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It's Four In The Morning

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Don't Wanna Drive Back Home Work title from 19, Pencey Prep Chapter title from 19, Pencey Prep

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Gerard slowly rose with the biggest pounding in his head he’s ever felt. He looked beside him and saw Lindsey sprawled out on the floor along with Mikey, Frank, Jamia, and Alicia. Memories suddenly started rushing back to Gerard’s mind as he began to remember what happened last night. He feels in his pocket for his phone. Once he locates it he pulls it out and looks at the time. It was 3:59 a.m. They had been partying since 5 in the afternoon and then passed out by 11. He slowly started to stand and looked down at everyone. They are out for the count. Gerard walks to the stairs to go to the bathroom. He hit his foot on the steps and yelped. Alicia bolted upright and looked in the direction of the sound. She started laughing and then quickly stopped once she realized her head was heavier than a 20 pound weight. Gerard smirked and says “That’s what you.” and walked up the steps.
Alicia leaned over and shook Frank from his slumber. He looked around totally confused as to what was going on. Alicia said, “Rise and shine. And wake up that boy of mine.” Frank groaned and shook Mikey off his arm. Mikey’s head hit the floor with a small thud. He woke up and said, “What the hell man?” Frank shook his head and said, “Your girl gave me strict instructions to wake you so I did.” Mikey sat up and said, “Gentler next time please?” He looked over and smiled at Alicia who was now standing and stretching. She looked down and said, “Wake up sleeping beauty.” Mikey looked at Jamia and Lindsey and replied “I’m not the only one.” Alicia and Frank laughed.
Gerard came down the steps and said, “Oh, good. I thought I was going to have to be awake with my nemesis alone.” Mikey and Frank exchanged confused glances and Alicia said, “He hit his foot going to the bathroom and I laughed. It was pretty funny Gee. You can’t deny. You standing there holding your foot. It was priceless.” Gerard chuckled and shook his head. He walked over to Lindsey and shook her. She didn’t move. He shook his head and said, “She’s out for sure. I’ll just leave her here for a while longer.” He looked up and said, “You guys want coffee?” Everyone said “yes” in unison. Frank shook Jamia and started filing into the kitchen along with Gerard. Everyone else followed suit. Everyone sat down at the counter and table. Jamia walked in scratching her head and yawning. She plopped down next to Mikey on a stool and laid her head on the counter. She said, “Let’s not do that again for a while. What time is it anyway?” Gerard replied “Four in the morning.” Everyone groaned.
They were only supposed to go out for a few drinks to celebrate Mikey getting his new job. They figured if they went early then they wouldn’t get too plastered seeing as they always go over board when they drink. Obviously they were wrong. They ordered round after round and decided to leave before they became too drunk to get home. Everyone decided on crashing at Frank’s and Jamia’s since they had a few too many to push their luck on an hour drive home against the 15 minute drive to Frank’s. They got in and Frank headed straight to the kitchen and retrieved a bottle of liquor and cups. It was a wrap after that.
So here they were seated in the kitchen feeling like yesterday’s news. Gerard started getting the mugs out of the cabinet and said, “I’m with you on that one.” He slammed the cabinet shut and everyone hissed along with him. He mumbled a “sorry” and proceeded with making the coffee. Once he got the machine up and running he joined the others and sat down with his head down. After what felt like forever they heard movement at the doorway. Everyone sat up when Lindsey said, “You all look like I feel.” They started laughing and Lindsey walked over to the fridge. She pulled out a bottle of water and proceeded with drinking half the bottle. She sat down the bottle when she was satisfied and walked over to the coffee. She stopped the machine and said, “Coffee’s ready guys.” She started pouring the cups. When she was finished she picked up hers and Gerard’s and walked over to him. He took the cup from her with a quick “thanks” and kiss to her cheek. Alicia made for the rest of the cups to pick out her favorite mug with WWE written on it. She grabbed it and then she went to sit back down. Mikey looked at her and laughed and said, “I guess that means I have to get my own then huh?” She shrugged and said, “I could always go put mine back so you can get both.” Everyone burst out into laughter and Mikey said, “No that’s fine. I’ll just get mine and Jamia’s. Frank can get his own for that rude interruption of my sleeping.” Frank laughed and said, “Fine by me.” They walked over to get the coffee and sat back down when they were done. Everyone sipped on their coffee in silence until Jamia said, “Why are we all acting like Zombies. We got drunk not died.” Everyone just groaned.
Jamia shook her head and stood up. She walked across the room and said, “I’m going to get in my bed. Are you coming Frank?” Frank nodded and finished his coffee. He put his and Jamia’s mugs in the sink and then headed in Jamia’s direction. Frank turned around and said, “See you guys when we wake back up.” Everyone else said “good night” as they got up and made their way back to the living room. Gerard and Lindsey cuddled on one couch while Mikey and Alicia occupied the other.
The sun came in through the curtains in Frank’s bedroom. He slowly rose and looked over at the time on his nightstand clock. It was 11:16 a.m. He looked over when he felt Jamia stir. He smiled and bent down to kiss her forehead. Her eyelids fluttered open and she smiled. “Good morning handsome.” “Good morning beautiful.” Jamia sat up and said, “That was a pretty wild night we had huh?” Frank chuckled and said, “It’s not often we get together with everyone and throw down you know? No complaints here.” Jamia leaned over and kissed Frank on the lips. Nothing special just a small peck to let Frank know she was on the same page as him. Frank got up and walked into the bathroom in their bedroom. Jamia stood and stretched. She put on her slippers and walked over to the bathroom. She looked around the corner of the door and said, “I’m going to make breakfast for everyone.” Frank shook his head and said, “I’ll be right down.” Jamia nodded and left.
She went downstairs and smiled at the two couples laid out on the couch. She walked past and opened the blinds. Gerard started to move and looked over. The sun stung his eyes and he rubbed away at them. He shook Lindsey awake. Jamia walked over and nudged Mikey with her slipper clad foot. He sat up right away dropping Alicia against the couch. She looked up and said, “Payback huh?” Mikey chuckled and said, “No baby. I was just a little startled is all.” Jamia laughed and said, “Sorry. I’m making everyone breakfast though. I wanted you guys to keep me company in the kitchen.” Alicia sat up and said, “Why don’t we all just go to a diner?” Everyone nodded in agreement. Frank walked down and said “good morning” to everyone. Jamia filled Frank in on the details.
Everyone started getting ready for their outing in separate bathrooms seeing as though Frank’s house had four bathrooms. Each couple to their own. When everyone was ready they all piled in their cars and drove to the diner.
Later that evening Frank and Gerard decided to go see a movie while Lindsey and Jamia stayed in at Frank’s place and watched movies on the couch. When they got to the theater they got their tickets and popcorn. They went to the theater and sat down. When they were comfortable Frank looked over and said, “We haven’t been out together in ages.” Gerard sipped his soda and said, “I know. We’re always so busy. Glad we got away tonight though.” The previews of the movie started and they turned their attention to the screen. Frank lifted the armrest that was between him and Gerard and snuggled into Gerard’s side. They watched the movie in peace.
“That movie was great. What do you wanna do now?” Frank asked. “I don’t know. Whatever you want to do is fine by me.” Frank replied “Let’s just go back to your place and watch another movie.” They agreed on that and hopped in the car. Frank turned the music up full blast and drove with the Gerard in the passenger seat playing an air guitar along to the music. They got to Gerard’s house and went inside. Soon as they got inside they took off their shoes and jackets. Frank grabbed Gerard’s phone and ordered pizza. They sat down and started looking through movies. They popped one in and started watching. Gerard lay on Frank’s lap while watching the movie. Frank was too busy watching Gerard though. Gerard noticed and said, “What’s up Frank? You keep looking at me like you have something you wanna say… or do?” Frank opened his mouth to say something when the doorbell rang. He got up to answer and paid the boy for the pizza. He sat it on the table and then returned to the chair.
Gerard was sitting there waiting for Frank to say what he was about to say. Frank looked at Gerard and said, “The real reason I don’t come out with you anymore is because you’re too tempting. I want you like I’ve never wanted you before. I always do when we’re together.” Gerard sat there with a calm expression. Then he leaned close to Frank and said, “That’s exactly how I feel.” They sat there staring into each other’s eyes. They leaned in closer and closer and then Gerard’s phone started ringing with Lindsey’s ringtone blaring out. Frank sighed as Gerard leaned back to reach for his phone. When he retrieved it he answered it.
“Hey baby. Having a fun girl’s night?”
“Yes I am. I was just calling to check on you. Did you guys enjoy the movie?”
“Yes it was great Lynz.” Gerard looked up to see Frank getting the pizza and bringing it over to the coffee table.
“Good, good. We just ordered some pizza. I just wanted to check on you.”
“We did the same. Ours just arrived a few minutes before you called.”
“Oh, okay. I’ll see you later baby. Good night.”
“Good night Lynz. I love you.”
“I love you too Gee.”
Gerard hung up the phone and saw Frank sitting there eating his pizza. Frank leaned over and grabbed another piece and gave it to Gerard. Gerard took the pizza and started to eat. Frank finished his and began staring at Gerard again. Gerard looked and said, “If you wanna do something about it Frankie then do it. Nothing or no one is stopping you.” Frank took the pizza out of Gerard’s hand and grabbed him. He pulled him up the stairs to Gerard’s bedroom. He pulled him in and said, “Tonight I’m going to make you mines again.” Then he shut the door.
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