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New Years/Bob Bryar's Birthday Party!

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2014 is among us!

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So it's already been one whole year since our last party, huh guys?
I discovered All Time Low at that party. (T H A N K Y O U)

Thank you guys for always being there and I do have friends now, better friends than before, but you guys have helped me grow into that person who got the courage to join Student Government and join the Spring Musical and join all of this stuff and make all of these friends by being myself.

2013 was my first boyfriend, first utter heartbreak, but first time becoming my own person and I owe you guys everything for that.
Yes, I have been feeling very suicidal and depressed lately but you guys taught me that it's okay to be that because that's not strange to people here. It's so common and you guys are so strong to have been through so much, so that gave me strength to be myself and I'm not ashamed to admit it here.

Thank you guys. I hope to help make all of the other kids like us unite one day and blossom into beautiful people, like you guys.
We all met under one band, even though some of us aren't even on the same continent, and they have disbanded, but they'll never leave us as long as we remember one another, even if we never talk to one another ever again after we graduate high school.

Just, remember our times together and their impact will have never left us in the first place.

I truly love you all.


lines up shot glasses and fills them with diet coke
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