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Frank stood at the harbour, resting his hands on the wall and smiling as he gazed out at the waves. Gerard was behind him, smiling and shaking hands with people as he posed for photographs for the local news. He had become something of a small celebrity and his art work was so popular now that all along the harbour his work was on display.

In three days Frank would be accompanying his husband to New York, where he had a contract with a gallery to show case his work. The two men had bought a quaint little place beside a park and Gerard’s family were coming to help them move in.

Frank had settled into his life with Gerard rapidly, and he almost couldn’t remember ever having a life without him. His family were adorable and they all doted on him, and their wedding the year before had been a beautiful and emotional affair.

Frank had been on land for six years, and though he remembered the way he and Gerard had met it all felt like a dream he had once had, very long ago… He wasn’t even sure if Gerard could remember it, they had told his family that they met in the library in the fantasy section, and that they had both wanted the same book about mermaids. After a playful squabble Gerard had invited Frank to dinner, citing they could read the book together and it was simply love at first site…

They had told the story so many times now Frank almost believed it… If it wasn’t for the memories he had whilst standing here at the harbour he supposed he would have dismissed it all as a dream by now and would truly be living the lie they told Gerard’s family. Already Frank couldn’t remember the names or faces of any of the merpeople he had once loved, and the sea held nothing but a vague mystery for him now.

Frank smiled as he turned away to watch Gerard getting photographed, chuckling at how uncomfortable the artist seemed to be in the limelight. He caught his gaze and blew him a kiss, Gerard blushing and smiling lovingly back.

Frank couldn’t wait to move to New York, he couldn’t wait to be away from the sea. He thought that maybe at first he had missed it… but now its hold on him was slipping away. His memories of time in the ocean and soon enough Franks dream really would be true…

Only two weeks after moving to the big city both Frank and Gerard had lost all knowledge of their true meeting. They shared their love of the sea and mermaids in Gerard’s paintings and the books they read… But it was only ever a sweet little fantasy. They believed wholly the fictional first meeting they had made six years ago and although the merpeople and town Frank had once loved never was remembered… At least he and his human lived happily ever after.
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