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It Never Lasts

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Chapter 2- It Never Lasts

Still October, Dumbass

Yeah, I know what you're thinking. Why am I, Lexus Ann Starr telling the story? I am because I'm the only one who could, the one who actually understood what was going on. Not that my friends were stupid, they were just caught up in their lives. Their happy lives. Ok, let's get up to speed. Last time you saw me, was in March. I was 25 then. I'm 26 now. And single. Yes, single/. Pete and I didn't last that long. It ended around was half way maturely and half way because he had second thoughts. And after that it kinda just fell apart. Freeda gave birth in August and she and Andy are getting married soon. Like November /soon/. It was sad to see Joe and Aloe break up too. It was around the same time that me and Pete had broken up. Joe had /cheated however, and Aloe was heartbroken. She took the band's break the best, because she needed it more than Freeda did. So from July until now, we were on break, and personally, I had not seen the boys since June. Heather and Patrick were still going out, and I would hear them talking whenever they could. Rumor was that they were moving back here, just so Patrick could move in and Andy could help Freeda more often. Just so happens that I myself had moved out/. Back to my own house, why? Because just the past April, my mom had passed, and now I was all alone in this house. You're probably wondering about Dirty and Clover, huh? Dirty still is the merch guy for Fall out Boy and after Clover and him got married last March, she left to go work with him. So now, we hire whoever. Another thing, with the's Pete. I only kept it because he left it when we broke up and didn't call for it. I somewhat thought of it as a gift, a Sometimes it was hard when I used it to play in familiar places because I would always have flashbacks and it would break my heart. I had a reputation, and it wasn't one where I could start crying, as much I wanted to, on stage. I was Lexus Ann Starr, and I was going no where fast. I only wished that /he was there.

Looking over at the computer screen I saw there were some updates on the message board of our band's website. Practically everybody knew my screen name after I confessed in my on-line diary, so they were always gathered on the "Top Rumors" board, waiting for one of the members to close or approve a crazy rumor. I read the title.

A New Tour and Record in the making?
I smirked and shook my head.

"How did you slip out?" I asked to no body and clicked around a few times before typing a response.

Yep. And it's going to be so kick ass, your going to need to go get new jeans

I waited for a second before I saw a couple of replies.
-Omg! Hi Lexi!
-Really? Are you going to tour with Fall Out Boy?

I frowned and sighed.
-Hi to you too
-No :[

Logging off, I sighed and twirled around in the chair before walking upstairs to my room and landing on my bed where ironically there was multiple Fall out Boy posters.

"Now how come I never took those down?" I wondered out loud and rolled my eyes before sitting up and searching for Petey the Meaty Mooer. It had been a long time since I talked to him. June that is. Once I was done tearing up my room I sat down in a huff and widened my eyes in realization.

"Son of a bitch," I hissed and sobbed. "Pete stole my moo cow!" Shaking my head, I walked down stairs and grabbed a cookie out of the jar and sat pathetically on the bar stool for about five minutes until I heard the giant thunder from outside shake the windows. Another ten minutes or so and there was frantic knocking at my door. Sighing I walked to the door and widened my eyes.


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