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Ch.26 Lv.5

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Final Tower for Lv.5

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North Tower 1

The Shinigami had made the strongest team in Hitgsugaya, Sui Feng, Kenpachi and Gin, it was going to be necessary to take on Aizen, Yammy & their new partner Meryem. Other alliances were Orochimaru and Kisame who joined to defend themselves from Naruto, Guy and Temari. Yoshitsune and Orca were allied whilst Admiral Kizaru seemed ok being by himself.

North Tower 2

This round had hardly any alliances therefore making for an interesting battle. Ultear was paired with Zancrow and Robin, Rayleigh and Ace made a team, other than that everyone remained to themselves. The match started, Agito and Killua were on platforms close to each other. They eyed each other off. “I been wanting a piece of you since we started,” Agito said.
Killua smiled, “Well why have you been so scared to come and get it,”. That was all Agito needed to hear, he fired one of his fangs straight for Killua. Such an attack was never going to hit. Killua was quite fast and the leaping from platform to platform was nothing for him. He came at Agito with his assassin speed but getting in close was hard as Agito set up the cage of inertial energy as defence.
Kizaru was sitting back and watching this particular fight as it interested him. He found it lucky nobody was attacking him so he could take note of all the abilities of his rivals in the North Tower for future rounds.
Aizen still had many of the shinigami under his control, there was a big problem now though. Before Gin had been killed in their world he had been able to successfully escape the ultimate hypnosis Aizen could cast and could inform his fellow comrades if something wasn’t right. This meant the other shinigami had to put their complete faith in Gin once more after believing him to be a traitor.
Zancrow fired his black fire at the pirate team, Ace intercepted it with his own fire. Black fire was indeed strong, it began to overwhelm Ace’s fire. Ultear also began to use her power in which she could get rid of Ace’s fire by simply reverting it to a time where it did not exist. Robin knew she would have to take on Ultear and sprouted arms onto Ultear’s body and tried to break her however he body strength was better than predicted and she could fight off the arms. This did leave Zancrow open who was battling Ace for Rayleigh to come from a blind spot and unleash an ultimate kick right into Zancrow sending him off one of the platforms. As the pirate team readied themselves to take on Ultear, she simply destroyed the close platforms using her Arc of Time power creating a space not large enough for anyone to attack her. Whenever he platform was about to be broken she simply restored it to a time where it wasn’t broken this ensuring her victory for this game.

North Tower 1

It was tough, Yammy was firing cero at the shinigami whilst they awaited Gin to tell them what Aizen was upto. Sui Feng was locked in battle with Meryem as they were both quite fast. Kenpachi took to Yammy who locked blades against one another, both having terrifying power. Both were fighting for a long time, seemingly none of them willing to back down or lose. They would have fought for much longer if Kizaru hadn’t grown bored. He was still interested in Agito and Killia which is why he did not interfere, but Kenpachi and Yammy no longer interested him. He fired a light speed kick, hitting both Yammy and Kenpachi and destroyed their chances of winning in an instant.

North Tower 2

Kakuzu and Rob Lucci were fighting. Lucci was a close quarters fighter who used high training and speed to get in close and kill his opponent. Kakuzu wasn’t so easily killed however and could use multiple elements to slow Lucci’s movement. Lucci finally believed himself to be in close, when he suffered a lightning attack which coursed through his whole body. It was enough to stop him in his tracks for Kakuzu to finish him off with a slicing wind attack. Lucci was left bloody and unable to move on his platform, Kakuzu casually kicked him off wishing to have a challenge.

Eliminated: Zancrow, Lucci, Kenpachi & Yammy
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