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Zoey moved to a new town, met some interesting new friends that would end up saving her life.

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Found this I wrote in high school. Putting it here out of boredom. the SP fics have been dead for years
Disclaimer: I don't know simple plan or anything. Met them but that's all.

I stood outside my new school, and stared at the front doors. It was dull and unattractive. The sidewalk was cracked more than it should have been and there were several pieces of gum plastered to the sides of the building.
Kids walked past me, turning to look at the freak who was staring at their school. What a bunch of morons.

"Out of the way!" Someone yelled.

I stepped back just before a boy nearly plowed me down with a bright pink skateboard. What a dumbass.

“Okay, just calm down. Go through front door for starters." I told myself out loud, receiving several odd looks from people.
Great, not only am the new kid freak, but I'm also the new kid freak who talks to herself.

I walked through the heavy metal doors. The school was just about as thrilling on the inside as it was on the outside. The walls were bland and boring. A white-cream color, with an occasional splash of school spirit colors, or whatever.

I found the door that read 'Office' across the window. Taking a deep breath, I walked into it to find a secretary sitting behind a desk, typing on a computer. I stood there for a few seconds.

"Um... excuse me." I said after a few moments, she looked up.

"Can I help you?" She asked.

"I'm new here, could I have my schedule?" I asked.

"What's your name?" She clicked the mouse a few times.

"Zoey Manson." I told her. She typed in my name, asked me about my address and phone number, then handed me my schedule.

"Alright Zoey." She started. "Your first class is History, it's right around the corner, room 122."

"Thanks," I walked out and leaned up against the wall, studing my schedule. After I read through it, I looked up and headed toward the room that said '122' above it. I took in a deep breath and walked in.

"Hello." A man was standing there next to the teacher's desk. I took a wild guess and assumed he was the teacher.

"Hi." I said quietly. "Are you Mr. Watson?"

"Yes, I am." He smiled. "And you must be Zoey, the new student."

"Yeah..." I looked down at the ground.

"Well, Zoey, You can sit anywhere you want in this class, the rest of the students will be here soon." He told me.

"Okay." I mumbled, walking over to a desk in the back of the room.

It was a decent looking room. The same boring color as the rest of the school, but there were some posters of presidents and such that added color to it.

Other kids came into the room, a boy with black hair, spiked into a mohawk, sat down beside me. Then a guy who had no hair came in and sat down in front of me. The two started talking about what sounded like a band. Then the guy sitting next to me noticed my existence.

"Hi! Are you new here?" He didn't wait for me to answer. "I'm Da--"

"Good morning class, and welcome to eleventh grade history. I am Mr. Watson as most of you know." Ugh, teachers are boring. "Now, as I welcome most of you back, I would like to introduce the only new student that our school got this year. Zoey, would you come up and introduce yourself?"

I looked at him like he was stupid, and shook my head ‘no’ quickly. No way was I making a fool of myself in front of all these kids on my first day.

"Come on, don't be shy." He urged, smiling as he did.

I sighed and walked up to the front of the class. I took another breath in before turning around and facing my peers.

"Uh...hi...I'm Zoey Manson. I just moved here from the States two months ago." I said. "Um... I love music and my favorite band is Green Day." I said in a quiet voice. "Okay...bye." I walked back to my seat quickly.

"Thank you Zoey." Mr. Watson said. "Okay class, I'm going to pass out books, please write your name in the front below all the other ones please. Then, wait while I write some things on the board."

I got my book, wrote my name in it and directed my attention towards the front of the room.

"HI!" Mohawk waved his hand in front of my face. "I'm David!"

"Hi," I said quietly, blinking at him a few times..

"So...You like Green Day, eh? They're pretty awe-" He stopped mid word and looked down at the floor.

"He has the attention span of a squirrel, so don't mind him." the guy in front of me laughed. "I'm Jeff."

"Hi. Are you in eleventh grade too?" I asked.

"No, I failed this class last year." He laughed.

"I would be be in so much trouble in I failed a class, no matter how hard it was." I told him.

"Oh, my parents stopped caring in the eighth grade when I failed math all year." He said.

"So, I see you like Zebrahead." David was looking at my shirt. "We like 'em too. Our friend Seb is a fanatic."

"Yeah they're pretty sweet." I told him.

"Gimme your schedule." David stuck his hand out and wiggled his fingers.

I giggled a little as I pulled my schedule out of my trapper keeper and handed it to him.

"Okay, so,” he started talking so fast, I could barely understand what he was saying. “You got first with us of course. You've got language with me and Seb. Maths with Pierre and Chuck, they're in twelfth grade. Science with Seb and Mel. The you've got lunch with all of us. After that, you've got art with Patrick adnAngel. Then health with the lovely me and the average Pierre. And last you've got Theatre with Angel, Mel and Pierre. Any questions?"

“...Who, what?” I gawked at him.

"You know me and Jeff!" He pointed to himself and Jeff and then started counting off on his fingers. "And Seb and Pierre and Chuck and Angel and Mel and Patrick!" He grew louder with every name and by the time he reached Patrick, he was screaming, and had his arms flailing around in the air.

"Mr. Desrosiers," Mr. Watson told him. "Do you need to go to the nurse and get some medication?"

"No, Mr. Watson! I took some on Tuesday!" David replied.

"Tuesday of which week?" Mr. Watson asked.

"Last week!" He declared, smiling proudly. Mr. Watson sighed then turned back to the board.

"You'll know all of them by the end of the day." Jeff said, as though we'd never been interrupted.

"OKay," I laughed slightly.

"Alright class," Mr. Watson said.

After that, started rambling on about something that I really didn’t care about. I propped elbow up on the desk and rested my head in the palm of my hand. I started to dose off, when something hit me upside the head.
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