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"Look at those earrings! Aren't they just totally cool?"

Serena was at the mall, shopping with a friend of hers.

"Oh yeah", Sandy gushed, looking at the silver star earrings, "they're awesome!"

Serena picked up a pair of the earrings and put them into her overflowing shopping bag. She then paid the cashier for the earrings and walked out of the shop with Sandy. She yawned. "Hey, Sandy, do you, like, wanna take a break and see a movie? I'm like totally shopped-out."

Sandy grinned and batted her heavily made-up eyes. "You? Shopped out? Oh, no, I think it's like, one of those seven signs that show the end of the world or whatever."

Serena rolled her eyes and hit Sandy with her bag lightly. The girls headed for the theater, giggling, not even noticing the older-looking man watching them.

The girls sat in their seats, not even watching the movie, giggling loudly as they talked about boys. Namely, Serena's boyfriend for a month, Jeffrey.

Sandy giggled. "I still can't believe that you're the one who got him. You are like so totally lucky."

Serena flipped her hair, which she had styled up in double loops so that it didn't hang past her shoulders, and batted her eyelashes. "It's not luck, girl, it's looks. You wanna catch the best fish, ya gotta make sure to have the best bait." She giggled, causing one of the boys behind them to kick her seat. "Hey! Would ya guys shut up, please?"

Serena turned around to face him and grinned. "Maybe. If we feel like it." She threw a piece of candy at him.

Sandy giggled. "Got a real 'tude there, Sere." They went back to giggling.

The guy looked ticked. "Boo!" His friend made a sound imitating a buzzer. The guy yelled, exaggerating, "It's the Loch ness monster!"

Sandy laughed. "God, take a chill pill! Like we don't have rights, too."

Serena rolled her eyes. "Ignore them, okay?"

The guy's friend was frustrated. "I don't believe this! We paid good money to see this movie!"

The first guy nudged him. "No, we didn't."
"Uh… yeah…"

QS: Bit by bit, I will be putting my own spin on things more and more. Understand?
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