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Clark Kent has a new love life, who teaches him a new ability. prequel to sneak.

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It was a beautiful fall day in Smallville. Colourful leaves, crisp air and... School. It was the first day of school and once again Clark missed his bus. He speed off into the cornfield and beat the bus to school.

Amazed Chloe exclaimed, "Clark! I just saw you miss the bus! How did you get here before us?"

"I got a ride," Clark explained with a shrug.

Chloe wasn't convinced since Clark shouldn't have been able to arrive before them anyway.

Just as Clark finished his sentence a beautiful blue-eyed blonde walked by. He stood staring at her tuning out everything around him.

Lois waved her hand in Clark's face, "Earth to Clark."

Clark snapped out of it with a start. "Who is that girl?" he asked softly.

"Who? Allison? She just moved here from Grandville," Chloe explained.

"She's pretty," Clark stated.

"Go figure," Lois sarcastically said with a smirk.

The three of them walked into the Torch. "So, here's what’s happening. There have been tons of reported robberies lately but the weird part is that they show up in places that are near impossible to reach," Chloe informed them. "Any theories Clark?"

"Well it is Smallville, maybe someone can fly?"

Just then the bell rang. "Well I gave to go, I've got a study session with Lana during my spare," Clark said grabbing his backpack and leaving the torch.

"See ya."

After school Clark walked to the Talon. On the way he saw Allison bundled up in a bright green sweater. He smiled at her and she smiled and waved back. Suddenly a bus swerved onto the sidewalk heading straight for Allison. Time slowed almost to a stop as Clark kicked into super speed. He grabbed her in his arms and ran her across the street. When he put her down he was about to run off when she grabbed his arm.

"Oh my gosh! You really are, aren't you?" exclaimed Allison.

"I'm what?” Clark asked confused.

"You're Kal-el!"

"How do you know that name?" Clark questioned surprised.

"My dad is Dr. Virgil Swann. He's the one who told you about your origins. I've studied your past a lot and even your future a bit but I never actually completely believed it."

"So you know about my powers?"

"Yes and your weakness. I also know what powers you should have."

"And they would be?"

"Flying for one. Also freezing breath."

Clark stood in shock not knowing what to say.

"B-but I can't fly. I'm scared of heights."

"Don't worry. I used to be afraid of heights too but after you realize that you can't fall you get over it quick."

"You can fly?!" Clark asked stunned. At Allison's nod he continued, "That means you must be the thief!"

"That's just a prank I like to pull on people who get on my nerves."

"Lot's of people must get on your nerves. So, how am I supposed to learn to fly? Is it just going to happen like all my other powers?"

"No. I'm going to teach you," Allison explained.

"Well, right now I'm meeting someone at the Talon."

"Here, I'll give you my number," Allison grabbed Clark's hand and wrote her number on it then they went their separate ways.

The next day Clark walked into the Torch.

"Clark, I think I have a lead on that story I was talking about yesterday," Chloe started saying.

"It's Allison," Clark interrupted.

"Oh, and how do you know that?"

"Well... She told me."

"What did you do walk up to a random person and ask, Can you fly?"

"No, actually, I kind of saved her from a messy collision with a bus. After that she just trusted me and told me I guess."

"There you go Clark, always saving people. Well... I guess that's the end of that," finished Chloe closing the file she had opened on the computer.

When Clark got home that night he decided to phone Allison. They talked for a while then decided to get together at seven tomorrow for Clark's first flying lesson.

"It's quite simple really. All you have to do is pretend you're weightless," Allison explained the next day.

Allison grabbed Clark's hands and slowly they started floating into the air without Clark noticing. She gradually let go of Clark's hands and he kept floating.

"There you’re doing it!"

"Doing what?" Suddenly Clark looked down, screamed and started plummeting to the ground. Allison swooped down and caught him.

"You just have to relax, its ok."

They gradually started rising again and this time when Clark looked down he stayed floating.

"Wow this is amazing!"

He took Allison's hands in his and gazed deeply into her eyes. Their bodies came closer and Clark gracefully kissed her. They broke off their kiss with a smile on both their faces.

"You're beautiful Allison," Clark said in amazement.

"Thanks. You’re very handsome," she said blushing.

They floated to the ground and Clark drove her home, smiling the whole way.
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