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Ties That Bind

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Summary: Medieval Fic. Sir Garfield Logan had conquered the entire country, overthrowing King Malchior of Steel Kingdom. He returns to Jump Estate with the spoils of war, including Malchior's widow...

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Ties that Bind

Summary: Medieval Fic. Sir Garfield Logan had conquered the entire country, overthrowing King Malchior of Steel Kingdom. He returns to Jump Estate with the spoils of war, including Malchior'swidow, a sorceress named Raven. BB/Rae, BB/T (in flashback, I do NOT do Terra bashing, 'cause I like both pairings). Been playing Stronghold 2 way too much lately. Had to make amedieval fic.

Disclainer: All characters, places, settings anything that is important belongs to DC Comics. I don't own anything pertaining to Teen Titans, except the DVDs. If I had it my way this would be a movie, or graphic novel, or something awesome like that, and the show itself would still be airing new episodes on TV.


He still remembered her. Her smile. Her laughter. The way she always understood him.They'd been married for five years. They were going to have a family. He was the Lord of the small estate known as Jump. His best friends were Sir Richard and Sir Victor. Although Garfield was a peasant and a fletcher, and Richard was the adopted Ward of Lord Wayne, they had become friends with Sir Victor, a traveling mercenary from a distant country. They had distinguished themselves after being drafted into the royal army after too many knights had died and there were no squires old enough to go to battle.. During the many wars King Malchior waged, he'd met a girl named Terra. They'd fallen in love, and had married a few years later.

They had a good life together.

Then, tragedy struck.

He had been invited as an honored guest to the castle. They both had gone. King Malchior, who was well known as a philanderer, had set his sights on Terra. She had refused him. He had her shot dead as they were leaving. She had died in his arms.

"I love you, Garfield. Always," were Terra's last words to him.

"I'm going to make him pay," Garfield swore an oath. He only confided his vow to Richard and Victor. Richard's wife Kori had grieved bitterly. Terra was her closest friend.

It was from then on that they decided. They were going to overthrow Mlachior. He didn't deserve to be King. Someone else would take his place. They told their small army to get ready, but to keep it asecret. The king's spies were everywhere. So they meticulously planned and prepared, stored up food, pitch and weapons. They made sure to keep the estate well defended before they prepared to siege the castle itself.

Meanwhile, Malchior ruled with an iron fist, a cruel tyrant who took everything from his people without trying to make their lives better. Raven knew that there was arebellion brewing. She had often argued with her husband, warning him that if he didn't change, disaster would strike. She sensed the onslaught coming, but he didn't believe her.

Raven awoke from a fitful sleep. It was early and she always got up early to meditate. It helped ease her mind, only a little. With her husband's cruel policies and hard handed tactics, it was only a matter of time before rebellion would sweep the country, She'd heard stories, of a massive army, well trained and well equipped, heading towards the castle. They had conquered nearly all the estates and nothing and no one could stop them.

But she had to try to stop them. She was a powerful sorceress and she knew that if she didn't at least try to stop them, more lives would be lost. Mlachior was gathering his troops to head off to battle, but he told her that if he died, she would have to protect the castle. So Raven watched, and waited, she prepared herself for the oncoming battle and she knew deep down that there wasn't any hope left for her.

Sir Garfield Logan stood atop a hill, staring out at King Malchior'sslowly approaching army. It had taken them almost a year to conquer nearly all of Mlachior's estates. The peasants were eagerly aiding them. They were sick and tired of Mlachior'styranny and eagerly accepted Garfield Logan's encouraging words and the promise he made to give them a better life. He told them that if they aided him they would create a kingdom where they would eat well and live good lives. He promised to lower the taxes and punish criminals. There future would be bright and full of hope.

"I'm creating a kingdom she would have wanted to live in," he told Richard.

"That's a good thing Gar, but how are you going to make sure you keep that promise and don't turn into another Malchior?" Richard asked.

"Well, I have you two, you guys would not hesitate to cut me down if I turn into the monster he is."

"Indeed," Richard said. "You're thinking about Terra, aren't you?"

"Yes, I'm doing this all for her. She stood up to him, and he killed her."

"Gar, don't get too caught up in all this, you might not like where this goes," Victor warned.

"Don't worry about me, Vic, I'm not about to follow in his footsteps. I'll never be like Malchior."

"Do you honestly think we can win?" Richard asked.

"So says the guy who set the traps," Gar smirked. "If there's anyone smarter than Malchior when it comes to battlefield strategy, it's you."

"I was making a jest," Richard responded.

"And you find my jests unfunny," Garfield retorted.

"You try too hard, Gar," Richard said. "Would you look at that? The army stopped. They set up camp too."

"I'm going to give him one last chance, if he agrees to change his ways, then I will halt the attack. If he doesn't then, we'll slaughter his army."

"That sounds like something Mlachior would say in negotiations," Victor said.,

"Actually, no, Malchior would just arrive and slaughter us without any negotiations," Richard said. "That's the way he strategizes. Send the messenger. We'll decide what to do when he gets back."

Meanwhile,Mlachior's soldiers spotted the messenger and brought him to the king.

"What is your proposition?" he asked. "Have you come to surrender? If you do, I promise you a quick painless death."

"Lord Garfield asks that you surrender, and he will cease his attack," the messenger replied.

Malchior sneered at the messenger Garfield had sent, "He wants me to surrender, as if he will ever set foot in my castle. No, I'm going to end this. Who does he think he is? That insignificant peasant, he only received his title from me because I was feeling generous. He's no one without me, I gave him everything he has, and I can take it away. Ha! Tell "Lord" Garfield that the next time I see him it will be with his head, on a pike and his body cut up in pieces!"

The messenger rode back to camp and delivered the message.

When Garfield heard the message, he was furious. "I offered him one last chance. Well he'sgoing to have his head on a pike, not me. I'm going to cut him down myself!"

"Richard, tell Victor to get the men ready. All the traps are set and we've got more than enough weapons and food. Tomorrow when they wake up, rain down Hell from the sky! Half his army will be dead before he even engages me in combat! I'm going to kill him with my own hands."

"Well, let's go!" Richard said, standing up. "So begins the bloody business of the day."

All the preparations were made, the troops were ready, and he was prepared to take his revenge. He would change this country. He was going to do it for Terra. Mlachior was going to pay for all the cruel things he had done to his own people, but most of all, he was going to pay for murdering Terra. Gar stared out at the army, preparing to come to kill him.

"Let them come!" he snarled. No one was going to stop him this time.

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