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Extreme Ways

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Stuck on what to do about the change in their relationship, Sakura attempts to reach out to Adam to talk to him.

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Extreme Ways:


Adam and I still haven't talked about that night. He acts like nothing has changed. I don't even know how to address the issue to him. I think the others have a guess what happened between us. I can't really look them in eye anymore. However, I felt that I just had to say something.

I clicked on Yahoo messenger and brought up a chat box for Adam. My wrists trembled as I thought about what I wanted to say. It all sounded so much easier in my head. As I stared at the blank screen, I noticed words appearing on my screen. Turns out, Adam made the first move in this conversation.

MovieGreek7: Yes Sakura?

I almost jumped when I read that. It's too late to turn back now. I had to respond back.

CherryBlossomHoney: Uh... yeah, hi.

I waited for him to reply back.

MovieGreek7: Is something bothering you?

There is was. He struck me straight in the jugular with the question. I shouldn't have to lie about this, right? I have to tell him how I feel and don't hold back. No one dancing around the subject anymore!

MovieGreek7: Hello?

I gritted my teeth. Damn it, Adam! Why are you making this so hard?

CherryBlossomHoney: Are you doing anything this evening?

MovieGreek7: Sure, why?

I drew in a deep breath before I got typing again.

CherryBlossomHoney: We need to talk.

There was a pause before Adam responded.

MovieGreek7: Is it bad?

CherryBlossomHoney: Not really. We just need to talk, okay?

MovieGreek7: Alright.

CherryBlossomHoney: Thank you.

I logged off and closed messenger. As I sat back in my chair and sighed, somehow I think this will not turn out so well. It could get worse if things go wrong. However, the bigger problems would have to wait until after Christmas when we got back to work. I shuddered just thinking about it. I hope we can survive this, otherwise...

My Whole Life has Changed
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