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The Girl in the Photo

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Frank has a photograph, Gerard wants to find the girl

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“Who’s this?” My best friend and band mate asked whilst holding up a Polaroid picture of me with a young, blue eyed, bobbed plum haired girl. The date was 26th August 2000. I was two years older, at twenty two, in the photo than the beautiful girl in the same shot. In fact, that was the last photo taken of us both together…before I ran away.
“That’s an ex. I dated her before we started the band.” I explained to a curious Gerard.
“What happened? You look happy here?” He pushed on further.
“We were,” I sighed still remembering her infectious giggle. “But I ran away. We were getting serious and I freaked out. I ran away from her, my mum and my life. Then I met you guys and I stopped running.” I made sure to smile when I looked at him.
“Do you know what she is like now?” He quizzed me more.
“Jeez Gerard it was like six years ago, so no.” I laughed as he put the picture down on my desk.
“Your right, but still aren’t you curious?” He looked over at me a small smile on his lips.
“No even if I was, she wouldn’t want to see me would she? I left without so much as a goodbye.” I mumbled grabbing my wallet before making my way towards the front door.
“Not unless she was a fan.” He retorted following suit, winking as he passed through the door that lead to the cool, white corridor.

“The album meeting with the execs was as ever boring, like normal, however, upon hearing our new direction they had plenty of probing question which lasted over four hours. We even had to break for lunch! Naturally during the meeting Gerard and I had come up with some amazing ideas and were eager to thrash them out to the guys. So by the time I’d walked into my apartment it was later. Deciding that I desperately needed food I’d picked up Chinese and wasted no time to sit down eating it, kicking my shoes off in the process.

I finished watch the worst action film I’d ever seen before deciding it was time for bed. I quickly checked my desk to see what jobs needed to be done in the morning when the light from my desk lamp caught on something shiny causing it to glisten and catch my eye. It was the picture Gerard had found earlier on. Taking a moment to study it a bit more than the frequent glance it received I noticed she was so pretty. I remember even back then when we used to go out that I always thought I was the luckiest guy in the world, and I was. She had bright blue eyes that were always sparkling with emotion. Nine times out of ten those blue pools were framed by a black pair of Ray-Ban’s that suited her perfectly. She had a wicked sense of humour, whereby, she could be so sarcastic bur not annoyingly or hurtful. And her giggle was, as already mentioned, infectious. It was so sweet that you just wanted more and more of it, like your favourite piece of candy. I remembered how she used to stand on her tip toes to kiss me on my lips, with her rosy ones, as she was shorter than me. Something I thought impossible. Her dress sense was always smart casual so whenever we went out on our date night or with the family and she was dressed up it really was special. She always looked beautiful to me. To be honest I don’t know why I freaked out so much we were basically living together anyway. For 3 nights in the week I’d go sleep in her dorm with her and at weekends she’d come stay at my mums. She was at an apartment viewing when I left, I was supposed to go meet her but instead I took off and started a band.

Deciding it was pointless pondering over her, she’d be long gone. Probably with her new partner – or even husband – in a fancy house, whilst I was here alone in this big, empty apartment. That’s karma for you I guess. I walked into my room with the purpose of sleeping solely on my mind.

“Hey Frank wake up.” I felt the cold hand gently shaking me. “Frank wake up we’re going to be late.” The shaking was getting more and more into shoving.
“Jesus Gerard I’m awake!” I threw the pillow at him forcefully before rubbing my eyes. “Why are you here?” I snapped as I forced myself to sit up, the cover sliding down slowly leaving my naked chest and lower belly exposed to the cold air.
“Shit Frank cover yourself up!” My older best friend turned on his heels quickly before walking out. “We have a flight to the studio, leaving in an hour so chip chop and get into ship shape shall we?” He chirped from the kitchen as I heard the coffee pot being poured. I quickly got up shoving clothes into a bag whilst finding some to put on me.

I sat down in my usual aisle seat next to Gerard. I hated window seats they made me queasy and terrified. Something was different though I just couldn’t put my finger on it.
“I’m going to do some drawing, that ok?” Gerard looked at me as he got all his equipment out.
“Sure go ahead.” I smiled before pulling out one of the many magazines I had gotten from duty free. Every so often I would flick a glance to Gerard’s paper and it wasn’t until later, when it was complete, that I realised what the drawing was of. Well more like who the drawing was of.
“Who are you drawing?” I asked as he was finishing up, tidying bits that he wasn’t happy with.
“One row down, fourth seat in.” He looked up at me quizzically and I gave him a wide eyed look. Which he didn’t pick up on.
“Who does that look like?” I tried to hint at the answer, to which he shrugged. “It looks like the girl from my picture.” I said fumbling in my pocket until I found it.
“Oh my god Frank! That’s her!” He looked between her, the picture and me excitedly.
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