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Chapter 7

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Confessing feelings is hard to do

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"You said this is how Luna really is right? A beast and nothing more?" I gathered all my courage, knowing I'd need it.
"It's her true nature." Dahlia nodded and suddenly the scene around us froze, the only things left moving, of course, were us and Luna.
Luna turned towards me and snarled viciously, though despite that I still kept my eyes locked on Dahlia.
"You're wrong about her." I stated and continued to stare her down "she's honest. mostly. But she's very kind. She's got a big heart and she'd never willingly hurt anyone. I don't know what you've done to make her act this way but this isn't her true nature. She's more human than you'll ever be and honestly, being human isn't a bad thing."
She stayed quiet for awhile, simply looking at me with a dumbfounded expression on her face. She recovered quickly "I'll give you one last chance. One very last choice. Either stay here in the past with this monster, or return to your own time and forget about Luna. Don't speak to her again. Move on and leave her to me."
"Well I don't mind staying here one bit," I smiled at both her and Luna "because I love her and that'll never change. She's not a monster to me."

"You can't!" She shrieked and looked between me and Luna, who'd started to glow "You can't love her. I'm the one who turned her into a beast! I should be the one to spend the rest of my days with her!"
"Oh, I get it now." I giggled at her obvious panicking. Luna was starting to glow brighter by the minute "You fell for her, she didn't want you, so you turned her into a beast? How petty and pathetic."
"I-I won't let you have her.." Her calm facade was slipping. Obviously she was losing in her own game.
"I don't care. You can't do anything about it. I love Luna." I walked over to Luna and hugged her,just so the message would sink in. She stared at me and I kissed her nose softly "I love you Lu, beast or not." There was a blinding flash as time unfroze.

After the glow faded and I could see again, I looked down and noticed a girl laying underneath me. Her hair and skin both brown, her dress a dark blue. People were crowded around us in a circle and I was completely embarrassed.

"My head is killing me..."

I looked down at the sound of Luna's voice and got off her but refused to leave her side.
"You're awake" I smiled and hugged her happily.
"Oh um..who are you?" She looked at me with eyes so dark they captivated me. She was blushing slightly as she said it, which only added to my despair.
"You don't remember me..?" My voice wavered and I looked away.
"I swear I would if I could. I've never met anyone so beautiful..I feel ashamed that I seem to have forgotten your name." She said earnestly, holding both my hands in her's.

I took a deep breath and took a moment to decide what to do.
She looked at me shyly, still blushing "Would you like to stay at the castle for awhile..? as long as you'd like, um--"



"My name. It's Mai."

"Mai..that does sound familiar. Something out of the strange dream I just had. And you look familiar too.." She frowned, trying in vain to remember"we've met before, haven't we?"
"Yes Lu, we have." I smiled, my heart rising from the place it'd sunk moments ago.
"Well then let's start over. I'll make sure we get to know each other properly this time.If you wouldn't mind.." She smiled back at me, ignoring the people around us all trying to speak to her.

I reached up and adjusted her crown as I said "Mind? How could I mind? I've loved you this whole time and Lu?"
"Yes?" She blushed and waited expectantly for my next words.

"I'd love to start over with you."
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