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After the movie, as they were going down the escalator, Serena and Sandy saw Jeffrey sitting there in his car along with one of his friends. Serena giggled and, when they got to the bottom, she turned to Sandy. "Wait here for me… I'm gonna go say 'hi' to Jeffrey, k?"

Sandy nodded, rolling her eyes, knowing Serena and Jeffrey's way of saying hi to each other.

Serena went right over and leaned over the passenger side of the car of the convertible, ignoring Jeffrey's friend, who was sitting there, and, leaning over him, pressed her lips to Jeffrey's. The two got into an intense lip-lock.

Jeffrey's friend sat there, trying to resist touching the rear end right in front of his face, and spoke. "Jeffrey, I don't mean to sound sexist or anything, but can I borrow her?"

The two stopped kissing, and Serena pulled back. Jeffrey replied to his friend, "No, way, man… you'd get her dirty." Serena glared at Jeffrey, and he looked at her innocently. "He would, honey. He's an animal."

Before leaving, she turned back to Jeffrey. "See you at my house."

As she walked off, Jeffrey's friend staring at her retreating figure, Jeffrey hit the back of his friend's head. "Don't look!"

Meeting back up with her friend, Serene fake-yawned dramatically. "Well, Sandy, I'm pooped! I'd better get home, so I can get some sleep."

Sandy rolled her eyes. "Uh huh, like you're going to get any sleep. We both know Jeffrey'll be there." At this, Serena grinned, and Sandy continued. "Well, I had better get home, too. See ya tomorrow, Sere… Good night!"

Since her house was only a few blocks away, Serena started walking.

On the way home, Serena thought about her relationship with Jeffrey. To anyone who saw them, they would assume that the couple was involved in the most intimate of ways, but, surprisingly, they weren't.

Oh, sure, Serena knew that Jeffrey told everyone that she and him were 'doing it', but she allowed it. Jeffrey was cute, and if he needed that little ego boost to be happy with their relationship, then so be it. No big deal.

Still, he'd been pressuring her about it lately… he did want to sleep with her, and couldn't see why she wouldn't. She'd told him she wasn't ready enough, but it didn't seem to be good enough.

Maybe she shouldn't have invited him over tonight, but it would be nice to spend time together… but he would be expecting to probably get lucky tonight… Damn it, why do I back myself into these corners? She wondered.

Almost home, she stopped for a moment, broken out of her thoughts. All the way home, she'd had that weird feeling on the back of her neck… like someone was watching her, perhaps following her. She started walking again, looking slightly behind her, and caught a movement out of the corner of her eye. She turned just in time to see something small dash into a bush.

Again, she started walking, and realized that she was still being followed. This time she turned quick enough that the creature had no time to hide. Seeing that it was caught, it just sat there.

Squinting to see what it was, Serena moved towards it, but it backed up. It backed a few feet, and ended up under a streetlight. Now she could see what it was… this morning, she'd seen a black cat getting tortured by little boys, and had chased the boys off, saving it. She'd picked it up and, noticing the band-aid on its forehead, started to take it off… but just she could remove it, the cat had went nuts and struggled out of her arms, running off. The creature standing there under the streetlight was that weird cat.

Slowly, not wanting to scare it off again, she crouched and beckoned with her arms and hands for the cat to come closer. "Here, kitty, kitty, kitty. C'mere, I won't hurt you…" she crooned to it softly.

The cat looked at her curiously, its head tilted as though considering, then suddenly leapt into her arms. Serena stood back up, cradling the cat, and scratched it gently behind the ears. "What a strange cat," she thought out loud. "I'm gonna get Mom to let me keep her!"
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