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Chapter 6, Section 4

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Mai learns about Luna's "True Nature"

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"Well..I'd love to know more about Luna. But how do you know her?" I asked cautiously of the woman before me. She twirled a finger in one of the dark curls that cascaded down her back and sighed dramatically.
"Oh me and Luna have been close for a long, long, long time. So long you could almost say we're lovers. But if you really don't want to know anything about her, I guess I'll be on my way.."
"Luna had a lover..?" I said it slowly, testing out the words.
"Yes or no? I haven't a minute to waste on You." She started to walk away and even though I knew whatever she had to tell me might hurt..I couldn't let it go.
"Wait!" I reached out and grabbed her wrist.
"Don't touch me Human." She sneered, saying the final word like it was something dirty, "you wish to know so badly. Consider it done."

The more I looked into her eyes, the more the room started to spin. It got harder to breathe. Just when I though i changed my mind, it all stopped.
The room looked the same, and you could still hear the sounds of an orchestra playing but something felt different.
That difference was noticeable when the steel doors behind us opened and people flooded inside.
Women dressed in luxuries dresses, vibrantly colored like they each took a different stripe from a rainbow. The men chatted as the drifted up the stairs with their counterparts.
The strange woman from earlier, Dahlia she said her name was, started to follow the crowd upstairs and gestured for me to come too.
I hurried to follow her.
In bits and pieces I began to make sense of what this was all about as we made our way to what seemed to be a large ballroom. The music increased in volume and as I glanced backward, more guests for the princess's birthday party were coming in. Since they couldn't make it up the stairs, they started up their wild dancing as soon as they got into the castle.
Finally in the ballroom, Dahlia turned to me "it's almost time. Just wait here a moment."
"Alright. But I don't understand what we're waiting for--"
My words were cut off by a loud shriek from across the room. More and more people were pushing to escape whatever problem arose in that area but to no avail. Men clad in heavy armor came bursting into the room, and that only worried me further.

"What's going on?" I looked for Dahlia but apparently she'd vanished.
"A beast! There's a beast in the castle!" A man ran towards me shouting. Before he could even get close he was indeed tackled to the ground by a large black beast.
It snarled and ripped his throat out. A deafening scream was going on, but I was stuck watching the monster devour this man. First with his skull, then his arms. His stomach and other organs were next but the legs were left spared.
It turned and moved onto grab a girl running across the ballroom in it's jaws, snapping her in half. I couldn't look away..

Finally after taking all I could stand to see, I turned and leaned against the wall then vomited heavily.

"That can't be Luna." I gasped, trying to get ahold of myself before that Thing noticed me,"Lu is sweet and kind and gentle..she'd never..this can't be her.."

"Believe me, it was."

Standing next to the feasting animal was Dahlia, gently petting it's back.
"W-Was?" I stammered, trying not to make myself sick again looking at the carnage around me.
"This is her past. Her beginning as a beast." She clarified and stopped to listen to the abnormally loud crunch of bone.
A smile graced her ruby lips as she continued "Don't think she's any different now. You were going to be next. Now how do you feel about your beast?"

I could feel myself shaking and I knew she could see it also but i forced myself to stand proud in the face of danger.
I could feel it..
This woman was no good, despite whatever connection she had to Luna.
"She's the cause of this, I can tell by her attitude" I thought to myself while preparing myself for what I knew I had to say.
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