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CHAPTER 24: In The End

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the ending

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CHAPTER 24: In the End

Jen's ears couldnt believe what she was hearing. Her worst fears had almost come true. She would never get over it if Nikki died. She had to go to him. She had to see him. She had to tell him about the baby. What if she never got another chance?
I called Doc to find out where Nikki was. Doc blamed the whole thing on me for leaving and not being there to keep an eye on him. Eventually he told me what hospital he was in. I wasted no time in boarding a plane and rushing to his side.
When I got to the hospital I could feel myself shaking all over. I had no idea what to say or what to expect. I stood outside his door trying to find the strength to go in. Finally I pushed the door open and could see him asleep in the bed. There were tubes in his nose and three IVs in his arms. He looked so bad. He looked like a stranger. I walked over to the bed and slid my hand into his. "Nikki?"
His eyes slightly parted. He looked at me as if he didnt know me right away but I soon saw recognition registering. "Jen?" He asked hoarsely.
"its me," I answered.
"where you been?" he asked with tears in his eyes. "I never though I would see you again."
"I heard about...I just wanted to see. I had to know you were ok."
"I told you I couldnt live without you...without you Im nothing Jen. You make me wanna be better. When you left I just couldnt take it. I felt so guilty...guilty I chased you away. Giulty for the baby...I shouldnt have made you get rid of it."
I glance down looking for a way to tell him about the baby.
"You asked me once if I ever thought about it...thats all I could think about when you left. Not even the heroin made it hurt any less...I was wrong Jen. I should have been a man. I should have told the world I loved you and we were going to have a baby...I fucked it all up. I drove a wedge between us...I broke your heart...If I could take it all back I would. Id marry you and be the husband you deserved and the father that baby needed...Ill never forgive myself Jen."
I gently take nikkis hand and place it on my six month pregnant belly. It takes Nikki a moment to look at what hes touching. He looks up to me with a shocked expression. He seems relieved.
"I couldnt go through with it. I couldnt kill that little part of you growing inside of me. I loved you too much. I loved it too much...I tried to tell you so many times but you were so smacked out..."
Nikki wraps his arms around me tightly. "Baby Im so sorry. God I love you...I promise I will make things right. Ill get clean. We'll get married and we will be happy...Just give me the chance to show you...Ill never hurt you again."

Nikki kept his promise after alot of rehab he did get completely sober. Three months later he and Jen had a son together. The following spring they had a huge celebrety wedding. Nikki was a wonderful father. And to Jen a loyal and loving husband. They ended up having two more children, both daughters. Eventually they were blessed with five grand kids and two great grandchildren. They never spent a night apart for the rest of their lives. They had a long and good life together. They died happy with the lives they had had.

the end
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