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A Very Happy Day (For Cronos)

by Queenessofmyworld 4 reviews

With the characters Jay, Theresa, Atlanta, Archie, Otis, Harry, and Neil very good in my friends opinion you should read.

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A Very Happy Day (for Cronos)

One dark and evil Thursday morning Cronos was finally planning to get rid of those really annoying Titans...

"I have an up-to-date idea no tricks no co-workers involved just murder HAHAHAHAHEHEHEHEHE snort, snort, snort" crackled and snorted Cronos very, very evilly.

Meanwhile back at the base (where the titans live) they were planning how to get Cronos back to jail...

" I say we try to trap him with a funky device" announced Jay.

"I think we should just let him take a look at me and then take a look at himself and let him breakdown and cry because he realizes that he's so ugly!" Neil said in a surprisingly long sentence.

"NO!" everybody yelled.

"Why not?" Neil asked hurt.

"Because it won't work duh" Otis remarked.

"Ok, ok everybody I have an idea yes me a girl...Jay. I say we just let him see us all give up on trying to get him in jail again and then once he comes down in his evil portal we beat him till he's unconscious and throw him in jail." Theresa announced better than Jay.

"Actually that might work" Archie exclaimed.

"I have no doubts that it will work" Atlanta said.

"Sigh, ok when will we do this." Jay said unenthusiastically.

"Well I think it should be at 2:30pm tomorrow so we can look like we are tired but its just the heat." (it was already 4)

"Ya ok do we need a script?" Archie asked

"Oooooh I am very good at acting posing is my strong point...." Neil raved

"All right how about 2:30 on the curb of Schakal Street" Harry decided.

"Ok!" everyone agreed.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The UnderworldThe Base>Also the next day
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