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Starving to Get Caught In The Rain

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About Queen of Hearts. It will be updated soon. same with Biggest Mistake

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Chapter 3- Get Caught Out In The Rain- Ring Any Bells?

Does it sound bad I almost slammed the door in his face? I would have if he wasn't drenched from head to toe, thin red hoodie on and his eyeliner running, hair falling more in his face. So I didn't ask any questions, just dragged him upstairs and made him take off his shoes and socks and listened to his teeth chatter as I peeled off that familiar red hoodie and threw it on top of the socks and shoes. Slightly biting my lip, as it probably hurt him just as much as me, I helped him pull off the shirt that was obviously stolen from me.
I Go Good With Butter
Again, I couldn't help myself and being a single woman let my eyes wander. Not much had changed in the now 28 year old, just the fact he was skinnier and I could almost see his ribs. And that's when I felt really, really bad.
Was he starving himself?
Shaking my head and listening to more shattering teeth I grabbed his belt and undid it as he shimmied out of his still tight jeans...that too, looked familiar. Right then I wanted to wipe the smug smile on Pete's face only if it lasted for a second. Shaking my head I pointed to my conjoining bathroom and shoved him in there, turning on the shower before leaving and gathering his clothes to put in the dryer. As soon as I was done with that, I walked upstairs and tidied up a bit, making my bed and moving my basses out of the doorway. Once I sat down on my bed, Pete emerged and looked a bit sad.

"I'm sorry," What words to say after four months of no talk.

I bit my lip and looked back down at my hands that were shoved in between my thighs, a nervous habit I picked up in high school.

"About what?" I asked and he shrugged, shaking his hair with the towel and placing it in the hamper right outside the bathroom door.

"This," He paused and took a seat next to me. "This...unexpected visit," I nodded and shrugged.

"What did you need?" he blushed and smiled sheepishly.

"I kind of need a place to stay...and I need your help," I raised an eyebrow.

"What kind of help?" Pete sighed.

"We need to get Joe and Aloe together again," I smirked for a minute and shook my head.

"Why?" I asked turning to him. He shrugged.

"Joe's been a mess and hasn't really been himself. I miss my friend," I smiled and nodded.

"I'll help because my little sister just seems to be so..." I paused and shook my head. "Hopeless, she reminds me of myself in high school," Pete looked intently at me.

"What exactly is she acting like?" I bit my lip before answering.

"She's so afraid to go out and love again because she doesn't want to get hurt..." I paused and looked back at my hands. "She doesn't want to make an effort," Pete smirked.

"Neither does Joe," That's when my mind clicked.

" need a place to stay?" Pete bit his lip and nodded.

"Patrick is staying with Heather, and Andy with Freeda, and Joe is actually crashing with Dirty and Clover...I kinda didn't have anywhere to crash," he whispered the last part and I nodded.

"You can stay Pete..." he smiled lightly and nodded looking away.

"Would you happen to have one of my shirts lying around in your closet?" I smirked and nodded.

I walked into the room and grabbed the white t-shirt and a pair of pajamas before changing myself into pretty much the same thing. After he changed I yawned and stood up.

"Come on...there is a spare bed at the end of the hall,"

Hey, I'm a girl, I'm allowed to say that I wished he protested and demanded he stayed in my huge bed, but this time he just stood up and flipped his hair back.

"Ok then,"


When I woke up I actually expected it to be like that first night, waking up and getting freaked out with Pete in my bed, but nope. So I stretched and changed, walking downstairs and finding something to cook for breakfast. When I was sitting at the bar munching on my pop tarts he came down with his hair a mess, sticking up everywhere.

"Sleep well?" I asked and he shook his head.

"I never sleep well anymore, well, lately," Pete mumbled and I slowly nodded before he stood across from me watching me take little bites from my breakfast.

When I noticed him watching I broke off a piece and hovered it in front of his lips.

"Want a bite?" He shook his head and I pressed it and he mumbled something.

"I'm not hungry," he spoke and I drew back my arm before placing it back down on the plate and frowning.

"Your losing weight...I can tell," Pete frowned and shook his head, looking away.

"I'm just on a diet," I bit my lip and stood up, the chair screeching against the tile.

Pete looked a bit startled but I turned him to me on the other side of the counter and pulled up his t-shirt, looking at his ribs, slightly poking out.

"Pete...a diet does not make your ribs visible," I whispered and he looked away again. Shaking my head I grabbed the rest of my pop tart and my keys before walking over to the front hallway.

"I'm sorry Lexi," I shrugged and put on my shoes.

"Don't be, but I have to see Stan and Aiden...and possibly Heather," He nodded and turned around. "Eat something, please Pete," I saw him barley nod and I took a deep breath before walking outside to my parked car.

First stop, Heather Leigh Nicole's house, to grab a well deserved home made cookie and make Patrick tell me just what has been up the last four months.
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