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From September

by LaurentheHuman 6 reviews

I was disgusting. But she was too.

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She gave me a gentle smile
And looked me in the eye
She told me she loved me
And I told her she deserved to die.

I shook off her once friendly hand
And told her it wasn't right
Girls loving girls
I told her I hoped hell was alright.

Years passed
And I could still remember her cry
She grew tall and bright
And her smile made me glad she was alive.

Sophomore year
That was when I knew
I couldn't let her be with anyone else
I loved her. Her long hair free and her glasses askew.

It wasn't right
And I knew that to be true
I was disgusting
But she was too.

It was cold in February
At someone's house
And the party had died
But my heart had just roused.

I saw her across the room
Talking to a girl not even a quarter as pretty as she
Her eye never caught mine
But I knew she thought about me.

I grabbed her hand
And told her how pretty she looked tonight
And I told her we'd be having a date
That Friday, if that day's alright.

She harshly tore her hand away
And bored into me, her hate-filled blues
She told me the phase she had when young was disgusting
And I was too.

My heart burned
And I felt the pain I had caused her in junior high
When she looked at me like filth
And said that I deserved to die.
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