's heart. Of course she wouldn't kill her. She was her sister, but Death had no memories of it. In Death's eyes, Acid was a ruthless killer and so were the rest of the Killjoys.
"I'm sorry for doing this. It's for your own good, little sister." She hit Death over the back of her head with the handle of her gun.
Acid picked up her limp body and carefully placed her onto the bed. She proceeded to tie her hands and legs together in case she woke up again and tried to kill Acid for a second time.
She carefully walked over to the bathroom door and knocked.
"Andy, it's me. You can come out now."
After hearing the lock click, the door slowly creaked open with uncertainty. Andy stared up at his sister with frightened eyes.
"Is she gonna be okay?"
Acid nodded. "She will be, buddy. She will be."
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