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Serena's mother had agreed that Serena could keep the cat, albeit reluctantly, as long as the girl took care of it. Seeing that it needed a name, Serena decided to call her such a cute one! She called her Miss Kitty Cat.

Jeffrey came over, as planned, and they'd put in a movie to watch. As she sat there, eating popcorn, Jeffrey seemed more interested in her than in the movie, and kept trying to smooch on her. They ended up starting to really make out, but, when he surprised her by trying to slide his hand up her shirt, she shoved him away so hard that he tumbled off of the couch.

He glared at her from his position on the floor, and she returned the glare. "What the hell was that for, Sere!"

Serena frowned. "Look, I'm sorry that I shoved you so hard, but I told you not to try that crap. Never without my permission. When I'm ready for more than kissing, I'll tell you. Not 'til then!"

He frowned, too, looking like a spoiled little boy. "Yeah, but when're you gonna be ready? Ever? I have needs, you know!"

That night, as Serena slept, she dreamed. She dreamed that she was another girl, in another time, named Anna. She'd been a peasant barmaid in medieval times, and she was fighting a vampire…

The cat stared at Serena as she slept, and it seemed that she was frowning. Her eyes narrowed as she watched the girl, feeling the strange energies radiating off of the girl as she dreamed. Something was going on…

Anna defeated the vampire, shoving a stake through its heart, and stood, gasping to catch her breath.

Hearing a sound behind her, she whipped around and her eyes widened. Approaching were five more vampires, and she knew she wouldn't be able to take them all… Her gaze hardened as her hand clutched the stake tighter; she was going to die, most likely, but she would take out most of them first! As the vampires approached, she heard a sinister chuckle above her, and she looked up, her gaze widening even more, if that was possible. "Lothos."

As he lowered to the ground, the vampire king leered at her. "Slayer."

A look of determination came onto her face and she brought her arm back and forward, trying to shove the stake into his black heart, but he stopped her easily, catching hold of her and spinning her to have her back to him, a dagger now pressed at her throat.

Lothos grinned, baring his fangs. "Will you people never learn? This is our world now." She didn't dare move because of the dagger pressed to her throat, and now, pulling her hair out of the way, he dipped his head and viciously sank his fangs into the smooth, pale skin of her throat.

"NO!" Serena sat up, cold sweat covering her body, her hand at her throat. She realized where she was and who she was, and that she was alive. The fear slowly drained out of her eyes. "What a weird and scary dream…" she whispered, eyes wide. "It was so real…"

As she came to herself, she noticed the cat at the foot of the bed, staring at her, its eyes seeming to glow eerily as moonlight reflected off of them.

She reached down towards the cat, gathering it to her in a cuddly hug. "Oh, I'm so sorry, Miss Kitty Cat, did I wake you?" Nuzzling the cat, she lay back down with it in her arms. She eventually fell back to sleep, and so did the cat.
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