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The Girl in the Floral Dress

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The flight

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spent the rest of the flight trying to build the courage up to go speak to her. I didn't even need to speak to her, just a glimpse of her that wasn't in between shoulders and seat gaps. From what I could see she was still as beautiful as ever and for a moment I felt a brief tug on the heart string that she owned. I was just about to walk past her to the toilet when we was informed that we were about to land and to remain seated with our safety belts on. I quickly fastened mine and closed my eyes. This was the only part of any flight I didn't like, the landing.
"You alright?" Gerard whispered next to me, his hand on my shoulder comfortingly. I just nodded knowing he knew my discomfort. We landed safely and everyone clapped on the plane as babies screamed from their ears popping.

We quickly grabbed our cases and darted out for our waiting car when I saw her again. She was stood in a floral dress that rested just past her knee caps and a small heeled T bar shoe that matched the dress perfectly, her long black trench completing the look as she stood talking to someone on the phone.
"Earth to Frank! Hurry up and jump in we want to beat the traffic!" Ray shouted from inside the van as I flung my case in and made my way inside, but not before casting a glance in her direction for the final time and for the first time since I left her, her eyes caught mine.

"So Tom wants us to meet at the restaurant so we can discuss the new direction with him and he can finalise our studio plans and what not." Gerard informed us smiling as we pulled up at the hotel I'd be calling home for the next couple of weeks. The fancy looking hotel looked as though only high society socialites stayed here, not a rock band from New Jersey who had tattooed members. We dragged our cases out of the van and thanked the driver who said he'd pick us up at 6 giving us an hour and ten minutes to check in and freshen up. We all piled into the grand reception area when a familiar scent caused me to stop. It was her scent, even now she still wore the same perfume, Dott by Marc Jacobs.
"Erin Andrews." She smiled politely at the young girl behind the desk who looked up in awe of the woman who used to be mine.
"Ms Andrews can I say I'm honoured to meet you." The young girl blushed as Erin looked at her quickly, a questioning look on her face. "I'm an aspiring lawyer and we had to do a profile on somebody, I chose you." She continued as her face went a deeper shade of red.
"Really?" Erin spoke up smiling as the young girl nodded, "thank you it's refreshing to hear that. I'll give you a piece of advice?" She looked at the receptionist catching her nod as she picked up her room key, "learn your cases." She winked with a genuine smile before walking off to the stairs, case in hand.

It took us a good ten minutes before we got the correct room keys finding ourselves in a square formation on the second floor. I was next door to Gerard a facing Ray who was next to Mikey. We quickly went into our respective rooms to shower and get a fresh set of appropriate dinner clothes for our meeting with our close friend Tom Baker, who dealt with our business whilst we was away from home. I chose for a black shirt, black pair of skinny jeans and my less beat-up vans. Smoothing my hair down as best as I could after my shower and putting on my leather jacket I was ready to go and by the sounds coming from the corridor, so were the others.

We pulled up into the restaurant car park, which too was fancy, was there no where less formal for our meeting with an old buddy, clearly not. We gave our reservation name and was lead to the table by the manager who gave us all i distasteful look up and down. We walked over and saw Tom sat at the table which was all set with wine glass and ice cold water. We all greeted him with a quick hug before sitting down and making small talk about nothing in particular when Tom spoke up.
"So I hope you don't mind my fiancé is going to be joining us, she's just got into town so I said she could join. Don't worry your album secrets are safe, she'll probably be preoccupied anyway to even be listening. I'm lucky if she listens after two seconds of me talking." He laughed pouring more wine our way before pouring a water in the empty wine glass when he noticed her get out of his car. I had a sinking feeling about his fiancée and when he stood up to take her jacket and help her on her chair. "Guys this is my fiancé, Erin, Erin is the guys of the band I was telling you about." He smiled as my ex girlfriend was sat facing me oblivious to the fact as to who I was and for some strange reason I felt true rejection. She didn't remember me.
"Hi guys." She looked at us all with her gorgeous smile dazzling
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