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Ch.28 Lv.6

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The new floor-one on one fights. Ninja, Pirate, Mage, Hunter, Shinigami all start now.

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Note: For the Shinigami whose abilities are not fully knownYoru I used some creativity to make up some blank ‘shikai’ or ‘bankai’ abilities

West Tower

Match 1: Urahara Kisuke vs. Justine Freed

Both competitors stepped out. Both of them were armed with a sword. From the beginning of the match, Freed placed defensive runes around him, halting Urahara from entering until Freed could get a read on his opponent. Urahara found however that Kido attacks could penetrate his defensive area and couldn’t be countered, as Freed was unsure of the properties of this attack.
They would eventually meet blades, Urahara definitely had the advantage when it came to swordsmanship and Freed learnt that quickly to which he retreated and once more set up some defensive runes. His magic wasn’t made for one-on-one combat use so he had to ensure he played this right.
Urahara was a mysterious person by any means and he had peaked Freed’s interest enough to decide he was going to go all out to win the match. Freed’s ‘rune magic’ was a style of magic that within a given area, he could create almost any rules he liked. This is what made him so effective as a trap user. There was however one thing he had left. Freed placed a rune on himself as the area of control. He augmented his speed and power exponentially as whatever conditions he placed on his area were upheld. Now things were interesting between the both of them. It continued for some time till Urahara suddenly lost interest and officially resigned from the match for an unknown reason.

Match 2: Bee vs. Roronoa Zoro

Bee had seen some of this guy’s abilities in previous levels. When the match started, Bee thought he would test his speed off the bat feinting an attack from the front but actually moving in to attack from behind. A blade almost chopped his head clear off and he retreated immediately. This swordsman could use three blades with impeccable precision. Bee withdrew his own small blades, 8 to be exact and held them in all crevices of his body. Moving in once again, they clashed blades. Bee had the advantage of number of blades and directions he could come from whilst Zoro had the advantage of reach and blade strength. Both fighters appeared to be enjoying themselves, even when Bee infused lightning chakra into his blades it couldn’t pierce Zoro’s blades who had Haki infused into his own.
Bee soon realised that for the use of blades he couldn’t match this fighter, which was ok as he was more than just blade attacks. Bee threw 6 of his blades away keeping one in each hand. Zoro was a little surprised to see this happen but knew he had done enough to prove himself as worthy of handling swords. Bee once more prepared himself and increased his speed significantly. He could now move much better with his body free. Zoro tried to remain on his spot and follow with his eyes where Bee was going, what he couldn’t predict as he hadn’t seen yet was a huge tentacle to come out of Bee and almost wrap around him. Bee could do partial transformations into the 8-Tails and this may have just been the difference in this fight.
The momentum had shifted, Bee was pressuring Zoro now with blade, lightning and transformation attacks. Zoro tried to get it back by using long range sword attacks to cut the tentacle off, however Bee kept it out of harms way.
There was two more things that Bee had up his sleeve Zoro had never handled before. Bee could infuse his whole body with lightning chakra greatly increasing his speed. This made him deadly at close distance. He could also fire black ball energy as a Jinchuuriki which also made him deadly at long distance. Zoro couldn’t cut these black balls of pure chakra and was always having to dodge, it was only a matter of time before Bee could connect with some good shots and ended the match.
Zoro wasn’t too hurt, but actually had a small smile on his face. “There really are some strong people in this tournament, this is getting fun.” He also knew by the draw who he would be fighting next.

Match 3: Shihoin Yoruichi vs. Mei Terumi the 5th Mizukage

“It’s too bad two women are facing off against each other,” Mei Terumi said.
“I agree, in the face of all these brutish men it would be nice to have some gal pals.”
“I guess we should start huh?”
“Yeah, if all goes well I would like to make contact with you again in future levels.” They got into their fighting stance. Yoruichi attacked first, Mei blocked her attacks and then leapt away. With frightening speed Yoruichi was suddenly behind her. Another surprise was a slash that cut through Mei’s body despite Yoruichi visibly having no blade in her hand. It was however only a water clone the fifth Mizukage had used and she surfaced on the edge of the battlefield impressed with her opponent’s abilities. Yoruichi had for the first time unleashed her shikai power, in which her blade could bend or reflect light particles around it, in this case rendering it invisible to the eye-perfect for a previous leader of the Assassin Corps.
It wasn’t an assassination this time however, it was a one-on-one combat situation. Mei pressured Yoruichi with lava attacks, when Yoruichi waited for the blind side to open up and attack from behind she fell straight into a boiling steam attack Mei had set up at her rear to catch her out. It slowed her up enough for Mei to corner her into a losing position and ended the match without anyone getting seriously hurt.

Match 4: Yakushi Kabuto vs. Minami ‘Ikki’ Itsuki

Ikki was stoked it was finally his turn to have fight with someone. This guy looked a little odd, and a little threatening. Kabuto was eyeing off Ikki’s cockiness and the mysterious AT’s that he wore as well. Ikki was curious as to how his opponent was going to play this battle. Kabuto bit his thumb and slammed his hand to the floor, summoning the Snake King ‘Manda’. The summon who had once looked at Kabuto in disgust now answered to his bidding and thought nothing of Ikki in front of him who didn’t waver at the giant creature in front of him.
Manda didn’t charge straight in but spat a huge wad of poison out of his mouth hoping to catch Ikki inside it. Ikki dodged, but the fumes rising up from the ground could also have done some damage. The air fumes however didn’t seem to follow their natural path, and instead blew back towards Manda and Kabuto who were already immune to its effects. Kabuto smirked, “So he uses wind techniques, so I guess I am avoiding fire for this fight.” Manda then opted for a swift strike trying to swallow Ikki whole, but Ikki with his AT’s were far too quick. Manda then suffered thousands of cuts over his face and body as if the wind itself shredded him. This was the Storm King, Ikki and his control over the wind itself.
Kabuto took away Manda and decided he would go for close combat against this guy. He readied his hands, which he shrouded in chakra to make them deadly sharp like the scalpels he could use in surgeries and medical experiments.
No matter how much he chased, or used his snake tails to try and get a hold of Ikki it was no use, Ikki seemed to be very experienced in close fighting as well either dodging shots or using wind to cover his blind spots. One more wind gust Ikki created knocked Kabuto off balance, just enough for Ikki to get a huge shot to his face knocking him clear out for the match.

Match 5: X Drake vs. Takuechi Sora

Sora was all pumped seeing his arch enemy Ikki put on such a display so he knew he had to take this guy out. X Drake knew Sora also used wind and transformed straight away into his T-Rex form to negate the strength of the wind. It was still no use though, Sora could create a whirlwind strong enough to knock X Drake out quite quickly, winning the fight.

Match 6: Sasori vs. Gaara

Both were happy with this match up. Sasori knew he was stronger than Deidara who managed to defeat Gaara. Gaara wanted to make up for that loss and kill the traitor to the Sand Village and the one who almost killed his brother. Sasori immediately withdrew his favourite puppet, the Third Kazekage-the one who could control Iron Sand. The battlefield would be both boring an chaotic, black and yellow sand filling up the battlefield, meeting each other in strength and trying to out manoeuvre the other whilst keeping themselves defended. Gaara couldn’t rely on the bijuu’s power now so he had to conserve chakra. An iron sand attack managed to get through and impale Gaara through the chest who dissipated into a puddle of sand. The real Gaara emerged from his own sand and mimicked a stab back through Sasori’s chest with his kunai. As expected, Sasori was a puppet and felt no pain. The puppet released poison through his mouth and almost caught Gaara right then and there but he had blocked his ears, nose, mouth and even eyes with a layer of sand thereby nullifying the poison effects.
As Gaara retreated though, he had fallen into Sasori’s trap. A hale of knives and explosive tags hurled towards Gaara, a couple even managing to scrape his shoulder, face and ankle. If Gaara hadn’t quickly materialised a sand platform in midair to jump off he would have been gone right there.
Their battle continued for some time with what appeared to be no outcome in sight. Eventually though, Gaara managed to close in again, Sasori’s movements had slowed somewhat and before Gaara could finish it, Sasori screamed “I give up!”. Gaara under the regulations had to stop right there or risk disqualification. He was agitated, Sasori had done the right thing in that circumstance despite being defeated. Sasori was agitated too.
Gaara in his original close up attack knew he was more than likely not going to finish it there. His precautions to stop poison were proof of this. He had left some sand particles in the air and on the ground to which he could slowly fill the joints of the Sasori puppet without him noticing. Finally it got to a point where he couldn’t move altogether as he felt no pain and therefore no feeling at all, so he gave up before being permanently damaged and therefore survived to fight properly in another round. “Judges, please make him remove his sand from my joints,” Sasori pleaded. The judges forced Gaara to comply.
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