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Sweetheart Baby

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Round four comes to Rose and the crew. Rosie discovers that she is pregnant. This of course opens the door for more hectic mess for all. This time in Chicago as well as Miami!

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Sweetheart Baby

Before We Begin:

Again, some of these will be different while others go back to what they originally were in the first book.

Sarah Mclachlan Titles: Rose

Operation (Insert in Blank): Vanessa

M.O.V.E. Titles: Noriko

Goldfrapp Titles: Katherine

M.I.A. Titles: Duncan

Black Keys Titles: Greg

Weezer Titles: Adam

Fall Out Boy Titles: Pete

Prince/Davie Bowie Titles: Patrick

Star Wars Quotes: Joe

Tour (Insert Chapter Number): Andy

Res Titles: Keisha

Jimi Hendrix/Kayne West Titles: Davis

Lyrics from Songs: Amanda

Coldplay/Death Cab for Cutie Titles: Morgan

t.A.T.u Titles: Judy and/or Meredith

Anything with Canada in the Title: Robyn

Moby Titles: Sakura

Tom Petty Titles: Kenji

Yeah Yeah Yeahs Titles: Beth

Sneaker Pimps Titles: Garry

Radiohead Titles: Tommy

Oasis Titles: Rachel

Flogging Molly Titles: Tim

Blur Titles: Gareth

Snow Patrol Titles: Miranda

Normal: 3rd Person Titles

The Story so Far:

Rose had a drug-induced meltdown during Pete's divorce from Ashlee. Beach Radio Magazine came under a panic crisis due to Madison coming to pass judgment on the success of the company in determining whether it lives or dies. Adam and Carmen about got married, but the former panicked when he witnessed his dad beating his new wife in the hallway. Later, Sakura tried to cheer up Adam with wine. As a result, they wound in the living room naked under a sheet.

We fast forward to December where there are a couple of complications and a couple of new changes. One of which involves three new lives yet to be born and there will be another wedding yet to be had. How will Sakura and Adam deal with the changes in their relationship? Is there a setting change in the future? Come along and you shall see.

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