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Magus Times Two

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Burnt Genes

Chapter 3

Magus Times Two

It had started out as just a field trip to a museum thing for the last class of the year. He's ten, nearly eleven and he had been just as happy as his little sister Kitty and his brother Kurt and friends to actually see the Natural History Museum in New York.

He had worn some black combats with a tee and black and blue hoody with white trainers, and he carried a little money for his dinner. Then they were looking around with the dinosaurs, which are totally awesome by the way.

Then he wonders off into this Egyptian bit, and touched this annoying coin, and then boom, Mystical mumbo-jumbo happens and he is being chased across New York with these monster zombie mummies trying to capture him so this king of the zombie mummies can absorb his mana, whatever that means.

Anyway, they seem to know where to find him because of the gauntlet wrapped around his right forearm that used to be just a really weird yet oddly attractive coin. He can't even get the thing off no matter how much strength he puts into it.

He can't even get help as his cell phone was broken by the evil zombie mummy things. He wonders whether they even noticed him gone. This is the last time he wanders off.

It didn't help matters that these stupid zombies grew wings when he tried flying away, and he can't risk people seeing him or the zombies. That would be bad. It's bad enough with crazy guys in super armour flying around, or that guy in the red and blue spider PJ's swinging from building to building.

He kept his hood up to make sure nobody could recognise him if he's spotted, but he just hopes nobody 'normal' gets caught up in this. This is not his day, and he thought he would have a great time. Rogue is so going to call him an idiot for this. If he survives… if not, he'll be fine.

Harry skidded to a stop on the roof as three large zombie mummies stood in his path and charged. He dodged one as his blue aura exploded around him he jumped into the air but crashed down straight away crushing one while he tore another's arm off and staked him with it, both of them were down and out, bursting into dust, or sand, he never stopped long enough to check.

He winced as the last went to punch him, as he knows their punches hurt when two white string things caught the punch. "Hey there mommy," the Spider-Man spoke mockingly as he used the web to catapult himself and took off the zombies head. It turned to dust/sand like the others as he landed.

"Hey kid," Spider-Man said with a chuckle. "What did you do to get to these guys?"

"Umm…" he said nervously. "Touched a magical coin, and now these guys are after me," he said showing of the elegant golden gauntlet. "The coin turned into this. I was just on a fieldtrip with my … umm, school!"

"Magic huh," Spider-Man said with a swift nod. "You wouldn't happen to know if there're more of them zombie mummy things would you?"

"Oh, yeah," he replied sheepishly. "There's like a whole army of these things. They burst out of this chest like sand and then made evil zombie mommies. But there was this one who sat up in his coffin and wants to eat me or something!"

"So they're the zombie mummy things?" he asked nervously pointing to the monsters.

"Yeah," Harry agreed as he ran and jumped off the building and flying over the junction to the next as Spider-Man swung over. "T-those things don't stop. I've beaten like fifty already," he complained with worry.

"I think I might know someone who can help, follow me," Spider-Man said as he jumped from the building. Harry followed flying as he worriedly noticed it getting darker.

Harry followed as Spider-Man swung several blocks before landing outside an old looking manor house. Harry just floated beside him looking worried. He didn't know why but he could sense something… it was the same sense that the coin had. It was the sense of an unknown power, which held him at bay.

The door then opened of its own accord and standing there was a man with black hair with grey to the sides, with a goatee and wearing strange robes with a red cloak with high collar.

"Its OK kid," Spider-Man said, though Harry can't see his face through the mask he could sense the smirk. "This is Doctor Strange, the Sorcerer Supreme!" he said laughingly. "I know I was sceptical when I first met him," he laughed. "Come on," he added leading the way into the manor.

Harry gulped as he slowly followed and the door closed behind him. "Harry Potter," Doctor Strange muttered surprising both Spider-Man and Harry himself as he moved forward and looked at Harry's gauntlet. "Magic comes in all shapes and forms, but all magic is essentially controlled by your will. Without a strong will, your magic would be weak… but with an incredible will you could be something beyond the world you know."

"I... I don't understand…" Harry replied looking baffled, and startled as Strange held the coin, and looking to his wrist saw the gauntlet was gone. "How… even my strength couldn't remove it."

He just laughed. "It was not a threat unless it absorbed some powerful mana," he spoke shrugging. "And you shall understand in time, but it is not my place. I believe Xavier will explain everything to you in due time. It's just up to you to make the choice. You control your own destiny Harry just as I once controlled mine."

Harry just stared at him for a moment. "I… I don't understand…!" he said looking totally baffled.

"You will with time," he repeated chuckling as he clicked the fingers on his right hand.

Harry startled as he paused from touching the coin and shook his head before heading off back to the others. "It was just a dream..." he muttered to himself when he was glomped by Kitty crying her eyes out.

"Harry, where have you been…?" she cried out hitting him. "You've been missing for two hours, it's already dark!" she said angrily.

"I… oh, crap, that wasn't a dream," he said as he led her to the exit hoping to find the others he started telling her his story. Though, she didn't believe him, when he told Ororo she had looked queasy and treated him as if he had been in a great battle. Though, thinking about it, he might have been.


"There's no such thing as magic Harry!" Kurt said rolling his eyes as he sat at Harry's desk rocking on his chair while Kitty lay on Harry's bed with her head in Harry's lap, and the brown haired white fringed eleven year old Rogue sat on the bed leaning up against the headboard with Harry next to her.

Harry snorted looking smug though. "And we don't have super powers," he said which made Kitty laugh. "Any way you saw Aunty O, she believed me… magic must be real. I really met the Sorcerer Supreme and Spider-Man!"

"You'll never convince him," Rogue said in her cute Southern accent. "I've seen kids do some really weird stuff at this place so I'm not going to say anything against magic."

Kitty laughed again. "Maybe this Doctor Strange guy is just a really powerful super mutant or something," she suggested reasonably.

Harry just shrugged. "Well it doesn't matter anyway," he replied shrugging again. "The zombie mummies are gone. That's all that really matters."

"Yeah, well at least schools over now," Kurt said looking relieved. "I hate having to wear my holo-watch thingy too much. Sure its nice looking normal but it can be annoying too."

"I like school," Harry said pouting.

"That's because you're good at it," Kitty said pouting back up at him. "You somehow manage to get your homework done before last classes are even finished. I know you can move fast but that's taking the cookie."

Harry just poked her on the nose before startling Rogue and leaning his head on her shoulder causing her to get both worried and nervous. "You like school too don't you Annie?" he asked battling his eyes at her and grinning.

"No I don't," she retorted pushing him to sit up. "And I've told you all not to touch me. I might hurt you!"

"Come on, you're wearing something over everything but your face," he replied rolling his eyes. "Even gloves, unless you think I'm going to try stealing your first kiss?"

"Hey!" Kitty whined. "If you're going to steal her first kiss, steal mine too," she giggled jokingly.

"Hey, what about me…?" Kurt asked eagerly.

"The girls, of course," Harry answered smirking. "But you… I don't think so… sorry, but I just don't swing that way!" he said while he and the girls laughed and Kurt glare pouted.


It was a lovely morning Rogue thought as she stretched and got up out of bed only to yell in shock as Harry was fully dressed in her room. She looked to the window to see that she must have left it open last night and he snuck in. However, what's worse he could see her in her little duck nitey.

"Anna!" Kitty whined from the other bed as she sat up in her bunny PJ's rubbing sleep from her eyes. "It's too early to shout. I haven't even… oh hey Harry, did you make Annie jump?" she asked laughing and rolling her eyes. "We'll be ready in half hour or so, unless you want to watch us stripping naked," she said with a grin as Rogue blushed bright pink.

However, Harry laughed rolling his eyes. "I would like that but I know you're bluffing," he said smirking as her cheeks tinted too. "I just wanted to say for you both to hurry up, especially you Kitty; we have a mutant ball match against Spyke's team in like an hour!"

"Why don't they just give up?" she asked in wonder. "They're never going to beat us."

"I know, but we smack their pride down each time we win," he said shaking his head. "I kind of feel sorry for them… if I were a kinder soul I would suggest letting them win, but I'm not so I won't."

"Team stomp 'em!" Kitty declared with a wicked grin as she pumped her fist in the air. "They're so going down, and down hard!"

"They sure are," Harry agreed nodding as he grabbed the door handle and opened the door. "By the way Annie," he said smiling at his blushing friend. "Nice nitey, and look how milky your legs and arms are," he said with a whistle. "You could pass for a vampire girl, but don't worry I like it," he said laughingly as he closed the door on them and greeted some of the other girls on his way out.

"I… I've been here for like, just over three weeks, and…" Anna said with a sigh. "Why didn't you warn me that Harry sometime enters through the window?"

"I don't see a problem," she replied shrugging. "Harry's great, he's like a big brother. He always looks after me, and I love him so I don't mind. He just waited by your bed because he thought it was funny. Harry wouldn't ever try to hurt you, silly."

"I know," she said blushing and gesturing her night 'clothes'. "I just didn't want him to see me in this."

Kitty snickered. "Its cute silly and he said he likes you in it so don't worry if you have a crush. Harry probably won't notice unless it's pointed out to him."

"W-wait, you k-know?" she asked frightened. "P-please don't tell him…" she said panicked before looking sad. "I wouldn't be able to touch him anyway."

Kitty gave her a soft smile. "Someday… I'm sure you'll figure out how to control it… you just have to have faith in yourself."

"Thanks," she replied with a small smile. "I… I just have to hope my mutation evolves to let me control it."

"Exactly," Kitty replied smilingly. "Harry deserves a great girl like you when you're older. I know we haven't known each other very long, but… I know you're pretty cool."

Anna blushed brightly as she smiled. "Thanks… he was the first person to accept me," she said as the pair of them stripped off and got dressed having showered last night, they'll have another shower after the game anyway.

Kitty wore some sports shorts and a tee shirt with her trainers while Anna dressed to not kill. They then smiled and rushed out of their room and hurried outside and met Harry and Kurt at the basketball court with Jean and Scott.

"Now you three be sure to trounce them OK," Scott said but looking over they saw the three 'opponents' waiting anxiously. "Why do they keep challenging you?" he had to ask in wonder.

"Don't know," Harry said shrugging as he turned to the girls. "Hey girls," he said with a grin. "I'm glad you're here on time Kitty-cat. And you too Annie, you'll cheer for us wont you?"

"Of course I will," she agreed as she felt her heart pounding painfully in her chest and then the mind reader gave her 'a' look. "Umm… I'll cheer you onto victory Harry," she said nervously.

"W-what about me…?" Kurt asked looking left out and confused.

"Umm… sure," she quickly replied. "I'll be cheering for you too Kurt, oh, and Kitty too," she said nervously.

"We, doing this or what…?" Cannonball demanded as he bounced the basketball. "We figured we'll start this time," he said as Harry, Kurt, and Kitty moved into position.

They moved with Cannonball holding the ball and blasting forward and up towards the far end basket. However, Harry got their first and sat on the ring smirking as he punched Cannonball out of the air and grabbed the ball.

Harry landed on the ground bouncing the ball while Colossus and Spyke watched him warily and Cannonball painfully pulled himself up from the ground. He threw the ball into the air and Colossus went to jump up to intercept when he sunk into the ground and Kitty stepped out of it smirking at him.

Spike shot up some spikes after but Kurt appeared and disappeared with the ball before appearing with a slam dunk! "Eat it losers!" Kurt cried out laughing as he danced on the hoop. "You'll never beat us," he said laughing. "My powers too fast, Harry's too strong, and Kitty's, ghost like!"

"You can call me, the Shadowcat!" Kitty said with a smirk.

"And me," Kurt said laughing. "I'm Nightcrawler," he said smugly.

"And you can call me…" Harry said with a small smirk as he floated with his blue aura blazing around him. He'd been working on this for months and yesterday he finally got it. "Azuremagus!" he said smugly, having stolen the final part from his adventure with 'magic'. In essence it means blue magician. After all magic can't really be real can it? And magicians aren't real are they? Its going with the whole magic thing and blue, plus it kind of sounds cool. "You can't, and won't beat us!"

"It looks like they got codenames now," said Spyke as he looked them over, worried. He realised they make a great well rounded team and work very well together.

"We're so losing again," Cannonball whined, and yes, they lost, and bad. It was their worse lose yet. They just didn't get that they just weren't fast enough or smart enough to win. However, Harry, Kitty, and Kurt knew how to completely capitalise on each others strengths, and make up for weaknesses.

Harry sighed later that evening as he sat down before flopping back on his bed. Since it was the first day of the holiday's he and his friends had been playing all day.

He lay back on his bed and closed his eyes with a tired sigh he smiled. Just a few years ago he was juts a mistreated kid, and now he's no longer skinny and underfed, but had muscle to his body and can even say he has family.

Harry was drifting in and out of sleep as he relaxed when he dreamt of something odd: a giant man on a flying motor cycle handing him off to some old man. Harry didn't trust the old man and felt weak, too weak to wake fully and cry. It was like he had gone several rounds in the training room up against Wolverine.

The old man then laid him down on a doorstep with a smile and twinkling blue eyes, eyes that haunt his nightmares. Then the world dissolved and a beautiful red hared had placed him down in a lovely crib. She held love in her green eyes as she smiled, but her expression held worry.

"Harry," she whispered as she leaned over and kissed his forehead. "It looks like Peter betrayed us… I knew his idea to change last minute was a bad idea. I knew neither of them could be trusted… but your daddy has practically been groomed since…"

The bedroom door exploded open and there stood a black robed figure with its hood hiding its face. "No… not Harry… please, take me instead!" she begged standing between her baby and the monster.

"Step aside you stupid little girl!" the figure hissed but she wouldn't budge.

"No, not Harry!" she whimpered out before turning to her baby. "Remember to be free and that your mommy loves you!" she cried out as a green glow encompassed her and she fell to the floor lifeless.

The figure cackled as it turned a little wooden stick on him, and with two indistinct words Harry was bathed in tremendous pain as a green light hit him before he passed out.

Harry sat up in bed fast breathing rapidly covered in a cold sweat that soaked through his clothes. He took a few shaky breaths as those images ran through his brain. He had had dreams about that green light before, but it has never been so vivid.

He had never seen his mother before. There are no pictures anywhere as far as he's aware, but there in his mind he remembers what she looked like. He remembered her voice and her last words too him. He has to be strong and live a free and happy life like his mother had always wanted.

Harry sighed as he regained his breathing and climbed out of bed. He so needs to shower and change now. He's so sticky, and soaked through, but one thing is for sure. If the 'Old Man' was responsible for his mothers death there would be nowhere he could hide.

To Be Continued…
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