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Four guys in a band living in one house. What could be funnier than that? Throw in two girls, a handful of humor, a pinch of romance, and one tablespoon of drama and you've got something interestin...

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Ohhmans, guys. New chapter for you.

And I've got news! I've recruited another friend as a co-author. Her name is Heather, and she kicks more ass than you do.

Kimmie and I decided yesterday at Warped Tour (Yes, we went to Warped Tour) that we should let Heather in on our writing process.

We also decided that Warped would be a good first concert experience for Heather, so we dragged her along. And we suffered the sun and the heat and kicking and moshing, and crowd surfing all day long, but in the end it was worth it. We've got three disposable cameras of pictures of The Academy Is..., Motion City Soundtrack, hellogoodbye, Gym Class Heroes, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, and maybe some more. We have Clandestine shirts, and stickers galore... Bruises and sunburn, but all in all, it was KICK ASS!!

The only bad thing was that William Beckett did not come over and talk to us after his set, even though he promised us he'd sign stuff after the show. Yes, Kimmie talked to Beckett, while I was standing in the background being a stupid fan girl... Anyway, he's hott, and we saw him live, and we were right up front.

Anyway, here's chapter nine. I'm done babbling about Punk Rock Summer Camp... If you wanna know anything else, send me a message or something. I'll tell ya all about it. ^^

Enjoy this chapter guys!

My Heart Will Always Be B-Side to My Tongue
Chapter Nine: Saturday

Two more weeks
My foot is in the door
I can't sleep
In the wake of Saturday


Pete sat at the kitchen table, a bowl in front of him filled with cereal and milk. He would normally have been the last one up, but he hadn't slept the night before, for obvious reasons. Obvious enough for the people in the house.

Pete glanced at the clock. Seven o'clock on a Saturday morning. He picked up the carton of milk that was sitting to his right (Whole milk at that, wow Pete.) and poured some more into his bowl of Crunchie Crispies. As if Pete really needed sugar coated in sugar for his breakfast in the morning.

Tara came down from upstairs, wrapped in nothing but a towel. "Hey baby," She said, kissing Pete's cheek as she went past him to get a drink of something. She grabbed a glass from the cabinet, and filled it with water from the sink.

"Hey. Have a good shower?" Pete asked. He would have asked if she had slept well, but he knew she hadn't slept the night before, and he had a feeling they weren't the only ones not sleeping.

"Yep. I'll see you in a few, I gotta go get all nice and pretty. I think there's still hot water if you need a shower." Tara said, going back upstairs.

Cait had sort of moved into Pat's room as of recent. She still went into her room to change and whatnot, but the two of them were spending a lot more time together, and most of it was in Pat's room, for some reason.

Speaking of, Cait was the next to emerge. Why she was awake, Pete couldn't be sure, but he was kind of glad he had someone to talk to, and he hoped Cait would stick around.

"Guessing you didn't sleep either?" Cait said, sitting down at the table across from Pete.

"Nope. Not one bit." He replied, spooning cereal into his mouth.

"Ah, adventurous this morning huh?" Cait said, picking up the milk carton.

"What?" He asked, putting his spoon down for a second. Cait shook the milk carton. "Oh, heh heh, yeah. Not sure why, but I just had this craving for whole milk this morning."

Cait gasped. "Pete! Cheating on your diet? But how will you possibly maintain your figure?" She teased him.

"Relax Cait, I'm sure one bowl of whole milk isn't gonna kill me." He played along. "I just gotta make sure I don't do this too often."

They laughed, and Cait stood up to get a bowl and bring it back over to the table. She grabbed Pete's cereal, not even looking at what it was before she poured some into her own bowl. She trusted his taste, well, his taste in breakfast at least. Breakfast and clothes. That's it though.

"Pat's a good guy..." Pete said out of random. Cait just kind of looked up at him. "What? I was thinking about you two. You really have done something to him; I never thought Pat would be the other one not sleeping in this house."

"Oh..." Cait said, looking down at her cereal. She wasn't really eating it anymore; she was just pushing the pieces around with her spoon. "Yeah... He's a great guy."

"Don't hurt him, okay?" Pete said, a tone of worry in his voice.

"I wouldn't ever dream of it." Cait replied with a smile, digging in to her cereal again.


Tara walked out of her bedroom a good twenty minutes later. Her hair was straightened and dark brown with red streaks in it, and she had coordinated her outfit to match it. She had a red shirt with a black and white star in the middle of it, and some crazy design going across at an angle down the shirt with a jean skirt and a pair of red and black Vans on her feet. There was a hat, a black knit one, similar to the type that Patrick often wore, on her head.

Patrick emerged from his room, completely dressed, at the same time Tara had. He smiled at her and waved, then put his own hat on, which was similar to hers, except grey, not black, accompanied by a black and white t-shirt and faded jeans.

"Hey Patrick!" Tara chirped.

"Nice hat." He said, looking at hers, and then kind of up to his own. "Sleep well last night?" He asked, just trying to be nice.

"I probably would have, had I slept at all last night." She said, laughing a little bit.

"I know where you're coming from. I'm not sure how I'm awake right now..." Pat said, yawning on cue.

"Pat..." Tara said, as she stopped walking down the hallway.

"What?" He asked, stopping and looking at her.

"What's it like to be so hopelessly in love?" She asked, her eyes glazing over. "For everything to be so simple and new..."

Pat opened his mouth, and closed it as his eyes found the floor. He wasn't really sure how to answer that kind of question. "You should know that Tara. You've been there..."

"Yeah, but it was too long ago..." She said sadly.

"I don't really know how to answer that, though. It's..." Patrick's voice trailed off. "I don't really have the words to explain it..."

"Must be great. She's a really cool girl isn't she?" Tara said blankly again.

"Yeah... She's wonderful. I can't think of anyone else I'd rather be so in love with." Pat said, smiling.

Tara snapped out of her daze, a huge smile growing on her face. "I'm really happy for you. You are just what Cait needed." She said, giving Patrick a quick hug, then going to the bathroom to hang up her towel.


Cait rolled her eyes, pulling the load of laundry out of the dryer and beginning to fold it. Why she ever let herself get stuck with the job of folding fifty pairs of boxers, she would never know. Probably because she didn't trust her own laundry in the hands of any of the people she lived with, besides Tara of course.

As she was folding the last pair of boxers for the load, Pete waltzed into the laundry room, stepping over piles of laundry and over to Cait. "Oohh looks fun. Are you having fun folding my boxers there Caitie?" She shot him a glare.

"I feel like I should punch you in the face, but for some reason, I don't feel like wasting my energy on something so useless such as yourself." Cait said, smiling at Pete.

"Oohh!" Pete clutched his stomach "That was a low blow!" He said, staggering around the small room pretending she either shot or punched him in the stomach.

"Get your dying ass away from me, I'm working here." Cait said, moving the load from the washer to the dryer.

"Oooh," Pete picked up something from the floor. "Never seen these before, they must be yours."

"What?" Cait's head snapped in Pete's direction, where he held a pair of black lacy undies in his hands. "Hey, put those down!"

"They are yours. I knew it, I've never seen 'em before, and I know everything that's in Tara's drawers." Pete added, examining Cait's underwear.

"I bet you've seen it all on her as well?" Cait asked sarcastically, lunging for the panties in Pete's hands. She missed, and fell to the floor as he struggled to pull them on over his jeans. "Don't you dare!" She threatened him.

"Aww, but they're just my size." He whined, pouting.

"No, Peter." She stood up, scolding him as if he was a child, which he was, actually.

"You're just jealous."

"Of what? Your pants? I have those same ones in my drawer! Or have you forgotten?"

"Hey! Way to go down memory lane... Well, if we're going, you shouldn't be being so rude, we were close once," Pete said, crossing one finger over the other.

"Uhgg..." Cait groaned. "Can we not go there again?"

"Plus, you're jealous of my awesome body... I'm obviously far too bootylicious for you... Babe."

"You ever call me babe again, and I will punch you in the gut. You won't have to pretend. Now take off my underwear before I have to get Patrick and Tara on your ass."

"My ass that you're jealous of!" Cait said nothing after his comment; she just glared at him. "Fine... Fun sucker." He said, wiggling out of her panties.

"Thank you." She said as he handed them to her. Cait rolled her eyes and went back to her work.


Cait and Tara were huddled in front of the TV, working at hooking something up to it. After five minutes, a crowd had gathered around them. Well, as much of a crowd as you could have out of six people.

"What are you two doing /now/?" Patrick asked, sitting down on the couch.

Tara and Cait looked at each other, then to the boys. "Dance Dance!" They said in unison, smiling proudly as the screen on the TV displayed the brand name of the game. Cait stood on the pad to the left, and Tara stood on the one to the right.

After a minute of setting it up, the girls started a song. The boys watched in awe as they each hit all the notes they should have perfectly. "Ohh! Ohh! Ohh! Let me try!" Pete shouted, jumping up and down.

Cait stepped off of her pad. "You know how to play?" She asked him as he stood on the pad and Tara picked a song to play.

As the song started, Pete scrambled to even hit one easy note, as he wasn't really understanding how the game worked. "Just step on the arrow that shows on the screen right? Then why can't I get it?" He asked, and Tara glanced at his screen.

"Pete, you have to hit them when they match up with the arrows up top, not just as they appear." Tara whined, looking back to her own arrows.

Pete realized he sucked, but he wanted to look cool doing it, and maybe try and get some of the beats right. "One more song? Just one?" He begged.

"Sure," Tara said, going through and picking a harder one, setting Pete to beginner.

"No! I wanna be on the same level as you!" He whined.

"Uhh, I really don't think so Petey. I'm two levels above you..." Tara said.

"Just put him on Light," Cait added, and stepped on the arrow on his pad to set him at light. "This song is harder though..."

Tara started the song, and Pete immediately began jumping around the pad, not really hitting any of the notes right. He got a 'Great' every once-in-a-while, but no 'Perfect's, and a heck of a lot of 'Boo's.

Cait was in hysterics by the time the song had ended, and Tara was just barely holding on. But as she spotted Cait on the ground, she lost it. Once Cait composed herself, she looked up at Pete. "And even though you looked cool sucking at DDR, you still sucked at it...." She said, causing everyone to laugh. "My turn again!" Cait said, picking herself up off the floor.

"Can I try? I bet I can do better than Spazzy McGee over there..." Joe said, motioning towards where Pete was standing.

"Go ahead," Tara said as she stepped away from her pad and stood by Pete.

Five minutes later, and a good amount of effort out of Joe, Cait was absolutely exhausted, and Joe was doing a moderate job. He had indeed done better than Pete, and he was proud of it.

"Told you I'm better than you," Joe commented, sticking his tongue out at Pete.

"Aahh... I'm tired..." Cait said, sitting down next to Pat on the couch.

Tara stood back up on her pad, then looked over to Andy. "Wanna give it a shot?" He nodded, and stood up and walked over.

The minute he stepped onto the pad, Andy thought better about playing the game. "Uhh, maybe next time. I'm not so good with coordination..."

"Oh, come on. Pete obviously has no coordination, but he still had fun!" Tara said, trying to convince Andy to give it a shot. "And Joe did a good job at it!"

"But they jump around all the time on stage! I'm the drummer. Even Patrick moves around more than I do!" Andy said in protest.

"Hey, what's that supposed to mean?" Pat said.

Tara shook her head and turned off the game. "Whatever. I've got a better idea anyway," she looked at Cait, and then out the window to their backyard. Cait smiled and they both disappeared upstairs.

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