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You Can Just Hear the Bass Line

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You are going to scream when you realize where this is going. And it's not going to be a bad scream, it's going to be a good scream. You are going to love me. ^__^

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Chapter 1- You Can Just Hear the Bass Line

October 2007

I walked along the sidewalk out back of the club, holding one of the spares I was allowed to have. Closing my eyes and smiling I breathed in the night air. For a second I stopped and pulled up my hood slightly, pulling it on halfway and making sure it was unzipped. My hands gripped back onto what I was holding and I walked through the heavy back doors to see another familiar face smiling and tuning her guitar.

"So what's the plan for tonight?" she asked and I shrugged, throwing my bass case on the couch next to where she sat.

"One cover...a little...tribute, if I must say so myself," Turning slightly I saw another face come back into the room.

"It's hell without you guys, so glad to be back," she twirled her drumsticks against her thighs and I rose my eyebrows.


"I'm here," I smirked and saw her walking though the back door. "And ready to kick some ass again," I unpacked the black and red bass and silently outlined the symbol above the pick guard. A tapping on my shoulder caused me to turn around.

"Be strong...let's play," I nodded and turned back to pick up the bass and slung it around me, moving it to the side to start walking to the stage.

The lights were so perfect and I seriously did miss the rush I got, it had been to long since we played a crowd. Looking back, I saw everybody in their possessions and I nodded, taking the mic again.

"Hey guys...I know, you missed, we are going to play some of our old and new songs...and a favorite of mine right now...a cover,"

"A tribute," I looked over to see my best friend smiling into the microphone and looking over at me.

"More for my side of the story, but either way," the crowd lightly laughed and she started the guitar line. I plucked at my bass and I closed my eyes as I heard her start.

"I am such a sucker, and I'm always the last to know, my insides are copper, I'd kill to make them gold. Conversation got me here: another night alone in the city, so make my bed the grave and shovel dirt onto my sheets,"

Breathing out I watched as the crowd cheered as we played the regular cover and jumped around stage, flinging our instruments around our shoulders and jumping off amps along with making faces at each other. As we ended the first song, I grabbed the mic again.

"Hey, just in case if you hit your head while we were gone, we're Behind The Bleachers and my name," I paused and looked around catching a lot of familiar eyes. "Is Lexi Starr,"

their baaaaaaack
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