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It was a note. I reached down and picked it up. I looked at David. He was grinning ear to ear. There was no escaping this kid, he was determined to be my friend.
I unfolded the note and put it flat on the desk.

'Hi, I'm David!' It read, I looked over at him and rolled my eyes, picking up my pencil.

"Yes, I know, we've established this already.' I wrote, then threw it at him.

I watched as David's face twisted in confusion as he read it, giggling slightly as he looked at me, then the note, then back to me, several times. After a while, his face lit up, like a light bulb had turned on in his head. He turned back to the note and scribbled something on it. The note hit me forehead when he threw it. Cursing under my breath, I leaned over and picked it up.

'Oh yeah! well, Mr. Watson is a big detention giver and a huge snore fest so whatch yo back foo!'

'Thanks for the heads up. Okay, I'll watch out for that. So you like music?'

'YEAH! Me and my friends are in a band! Simple Plan. You should come and watch us practice tonight. The other girls are gonna be there too.'

'Uh...sure. I'll see if I can go. What other girls?'

'Angel (MY girlfriend...not yours...mine) and Mel there really awesome.'

‘I can’t wait to meet them, you guys seem fun.’

I threw the note back at him, he read it then started to write something.

"Mr. Desrosiers and Ms. Manson, is there something you would like the share with the class?" Mr. Teacher asked us.

"YEAH!" David sprang up and stood on his desk. "this is Zoey!" He pointed at me. "She doesn't only like Green Day. I invited her to watch our band play tonight. No one else can come! Invatation only! Invatiation only!" He was now jumping p and down on the desk. "Invatation only! INVA-" The desk flipped over, David went down with it. There was a loud crashed that echoed, I thought David and the desk had gone through the floor. I sprang up and saw David laying on the floor, entwined with the desk.

"David?" I asked. "Are you okay?"

He hopped up, bringing the desk with him.

"Yeah!" He laughed.

"Mr. Desrosiers, thank you for that interesting presentation." Mr. Watson said, David gave him a nod and a smile. "Since it's the first day of school, I'll let it slide this time." The bell rang. "Okay class, we'll pick up there tomorrow. Please, David, try not to destroy the class room tomorrow." We ignored him and walked out of the room.

"Later guys!" Jeff said as he headed off toward his gym class.

"See ya!" Me and David yelled as he lead the way to our next class. Surprisingly, the walk was quiet.

"Take a seat anywhere.” The teacher told us as we walked in.

" that Jeff's gone, what do you think of him?" David asked as we sat down in the back left corner of the classroom.

"He seems nice, his head is shiny." I told him.

"I know!" He exclaimed. "He gets mad at me because I try to poke it. But I mean how can you not want to poke it? It's just so...SEB!" He sprang up and tackled a boy, making his books fly everywhere.

"Nice to see you too, David." Apparently Seb groaned.

"Seb! I missed you!" David exclaimed helping him up.

"Oh yes, Dave, those last forty-five minutes without seeing you were very painful." Seb rolled his eyes.

"Come back here and take a seat! I want you to meet someone!" David drug Seb back towards our desks and shoved him in the seat in front of me.

"Uh...David, I could have-" Seb tried, but David clamped his lips together with his index and middle fingers.

"Zoey this is Sebastien, a.k.a. Seb. Seb, this is Zoey a.k.a. uh...Zoey!" David exclaimed.

"Hi." Seb said between David's fingers.

"Hi." I giggled. David took his fingers off Seb's lips and walked over to his seat.

"ZEBRAHEAD!" Seb yelled, pointing at my shirt. "I like you already!"

"Uh...thanks!" I laughed.

"Class be quiet!" The old woman at the front of the room, who I assumed was the teacher yelled.

"She's a bitch." Seb whispered at me. "The good thing is that she's so damn old, she falls asleep in the middle of class." I laughed at the thought of this.

About half way though the period, the teacher fell asleep and we ended up horsing around until the bell rang.

"David, I'll take her to her math class since I'm going that way." Seb told him.

"But, I'm going that way too!" He whined.

"No," Seb started. "Your class," He pointed down the hallway, "is clear down at the end of the school."

"Oh yeah!" David turned and started to walk down the hallway. "ANGEL!" He started spirting toward some girl. She turned and saw David coming at her.

"David!" She screamed, then took off running in the other direction.

"Hey, your mean!" He cried as he ran after her.

'Get used to his sudden outbursts." Seb told me.

"I think I am." I laughed. "In first period he was jumping on his desk and flipped it over."

"He does that about once an week." Seb rolled his eyes.

We stopped out side the class room and continued to talk. After a few minutes, two guys came walking up. One of them had a long face, the other was the one who had nearly run over me with a skateboard this morning. I stared into his brown eyes, wanting to get lost in them forever
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