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The Results;

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Sometimes in order to save others you have to put yourself on the line.

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I remember the day it all started. The spiral downwards. Sitting in the doctors awaiting results.

"It's nothing. I bet you any amount of money the results come back negative. I'd know, I'm pretty much the smartest man in the world."

He smiled staring at me. He must of though that stating how clever he was would cheer me up.

"I hope you're right." He was powerless though, he couldn't decide the results it was just my fate. I looked around the room trying to decrease my heart rate before I would start to have a panic attack. I was sweating all over and I needed this time to go faster. Seconds felt like minutes, minutes like hours. Sherlock must of saw the fear in my eyes and instead of telling me how fear was a useless emotion he put his hand in mine and squeezed it tight.

"It'll be okay...I promise."

"How do you know that?"

"Because I'll always be at your side."

I'd never seen this side of him before, the protective side. I smiled at him tearing up slightly, it wasn't just happiness but the nerves. I watched his face drop and he quickly moved his hand to my back.

"Don't cry...Um.. There there..."

I laughed at his attempt to be caring, he was a very smart man but useless with emotions. The door opened and the nurse we had seen before walked in looking slightly confused but not judging us. Not like there is a 'us' we're just friends.

"Do you mind stepping outside Sherlock?"

He looked at me puzzled. However, he agreed and walked out, smiling at me as he closed the door. The nurse looked up from her papers her face tired showing she had been working a early shift either that or been up with her young child all night, by looking at her pictures- It hit me then. I had been spending way too much time with Sherlock.

"Mr Watson-"

"Please don't do the long speech with scan results that I won't understand. I know it's your job but I've been waiting for ages now and I need to know."

She looked down at her papers sighing.

"I am very sorry sir, you'll have to start coming in every Thursday starting tomorrow for treatments."

I took a deep breath and grabbed my coat walking out the door. I closed it putting my coat on. I saw Sherlock leaning up the wall his fingers pressed under his chin. As soon as he saw me he walked over biting his lip, something he never did.


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