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Long time no chat and news

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some news

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Hello everyone, long time no chat huh? What maybe 7 months since I was last active.

Sorry about that it's just that I'm not into MCR fanfiction and all my creative juices have gone. I still love the band with all my being it's just that I've moved on as a person and got into other bands and other fanfictions, also my music taste has changed since I'm more into hardcore than anything (like MIW, FIR, MDE and all that). It's not that I'm deleting this account it's just that I'm deleting my stories since they're crap and I MIGHT be redoing CFATTL since I was quite proud of that (you know maybe with different characters and band crossovers maybe) and I have thought about doing other stuff on other sites which i'm much more active on as a viewer (I'll notify you if I do that) I'm really sorry about this guys.

Just wanted to give an official announcement about this.

Rosie aka bloodbunny15
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