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the twist.

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Things go to hell.

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I woke up to my alarm blaring. I went to smash it and fell out of bed making a squealing sound as I hit the floor, I sounded like a little pig. I clumsily got dressed and brushed my teeth and headed out. Carla sent me a text telling me to wait out front for her. I got another text moments later from Brendon
"Hey, I have another surprise date planned, pick you up at four?" It said making me let out an exited yell.
"Hey, are you alright?" Carla said as she got into the passengers seat of my car.
"Oh Uh, yeah I was just reading this text" I said embarrassed that she had caught me.
"From lover boy?" She teased.
"If you must know, yes." I said.
"That sounds great! See you then" I sent back to Brendon as Carla read the text over my shoulder.
"You two would look so cute together." She said.
"He would look cute no matter what he does or who he's with." I snorted.
"Don't even act like your not good enough." She said rolling her eyes. "Look at you! You loom like Megan Fox ..before the plastic surgery!"
"Uh huh, If I look like Megan fox before the plastic surgery you look like Bruce Jenner after the plastic surgery" I laughed.
"Seriously though, was he hit by a flaming train? I don't understand." She said then shook her head. "Any way, what are you and Mr.Hottie-pants doing tonight?"
"I don't know yet he said its another surprise." I shrugged.
I dropped Carla off at her house and promised to text her later.

I was feeling pretty nervous as I got ready to go on a date with Brendon. I tried calling Carla in hopes she would have something to say to calm my nerves but she didn't answer.
I herd a knock at the door and I adjusted my little black dress and answered it.Brendon stood on the other side with a charming, body melting smile.
"Hey beautiful." She said "ready?"
"Yeah" I smiled.
We walked out to his SUV and he helped me in.
"What are we doing this time?" I asked.
"I was thinking since we watched movies at your house last time, maybe we could do the same at mine. If you don't want to we could do something else." He looked at me making sure it was okay.
"Yeah, what kind of movies do you have?" I asked.
"Do you like horror? I have tons of horror movies, their my favorite." He said.
"I actually love horror movies, I would of mistaken you for a comedy guy." I said making him chuckle.This man was making me feel at ease.I couldn't believe he liked the same kind of movies as me.
"Is it because you think I'm funny?" He smiled at me making me blush. "Were here" he said pulling into the driveway if a big house that looked modern.
He came around to my side of the car and helped me out. He took my hand and led me into the house but before I could get a good look at it he was kissing me.the way he kissed was hipnotic he began to move down to my neck.
"So what kind of scary movies did you say you liked?" I asked gently pulling away from him and trying to get focused on something else.
He put his hands behind his back and stretched then whispered in my ear.
"First tell me what kind you like." He said.
"I kind of like the Saw movies but I also like the old school night of the living dead movies." He laughed lightly then came back in close to me totally confusing me.I felt his breath on my neck making me dizzy.
"I like the ones where the killer is the hansom guy you least expect." He whispered making my heart race. He grabbed ahold of my waist hard and pinned me to the wall and in one quick movement pulled his hand out from behind his back and held one over my mouth.
I began to try to scream but it was muffled.
"Take deep breaths, and I'll see you when you wake up beautiful." He said calmingly and with that everything went black.
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