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Fate's Hand

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Harry Potter is aware of the wizarding world. The only problem is he grew up apart from it. When he explored the magical world, he found danger, wonder, and friendship.

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Disclaimer: This fan fiction was based on the Harry Potter books by J.K. Rowling. I do not claim ownership on any character created by J.K. Rowling, and no money is collected from this story. This is one way I show appreciation to J.K. Rowling's works. Other names or places on this story are fictional. Any similarity to actual name is purely coincidental.

Chapter 1: Fate's Hand

The sun was slowly sinking in the horizon. The blue sky with its white clouds was now slowly turning yellow, orange, and then red. The tall trees and few houses were beginning to cast shadows. Until finally, street lamps cast their eerie glow on the quiet street.

The sign said West End Street. Harry sighed and kept on walking. It didn't mean a thing to him. All he knew was that he was lost. It was Dudley's gang's fault. If they weren't picking on him again, this wouldn't have happened. He hid on one of the service lorry parked near his school, Stonewall. He didn't get a chance to get off when it started moving. It didn't help either when the soft rocking motion lulled him to sleep. He should have asked the angry driver for help when he was found sleeping in the back of the lorry. But fear prevailed and he ran away instead. Now, he was lost.

Harry's stomach growled. He looked ahead hoping to see a house or a lamp post. He should have asked for help at the last house he passed some time ago. But, fear held him back, again. Now, he was afraid on what his Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia would do to him if he ever got back. More likely, they would ask why he came back. They never cared about him. They were mean to him for as long as he could remember.

The sound of crickets and other night creatures pulled him from his unhappy thoughts. He was surrounded by trees. What he thought was a road, was actually a footpath. He had entered the woods without realizing it. His heart began to beat faster, and he wildly looked around. He could barely see anything. The trees mostly blocked the moonlight. He turned around and hurriedly retraced his steps. He was trying very hard to swallow his fear and not cry. But, he couldn't keep the tears from falling. He walked even faster, eyes straight ahead.

His fear grew when the footpath ended and no road in sight. He desperately pushed thru the clump of bushes hoping to find the road on the other side when he suddenly heard a loud hoot. He began to panic and bolted. He ran as fast as he could as if Dudley and his gang were chasing him. He lost all thought of caution, only the need to get away from the monster which made the terrible sound. Low lying branches tore at his overly large hand-me-down clothes and scratched his thin face and arms. But he ignored the pain and kept on running until his legs gave out on him and he fell rolling into a shallow ravine and passed out.

He was serving breakfast on Christmas day. Dudley, Aunt Petunia, and Uncle Vernon had already opened their gifts. Once in a while, he would look up from his chores expecting to be handed a Christmas gift. Aunt Petunia caught his look and said, "Your mother and father didn't send you presents. Do you know why?" Harry meekly shook his head. "It's because they don't love you. They certainly regretted the day you were born. And, that's why they left you to us...

He was in a classroom. Mrs. Woodward had lost her patience with him because he failed to do his homework again, no thanks to Dudley. Some of his classmates were giggling. Others were silently laughing at him especially Dudley and his gang. He stayed later to clean the erasers...

He was on a swing this time when he saw Dudley with his gang. "Get him!" Dudley yelled. He jumped off the swing and ran behind the school building. He could hear Dudley's gang yelling as he frantically searched for a place to hide. Dudley caught him and gave him a beating...

He was in London Zoo looking at a large sleeping Boa Constrictor. He started talking to the snake in a soft voice although he knew it couldn't understand him. Dudley came back, shoved him aside, and started banging on the glass again, hoping to wake up the sleeping snake. He was so angry but he couldn't do anything...

He was sorting the mail when he noticed a big envelope with Dudley's name written at the back in green ink. "Mail for you, Dudley," Harry said quietly, handing the letter to his whale of a cousin. Aunt Petunia immediately snatched the letter when Dudley started laughing after reading it. A look of surprise crossed her face, upon reading the letter, then fear, and then pride.

"Oh, Dudley, my precious, do you know what this mean?" Aunt Petunia lovingly asked, giving her son hugs and kisses. "You are magic!"

A huge fight followed between Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia after the announcement. Uncle Vernon calmed down later, when Aunt Petunia pointed out all the advantages of having a wizard in the family.

Later in the day, Harry timidly approached her aunt and asked her why he didn't receive the same letter. His aunt cruelly answered, "It's because you're not special. You're nothing but a squib... squib... squib!"

"What!" Harry jerked awake. The echo of his dreams slowly faded from his young mind. He then noticed the soft beddings he was sitting on, and the warm blanket entangled around his short legs. His bed was tucked in a corner wall. He turned at the source of the light and found a candle burning at the bedside table. He saw his eyeglasses and hurriedly put it on.

"Go back to sleep lad. It's still three hours before day break," a rough soft voice said from the shadow.

Harry was startled and backed away from the voice clutching his blanket like a shield. "Who's there?" he asked in a trembling voice, trying to see the stranger.

"There is nothing to fear laddie. I found you unconscious near the stream out in the woods. You are at my house," the stranger explained calmly. "Go back to sleep and later, we'll talk more," the stranger gently said.

Harry ignored the order and stayed on the corner of the bed farthest from the stranger. He tried to remain vigilant, but his eyelids were getting heavier and heavier until he slid off the wall, and was past asleep. The tall, heavyset man gave a sigh of relief, walked towards the bed, and replaced Harry's eyeglasses on the bedside table.

Harry woke up to the smell of cooking bacons, eggs, and sausages. For a moment, he thought he was back at the Dursley's and had a panic attack for waking up late. Then he noticed his surroundings and remembered yesterday. He got out bed, changed back to his old tattered clothes, put on his eyeglasses, and followed the heavenly smell.

He entered the kitchen and saw a broad shouldered man rummaging through the drawers, looking for silverwares.

"Good morning," Harry greeted timidly. "Can I help?"

The big man shook his head and gestured to Harry to take a seat. The table was full of food fit for four people.

"Go ahead laddie, eat," the man said cheerfully while filling his own plate with sausages.

"What about the others?" Harry asked unsure if he should eat.

"There is no other lad. I live alone. Go ahead. Don't worry. My cooking hasn't killed anyone yet," the man said with mirth in his blue eyes.

Harry, at first, took small bites. But with constant cajoling from the man, he started filling his plate with as much as he can eat. He never felt so full in his life and couldn't help burping. He apologized profusely but the man just waved it off.

"So laddie, what's your name? And what are you doing in the woods last night?" the man asked conversationally.

"My name is Harry Evans, sir. And I was in the wood because I got lost," Harry said nervously. Thinking he was going to be in trouble, he dropped his gaze to the table and started picking on the tablecloth.

"Maximus Fedwick. You can call me Max," Max said lightly. "Well, Harry, I won't ask you how you got lost. But if you tell me your address, I will take you home," Max offered kindly.

Max noticed Harry's brooding behavior and asked, "Is there something wrong Harry? Maybe I can help."

Harry mumbled something which Max didn't quite hear. "What is that Harry? I didn't hear you," Max inquired at the small quiet boy, leaning down to hear him better.

"I said I don't want to go back to my relatives," Harry said in a miserable voice, his eyes started to moisten with unshed tears.

Max listened attentively as Harry hesitantly told his life at the Dursley's. He couldn't believe what he was hearing. He knew there were evil and cruel people in the world but to hear it from one so young made his blood boil. He wasn't surprised Harry feared going back to his relatives. Of course, there was a chance the boy might be lying. There and then, he decided to meet the Dursley and find out for himself.

After two hours drive, Max and Harry were standing in the doorstep of number four Privet Drive. Max pushed the doorbell while his other hand rested on Harry's shoulder to calm him. A melodious bell sounded inside the house, and a short, portly man, mustache on his upper lip, opened the door. He looked up enquiringly at Max before his gaze settled on Harry.

"Mr. Dursley? My name is..." Max began but he was cut off by a furious yell.

"You! Where have you been you stupid boy?" Vernon Dursley grabbed Harry's arm and dragged him inside the house, unmindful of his nephew's appearance. Harry grimaced in pain but didn't say a word.

"Here now. There is no need for that," Max protested angrily, grabbing a hold of Vernon's shoulder.

Vernon jerked his shoulder free and furiously said, "This has nothing to do with you. And I'd appreciate it if you just leave." Vernon slammed the door shut and locked it.

Max stood furious and undecided on the doorstep. Through the door, he could distinctively hear slapping sounds and painful cries. Something snapped inside him. He immediately reached for his cell phone and called the police.

The quiet and boring Privet Drive woke up to the angry shouts of Vernon Dursley being driven away on a police car. Gossips and rumors spread across Little Whinging like wildfire. Faced with legal prosecution, the Dursley settled to give guardianship of Harry over to Max Fedwick who made them see it as the only solution. They didn't know Max also called in old favors from his SAS buddies, who were now serving in the ministry to facilitate the legal proceedings. It wasn't his way but Max believed it's for a just cause.

Harry woke up to the smell of cooking bacons, eggs, and sausages. He heard the grandfather clock in the living room chimed six times. He immediately changed to his camping clothes, put on his eyeglasses, and ran to the kitchen. Today was the first day of summer and he couldn't wait to get started.

"Good morning Uncle Max," Harry happily greeted his guardian. He started gathering plates and silverwares and prepared the table.

"Good morning Harry. I see you're excited today," Max cheerfully greeted his eager ward. Ever since Harry started staying with him, he saw a big change on the twelve year old boy. Although Harry was shy and very polite, he was slowly learning to interact with other people. He smiled a lot now and laughed easily. He also started to gain weight and developed a healthy complexion. The boy was growing up fast, not only physically but also mentally, and hopefully emotionally as well.

"Where are we going Uncle Max? Are we going to hunt for lions, tigers and bears?" Harry eagerly asked without missing a bite.

Max laughed at the boy's eager expression. "We are going to track animals not hunt. And if we do hunt, it is only for food and not for fun. You remember that." Harry nodded and continued eating.

After eating breakfast, Harry washed all the dishes and went back up to his room to get his gear. He put on his wristwatch and surveyed his room in case he forgot something. "Don't forget to lock your windows and the front door Harry. We won't be here for a month. I'll wait for you in the lorry!" He heard Max shouted from downstairs.

Harry saw Max behind his lorry inspecting their equipment. "This is for you Harry," Max said handing him a brand new hunting knife. "I was going to give it to you on your coming thirteenth birthday but you might need it now. Now, which one would you like to use?" Max inquired opening a cloth wrapped bundle and showing him two odd shaped blades.

"What are those?" Harry asked curiously. He moved closer to the blades to get a better look.

"These are called jungle bolos. The one with the white handle is called Blanco and the black one is called /Negro/. I bought this pair from a native in the Philippines. They're a multi-purpose weapon and very handy in the jungle or in any place for that matter," Max explained with pride on his face. "These babies saved my life many times when I was still in the Special Forces."

Harry picked the bolo with a black handle. He swished it around trying to get the feel. "Be careful Harry. It's very sharp," Max cautioned him. "This summer I'm going to show you how to handle a bolo and a knife. I'll teach you how to defend yourself with or without weapons. But remember, they are for self defense and not for bullying. Do you understand?"

Max smiled indulgently as Harry agreed with enthusiasm. He took the bolo from Harry and sheathed it. He packed the bolo and knife on Harry's rucksack. "Get in the lorry Harry time to go."

As they were driving away on a dirt road, Harry glanced back at the old farmhouse and felt a small twinge of homesickness. He had only lived there for a few months but it already felt like years.

Max noticed the forlorn look on the boy's face and said, "Don't worry Harry we'll be back in no time. After all, Wicker Farm is your home now."
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