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We sat on my couch watching a nightmare on elm street movie but I couldn't even pay attention with Brendon sitting right next to me. Our arms were touching leaving mine with a tingling sensation. I kept glancing at him out of the corner of my eye. As we sat in the dark with only the light of the TV dancing on the gorgeous features of his face. I knew I had been blushing the entire time. Worst of all my mind wouldn't shut up. He is so hot! How does he look so calm right now? Maybe he's not really into me or something, nah he already proved he waz. I really want to kiss him again, what if I did right now? I wonder if he's thinking the same thing I am? OK I think I should shut these thoughts off and watch the movie. But I can't! He's so destracting! Look at him just sitting there! I peeped at him out the corner of my eye and he caught me. He smiled at me and started leaning into me, as a reflex my body did the same. He planted his lips on mine gentlely as he placed his hand on the back of my neck. I wanted more of him I couldn't help it, so I deepened the kiss. He seemed a little surprised but quickly obliged as his young entered my mouth. At this point it was so hard to control myself. He began to lean back on my couch and soon we were making out on my couch with me on top of him. His hands were roaming my sides and back. It didn't last long like this soon I was the one somehow under neath him. My phone began to go off on the coffee table and he let me up to awnser it.

"Hello?" I said with slight adjatation in my voice

"Hey! How was your date with brendon? You didn't call me and its like midnight, so I was worried" Carla's peppy voice said sounding motherly.

"It was amazing so far but were at my house now" I said

" oh gosh! Your not...are you guys doing something?" Carla asked carefully

" you know I wouldn't!" I said feeling imbarssed as I herd Brendon chuckle quietly beside me. "At least not on the first date!" I tried to whisper into the phone.

" okay good! Text me when you can Ames! Bye!" She sang and I immediately hug up still feeling embarassed. We went back to the movie And when it ended I let out a yawn.

"Feeling tired?" Brendon asked.

" a bit" I said honestly.

" me too,plus I have a busy morning tomorrow but I'm free in the after noon if you want to hang out then?" He said with nervousness in his voice and eyes.

"I'd love to Brendon!" I said excitedly. And I saw the look of exitment and relief form onto his face too. I walked him to my front door.

" so I'll text you with the details then." He said. We said our good byes and he gave me a long passionate kiss before he gave me one final glance that could stop so many girls hearts before he started to walk down the walkway to his car. I closed the door and when I did every thing seemed to hit me. Reality, Brendon Urie likes me. He likes me enough to set up a fire works show just for me and make out with me on my couch. I quickly grabbed my phone off the coffee table and dialed Carla. It only wrong twice before she picked up.

" so, what happened?!" She wandered the phone just as exited as I was.

"You'd never believe it" I said

"No I didn't believe you when you said you'd met Brendon, now I'll believe anything, try me." She said.

"Well, first we went to this super fancy restsraunt, then he took me to see fire works that he set up for me complete with a giant colorful bridge. Then as it ended he kissed me in the most beautiful way ever. Then we went to my house and made out and watched a movie" I said.

"Oh my gosh Amy that sounds incredible! What did he say about his girlfriend?"

"It was! They broke up." I said not wanting to add to much detail to it.

"I can just feel it he going to ask you to be his girlfriend soon!" She squeeled. I began to mull the thought over in my mind, it seemed impossible and too good to be true.

"Do you really think so?" I asked.

"Heck yes Ames! Now get some sleep! You gotta pick me up from the air port at 7am. Did you forget?" She laughed.

"No way I could ever forget my best friend!" I said then we said good bye and I hopped into bed. I didn't think I would be able to fall asleep as fast as I did.
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