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"I'm a Wizard?"

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Harry discovers he is not just a mutant, and secrets of his past, why his 'family' hated him are brought to light.

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Burnt Genes

Chapter 4

"I'm a Wizard?"

"Hey, Harry!" yelled Kurt grinning as he poofed next to him while Harry was enjoying his eleventh birthday morning on the roof of the mansion turned school.

He had just been thinking and enjoying the morning sun wearing some blue cargo shorts and a black sleeveless tee shirt as he floated cross legged bathing in the light, his skin holding a light tan.

Harry jumped and glared at his friend. "Whoa, dude do you have to do that. You look like a monster from a different dimension, you could give someone a heart attack," he said with a wicked grin snickering.

Kurt scow pouted. "No need to be rude bro," he replied letting a glare sneak through. "I was just coming to wish you a happy birthday, and tell you Storm and Jean are demanding your presents for your birthday breakfast."

"Awesome," he laughed as he launched into the sky with flowing azure flames, leaving Kurt behind. He flew down and round through the open front doors. He flew straight into the large dining hall and landed right next to Anna causing her to smile.

"Happy birthday Harry," she said in greeting as she held out a nicely wrapped gift she got him at the same time Kurt poofed in startling them.

"Harry, Kurt what have I told you about flying and teleporting inside?" demanded Ororo angrily.

"Not too," they replied sheepishly. "Sorry aunty O," they continued trying not to laugh as Harry accepted his gift from Rogue.

He was only too eager to open it and his eyes widened in surprise as he looked from it to Rogue. She blushed even brighter. "Well… um, it took a lot of washing cars… and the jet, but it was worth it. I saw it and thought of you," she said sheepishly as he pulled out a silver pocket watch with engraved pentagrams on each side.

"The guy in that weird store said that this side," she said pointing one pentagram. "Is for luck, while the others for protection," she said before opening it for him to show the working watch and a picture in the lid of him hugging Rogue from behind, sneaky style around her waist while she blushed.

Next to them in the picture were Kitty and Kurt fighting, but it looked sweet-ish, and Scott and Jean laughing at the scene while someone quickly took a picture of the event. Harry realised the picture was of last week when Scott and Jean took them to the carnival.

Harry smiled and hugged her tight. "Thanks Annie," he said as she for once hugged back, afraid of hurting him, but she just wanted to relish in his warmth a little.

"It was my pleasure," she said with a grin. "You've been looking out for me since I got here, and when I saw that I knew I had to get you it," she said as he took the chain and clipped it to his bet hook by his left pocket and slipped the watch in.

"Wow," Kurt interrupted. "That explains why I saw you washing the jet. I just thought you had gotten into trouble," he said laughingly as Kitty walked through the wall startling a few people as she yawned sleepily.

"Kitty!" the weather witch moaned. "I had just been telling Harry and Kurt off for using their powers inside."

"Oh, err, sorry, Storm," she grinned impishly, and not looking sorry at all.

"Hey little sis," Harry said smiling at her crazy morning antics.

"Happy Birthday, Harry!" she cried out in joy as she charge hugged him. "Here I made you this," she said handing him a small soft package. "I know it won't be as cool as the watch Annie got you, but I didn't find out I could have washed the cars and jet too until it was too late," she said seeing the silver chain and glare pouting at Anna while she looked sheepish.

"Thanks, Kitty… I'll love it anyway," he grinned gratefully as he unwrapped it to reveal an azure blue leather band with thousands of intertwined strands and a black phantom cat on it.

"So you'll always remember I'm your sister," she replied with a cheeky grin.

Harry was extraordinarily happy as he tied it on his left wrist with a huge grin he kissed her cheek blushing and hugged her. "I'll never forget that," he replied releasing her. "But I do love it and I'll never take it off." Her grin widened at that announcement and grabbed him to the table for breakfast where she sat him between her and Anna.

After breakfast, and more presents, either home made or bought, everyone except for Xavier and Logan (they're not big on joining everyone for breakfast), sat around the table talking and messing about getting scolded by Scott who it appeared had no fun genes in the mornings.

It had been a little while when they started discussing what they're all going to do for the day when a commotion stirred as a brown barn owl flew through a window with a letter tied to its leg.

"Hey what's with the bird," moaned Sam (Cannonball) not too far away as the owl landed in front of Harry, only Storm looked at it with some comprehension.

"Oh, is this for me Mr. Owl?" Harry asked pointing out the owls' delivery; a few kids snickered. As if in agreement it put out its leg and Harry, shrugging untied it. The owl flew up and landed on his shoulder as if waiting for something.

"Who's it from?" asked Kitty and Kurt together. They had seen so many weird things an owl delivering a letter was not that far fetched.

"I don't know," he replied, looking on the back he saw a wax seal with a snake, badger, lion and bird of some kind surrounding a letter H. Opening it he pulled out some folded parchment, opened it and read allowed. "Dear Mr. Potter, we are pleased to inform you that you have a place at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry…" he trailed off, the dinning table now completely quiet. He scanned down the letter in confusion. "It-it says I'm a wizard."

"What?" demanded Kitty taking the letter from him. "Is this a joke?" she demanded. "This is… no way… then maybe that Doctor Strange guy was real."

"No way," Kurt replied. "It's just a stupid birthday prank," he replied thoughtfully. "Right Anna?" he asked her and she shrugged.

"I don't know… it might be really real," she said thoughtfully.

"What do you think, Harry?" Kitty asked looking worried, and looking suspiciously at the owl trying to think of someone able to control animals but coming up with a blank.

"I don't know… I think…" he tried to formulate words but couldn't really think straight. His recent dreams had been so vivid and he remembered them. His mother… she had died by magic. He didn't know why he was so sure, he just knew.

"I think it's time for Harry and Professor Xavier to have a talk," interrupted Ororo. "Follow me Harry," she said with a kind smile as she led him out of the kitchen. He just told his friends he'll tell them later as he worriedly followed after her.

Harry was led into Xavier's office and Ororo left the two to talk. Harry took a seat in front of the Professor's desk looking both concerned and confused.

"You got a letter from Hogwarts?" the Professor asked but it was also spoken as a statement as Harry nodded. "Before I say anymore Harry, the Headmaster of that school…"

Harry's eyes widened while glowing blue. "It's him," he hissed such venom it made Xavier flinch. "It's the one who left me with the… where do I find this place! I'll kill him!"

"Calm down Harry," the Professor didn't raise his voice but it held a commanding edge to it. Harry took a deep breath and flopped back into his seat. "Let me explain what I know so far, Harry."

Harry nodded as Xavier went on to tell him what he knew of Hogwarts, the Magical World, and his parents murder at the wand of Voldemort. It just made him hate this old man more and more.

"So… this Voldemort murders my family," he hissed out after the story has been told. "And then… to make matters worse for me, this Dumbledore kidnaps me, and…"

"Leaves you with them… yes I'm afraid so, Harry," Xavier replied with a sad look. "However, it is perfectly possible for you to go to a different school."

"He'll come after me," Harry spoke knowing this kind of nut-job. "From what you've told me I won't be safe from him until he's dead or understands that I will NEVER bow down to NO filth like him!"

"So… you've made your choice?" the Professor asked and Harry nodded. "Well, good, but I must ask for you to not attack him, Harry. It is more along the lines of keeping enemies close."

"I… I guess learning magic could be interesting," Harry said after a few moments silence. "And… if my opinion could possibly sway people away from him… and maybe even away from Voldemort. I could… well work at showing my distaste for both of them. If I only showed my hate for Dumbledore he would start a campaign that I'm dark if what you know is true."

Xavier nodded with a smile. "You are a smart boy Harry, and I know in the end you will do what is right," he said with a larger smile.


Harry couldn't think straight at the mansion so he got changed into what he would call his super-suit and flew off. His suit is black padded slim line leather trousers and tee with a blue jacket that fits loose and held closed by lose buckles with the X-Men crest on it, as well as a belt with the crest. His half boots have similar buckles. His jacked has a baggy hood with black lining.

He also saw fit to wear a blue mask over his eyes, so that he couldn't be recognised. He didn't have to worry about some dangerous scar he had removed years ago, and tried sunglasses but at night he couldn't see without making his eyes glow blue, and a hit to the face could lose him an eye.

It took him little time until he was flying over New York City. It was dark being early evening. He had been flying around for hours. He had even received many more owl invites to other schools around the world, but he knew where he needed to be. He needs to avenge his parents, and that includes his foolish father.

His azure aura didn't blaze as brightly or more like powerfully as he was practically drifting about as he tried to psyche himself up to visit the one person he knows who could hopefully help him understand the sorcerer in him.

However, he didn't know what he could possibly say or ask, or what he would get. He just needed to understand why… or how. He just wished he could stay out of this Magical World and live his life with his friends and family, and be happy. However, he knows that he has to embrace his magical heritage to avenge those who have fallen pray to either Voldemort or Dumbledore.

He took a deep breath as he hovered higher than the tallest building in Manhattan and stretched his senses out. He normally refrains from allowing his power to feed too much through his senses as hearing everything within one hundred miles all around can hurt, but he has been practicing. To hear what he wants to hear, and filter out everything else.

His eyes blinked open at the sound of a screaming woman and he didn't even bat and eyelid before he created a sonic boom, seconds later crashing into the ground of an alley cracking the cement floor. Streams of blue aura like lightning swirled around him for a moment as he landed crouched.

He needed a distraction from his problems and as he stood his eyes narrowed behind his mask. He saw five men of varying descriptions had dragged some woman off into this alley as she had been screaming and struggling until she was dropped in shock.

Harry pulled up his hood within seconds as they stared at him. "I'm not in a very good mood punk's," he muttered falsely deepening his voice, making it husky and sharp. He cracked his knuckles by just making fists.

"Get lost kid," one man braved but he was shaking. "Who do you think you are?"

"I'm Azuremagus," he spoke with a grin lining his lips and glowing blue eyes. He moved in a stream of azure, his right fist braking one mans nose and knocking him out. He floated up fast and back round housed another into sleep.

The other three men cried out at this point and started running and screaming. "Get back here!" he roared as his eyes lit up more. The swirl's of energy converging into a long narrow azure laser. It shot forward and sliced through one fleeing mans leg causing him to fall with a scream as he went down smashing his head onto the solid ground.

Harry had only a moment of awe when he was hit with some sticky white webbing and stuck to a wall. He looked up to see the last two men were unconscious and stuck too.

"No need to be so trigger happy kid," Spider-Man said as he dropped down in front of him on a line of web upside down. "Or maybe it would be laser beam eye happy."

"What do you want Spider-Man?" he asked with a glare. "Can't you see I was busy saving that woman?"

"You mean the woman more terrified of you than the filth attacking her?" he asked pointing over to where the woman was just staring at him like he had committed an act against her.

"I…" Harry didn't know what to say. "I just wanted to help, and I thought beating up some thugs would help me too."

"Strange said you would be back soon to see him. That's why you're here; right? To ask some questions or something…?"

"Yeah," he agreed tearing away the web and brushing it off as he hovered. "I should go then," he said without even a good bye or thanks he blasted off.

Harry flew slowly through the evening sky feeling worse than before. He isn't a superhero. He's just an eleven year old kid. He needs to stop moping and go and see Strange before someone comes looking for him.

It wasn't hard to find the old manner and landed on the steps by the front door and pulling his hood down. He took a deep breath as he rang the door bell. Then he knocked and waited, and waited, and waited but nobody answered. He mildly wondered whether he had stepped out or something.

He was going to leave and maybe return in the morning when with one last knock the door just flowed open as if it hadn't been locked. Harry frowned as he looked into the dark and dusty hall. He hadn't realised it looked like this when he was here before.

"H-hello!" he called out as he stepped in. "Mr… I mean, Doctor Strange?" he called out quickly closing the door behind him. "Is anyone in here?" he asked loudly as he moved into the building. It had a thin layer of dust in some areas, but others like the floor had trails where people had walked.

He slowly explored the house, looking in the lounge, the other lounge, and then the other lounge. It didn't have any furniture at all; even the kitchen was bare except for the sink.

His eyes widened as Doctor Strange's words rung in his ears. It's all about will, his will, and magic… if that's true then maybe… this could just be a front to come and go from.

Though, he groaned as even upstairs he found nothing that looked like a magical portal to another dimension, or somewhere else on the planet since he knows these magical people he'll be schooling with just hide. However, he found nothing… not even a single trace of the doctor anywhere… not even in one of the bathrooms.

He groaned as he was back in the long hall way by the front door again when he realised he hadn't checked the backdoor. "I'll find you," he said in annoyance all of his previous frustration forgotten and put into determination. He knows he can find the doctor if he tries hard enough, after all he's magic too.

Harry walked at a confident pace through the dark hall when suddenly he stopped in his shock to find himself in a light hall with not a trace of dust. He looked around in surprise to see the sun flowing through a window. He could tell its early morning here, and wondered where here is.

He moved along the corridor until he found a door leading outside and took it. He was amazed at the place. It seemed like some ancient temple on the side of a mountain. It has beautiful flowers growing and stunning architecture.

"You know, I let you take the shortcut," Doctor Strange startled him from behind smirking. "I had to climb the mountain, but I figured with your powers you would either fly or not find it too troubling, so I gave you the mental challenge of opening a portal."

"What do you want with me?" he asked eying the weird sorcerer warily. "W-will you teach me magic?"

He chuckled shaking his head, amused. "Our magic's are the same… in essence, but many mage have grown weak willed and lazy. I won't give you shortcuts… all I can give you is advice and guidance. This is your path Harry. Anyway, you have already done some magic… you created a portal to me… though, of course if I didn't want you too…"

"Y-you mean there was no portal?" he asked in shock as he got a nod.

"You expected it… you believed, and your will created what you wanted, expected, needed to find me," the Sorcerer Supreme said with a smirk. "Magic isn't just about spells and staffs… or wands… primarily it could be said it's about wishes, and willing yours to life. It all has boundaries and laws, but still. Magic is vast and splendid. While there are many things you can will to happen something may need spells or a focus. However, even they need force of ones own will, the stronger the will coupled with your magical and physical strength the stronger the spell."

Harry nodded in thought. "T… Professor Xavier says that kids with magic perform it by accident under certain circumstances," he said with a small smile. "Its like their subconscious will… to survive, but we can still do this throughout our lives, and… control it with our will."

Strange laughed loudly. "You're a smart kid Harry, and you'll go far if you use your mind just as much as your powers, and strength."

"Doctor," he said after a few minutes of both looked off to the sky watching some birds in thought. "I have a mad old man… wizard after me. He's allowed and encouraged some horrible things to happen to me. I think he might be partially responsible for my parents death, and the whole… or the majority of the Magical UK seems to love him like he's the second coming of Jesus… or I guess to them Merlin."

"Albus Dumbledore!" Strange practically growled the name in his distaste. "I can not tell you how to deal with him, but I will warn you that he can be dangerous. However, he is foolish and will always underestimate a child. If you can use your fame and popularity to bring questions to people about him then do so.

"As for Voldemort…? He is not quite dead. He will likely find away to return in the near future, but even then I would consider Dumbledore your most lethal enemy. He convinces people of some kind of 'Greater Good' yet he would never speak of it or his plans to get to it. Do not underestimate him, he may not consider you a threat even after he finds out you aren't under his control, but he is always a threat!"

Harry nodded with a smile. "T-thanks Doctor," he said feeling better now that he had spoken with a real mage.

He chuckled. "If you ever need to talk feel free to travel to the mansion and come here. You can feel free even if it's to find a nice relaxing location to find your centre. Though, if it is more pressing advice find a secluded spot. There are two ways… you can either will a body of water to work like…

"I suppose a video phone, as water is forever flowing and connected, or meditate mind to mind. Though, both tricks can be tricky I shall not give you any tips. It's down to you to discover what magic can do apart from what your school will teach. I also advice not going around spreading your knowledge… it is always best for others to find it themselves."

Harry grinned in gratitude having found himself a new favourite hero. Sure Spider-Man's kind of cool, and so is Iron Man, and even Logan, but none could help him like this man. Anyway, he's never met Iron Man before.

"So… how do I get back to New York?" he asked the sorcerer. "I'm already going to be in so much trouble for being out so late!"

Strange laughed and rolled his eyes. "The same way you got here," he replied before Harry just charged off back inside yelling a simple 'later' behind him.

Harry rushed out of the manor house a few minuets later and blast off into the sky not seeing Spider-Man had been watching from a roof across the road.

To Be Continued…
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