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The last of the West Tower in their respective fights

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West Tower

Match 7: Natsu Dragneel vs. Kyouraku Shunsui

Natsu faced off against this samurai looking man with long hair. The match began and normally Natsu likes to charge in for close quarter combat, but he had learnt in previous tower levels that he was up against some really strong people and charging in recklessly wasn’t going to achieve much. Shunsui had his blade withdrawn and seemed hesitant to attack as well.
The match started, Natsu slowly circled and made his way closer to his opponent. Shunsui had his katana out but he wasn’t in an aggressive stance at this stage, “You are the fire user I have seen in the past few rounds. I like kids like you, so enthusiastic.” Natsu was a little thrown here, he normally carried anger with him into a fight but this guy was making it hard to be in the mood. It didn’t seem like a trick either. “You have done well at keeping your abilities hidden so far, why?” he replied.
“It doesn’t matter, shall we begin young flame user?”
Natsu readied himself by augmenting his body with his flames. He charged in and his fist was intercepted by Shunsui’s blade. “Interesting,” Shunsui said. “Your arm whilst under fire can withstand an attack from my katana.” As they stood there up close, Natsu tried to breathe his fire roar and engulf his opponent in his flames. Shunsui was ready however and retreated quickly. The fight didn’t go for too much longer before he resigned allowing Natsu to take the win and once again saving himself from using his shikai or bankai.

Match 8: Kuzan (Aokiji) vs. Nel

Nel knew immediately she had to use her resurreccion in order to defeat this foe she sensed was powerful. Firing cero blasts at him she thought she could catch him in some of her explosive power. He was blocking her attacks however with huge ice walls. He would then freeze the entire battlefield and made the entire battlefield his domain, eventually defeating Nel.

Match 9: Juvia Lockser vs. Deidara

Deidara tried to pressure Juvia with his explosion attacks. Juvia could turn herself into water and take away some of the effectiveness. However Deidara knew there had to be a point in which she had to materialise and bided his time with hidden bombs before taking Juvia by surprise and winning the match.

Match 10: Spitfire vs. Edward Newgate (Whitebeard)

As many fire attacks as Spitfire tried, Whitebeard was taking them all down. Spitfire was an AT rider, Whitebeard could create tremors through the ground and in the very air that AT riders used, thus he was perfect to fight against riders with his earthquake ability. In this match, Spitfire never stood a chance.

Match 11: Killer vs. Darui

Killer was the First Mate of the Kid Pirates with quite a high bounty and weapon user, Darui was a Jounin from the Cloud Village and weapon user himself. The difference in this would come down to their personal abilities. Killer charged and attacked quickly off the bat. He was probably better at wielding a weapon than Darui was, however Darui was experienced and strong. His advanced bloodline ability in creating storm chakra was much too advantageous for Killer to handle and thus he won the fight convincingly.

Match 12: Reborn vs. Gildartz

Reborn in his own world was one of the strongest fighters, in fact he had the title ‘Worlds Best Hitman’. However Reborn wasn’t in his world anymore and he had come up against a troublesome foe-one who was arguably one of the strongest in his own world. Clive Gildartz was a Fairy Tail mage famous for having crash magic. This magic allowed him to disassemble anything close to him. So when Reborn used his famous chaos bullets that could be fired from anywhere and hit the mark, Gildartz could simply destroy them before they were even close to his body. Reborn did a tactical surrender for this round hoping to go through in later ones.

Match 13: Urahara Kisuke vs. Roronoa Zoro

They both withdrew their blades. This is the kind of battle Zoro wanted. He was unsettled by Kisuke’s grin though. “I like watching you fight Mr Zoro. I have seen two sword wielders before, but never three-it is quite interesting. There is something you have yet to learn yet.”
“And I guess you’re going to teach me in this fight?”
“I am going to try.”
As the battle began they had a small exchange of swords. Kisuke was skilled with a blade, but defending against three at once was proving difficult. However he hadn’t taught Zoro his lesson yet. Kisuke threw some powder aimed for Zoro’s eyes. It didn’t hit, Zoro deflected it with his blade but it had already served its purpose. It went for a little longer till Zoro ran a blade through Kisuke’s chest. It was however a fake body that Kisuke had created himself in a lab. It took Zoro by surprise and Kisuke attacked from behind and got a small cut to Zoro’s face before he retreated to safe ground.
Next Kisuke reached into his robe and withdrew some small marble sized bombs from his pocket. He threw them into the air and hit them around the battlefield like a baseball shot. There were six in total, three of them went to either side of Zoro. As they went into the air, Kisuke fired a shikai blast from the tip of his sword. This meant Zoro could stay put and deal with the blast or dodge and deal with the explosions. In the split second he fired a ranged sword shot at the energy blast. It deflected the shikai into one of the explosion balls, which erupted. Zoro then took refuge in the smoke it created whilst the other explosions went off too. Zoro thought he had done the right thing but as he exited he tried to take on the opponent that came at him only to discover it was another fake body. The real Kisuke emerged from the smoke as well to get him from behind with his blade at Zoro’s back. Zoro was ashamed he had been defeated but he understood what the lesson was.
“I quit,” Kisuke said with a smile.
Zoro turned around. “Do not humiliate me further by quitting, I do not accept it.”
“I don’t care what you accept swordsman. I am not interested in this tournament, you have far more potential in this than what I do, you just need to learn tactics. Fighting hard and fighting fair is honourable, but fighting smart is going to take your skills to a new level. Thinking before you merely attack will help you go further in this level and I wish you luck.”

Match 14: Yakushi Kabuto vs. Shihoin Yoruichi

Kabuto had witnessed Yoruichi’s speed and he was intimidated by it. However now she had revealed her shikai power as well. Kabuto needed to keep her at a distance and cover his back by summoning a snake to cover it. It last quicker than either of them thought, she couldn’t take him from the back and in her rush got caught in a genjutsu that put her to sleep. Kabuto didn’t need to finish it as soon as she went to sleep the match was declared finished.

Match 15: Sasori vs. X Drake

Sasori used his Hiroku puppet for this match to which he wanted to meet the T Rex form in head on combat. His tail dipped in poison was enough to hold him off from moving too close. Drake decided to form back into his human self in order to increase his speed and pressure Sasori however Sasori had hidden weapons concealed in most places around the battlefield and won the match.

Match 16: Kyouraku Shunsui vs. Nel

Shinigami vs. Former Espada. Both were better with this match as it was an opponent they were at least aware of rather than facing an opponent from a different realm. Shunsui was forced to release his shikai in this matchup to win taking away some of his mysteriousness he had kept till now.

Match 17: Juvia Lockser vs. Spitfire

Juvia merely awaited Spitfires techniques and negated them using her water techniques. Spitfire kept repeating there was something he had been saving and there was little use using it now so he withheld for this match hoping to seal his win in the next.

Match 18: Killer vs. Reborn

This was a little more of an even match up for both of them. Weapons fighters who did not have any unknown and mysterious special power-they fought with their bodies and quick wit for the most part. Reborn stepped up feeling much more confident, and also having seen Killer fight he believed very well he could take him.
The match began, Reborn withdrew his guns but didn’t fire them just yet but used them as hand weapons to protect himself from Killer’s blades.
Once Reborn had got his rhythm he tried to create some distance in order to utilise his chaos bullets. Killer didn’t want to give him that opportunity however and pressured him as much as possible. Swiping his blades for the hitman’s face, Reborn was physically being pushed to his limits as this guy was indeed a violent guy. Finally he could get some shots off, but Killer was able to deflect them with the spinning blades on his wrist.
Killer wasn’t expecting a bullet to come straight up from the ground and come for his face. One of Reborn’s special shots was this move in which he could fire underneath him and have the bullet come from any angle. Killer only just managed to deflect that bullet as well, but this left him open. Reborn got two shots through the feet of Killer who had now been slowed significantly. Now that he had been slowed, Reborn was careful to finish this match properly and becoming the winner.

Match 19: Urahara Kisuke vs. Shihoin Yoruichi

The match happened how all participants and spectators predicted it to. Urahara really had no intention of competing anymore. He tells Yoruichi it could be time to unleash her power or risk the consequences from here on out and he will forgive her for using it. Yoruichi agrees and Urahara resigned.

Match 20: X Drake vs. Nel

Nel is much too strong for Drake to handle who was still suffering some side affects from Sasori’s poison.

Match 21: Spitfire vs. Killer

Spitfire had his flames at the ready to pressure Killer who seemed unaffected by the fire. However being a flame rider it meant his body was in peak form and he could augment his speed and power well above what Killer could handle and won the match.
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