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In the next few days, Serena noticed something weird: Whatever she was doing, wherever she went, Miss Kitty Cat followed her and seemed to be always watching her. If Serena went into a store, the cat would simply wait outside until Serena came back out and then would resume following her.

Serena tried locking her into the house, but the cat seemed to find a way out each time.

She even followed Serena to school, and was always there when she got out, too.

And to make things even weirder, Serena seemed to have a stalker now; there was this weird old guy in a brown tweed coat who always seemed to turn up wherever she was. And she often caught him watching her, giving her an eerie feeling. Just what she needed, some creepo perve stalker!

Oftentimes, she caught Miss Kitty Cat watching the weirdo.

Finally, when the recent weirdness and eerie feeling seemed about to reach their peak, something happened one day.

Serena was walking home with Miss Kitty Cat on her shoulder. Out of nowhere, the cat suddenly jumped to the ground and hissed viciously, her fur raised. The cat was looking in the direction behind Serena.

Hearing footsteps, Serena whirled around, a seriously pissed-off expression upon her face. "Alright, buster, who are you and what the hell do you want!" She growled, then added, as an afterthought, "I know you've been following me. You don't exactly blend in in that trashy-looking coat of your. Hasn't anyone told you that tweed is out?"

For a moment, the man looked distinctly uncomfortable, at a loss for words. "Serena, I have been looking for you…"

Now it was Serena's turn to look nervous. "Why? Am I in trouble or something? Because if I am, I didn't do it."

The man shook his head and smiled grimly. "No, my dear, you're not in trouble. I am. I have been searching for you for many years; my name is Merrick and I have come to give you your birthright."

Miss Kitty Cat, standing between them and looking back and forth, was beginning to look alarmed over their conversation.

"My birthright?" Serena looked skeptical at this. "You mean like an inheritance or something?" Her eyes lit up. COOL! I wonder how much it'll be worth? Man, oh man, maybe I'll get a lot of money outta this!

Merrick sighed. Of all the girls who could have had the mark, it had to be this ditz? "Yes, in a way it is. Now, you must come with me to the graveyard."

Serena looked at him, obviously ready to go back to thinking that he was a weirdo. "Umm… wait just one second, my inheritance is in the graveyard? I don't think so!"

Merrick sighed yet again, feeling a headache coming on. "Serena, you are the Chosen One, you must fight vampires and demons, the creatures of the night. You are the world's last defense. Like I already said, you are the Chosen One; the slayer."

Serena shook her head. "You have GOT to be kidding me… Listen, old dude, I seriously think you've got the wrong girl."

"No. I know you're the one," Merrick said. "And so do you, in your heat… you've had dreams, have you not? Where you were other girls, in other times…?"

Serena shrugged and flipped her hair nonchalantly. "So? Everybody has dreams where they were someone else!"

"You were an Indian, princess, perhaps… or a barmaid called Anna… or a Chinese prostitute, even." Merrick saw Serena's eyes widen in surprised.

She gulped. "I never told anyone about those dreams… how did you know?"

"Because you are the Chosen One."

Suddenly Miss Kitty let out a growl like she couldn't take listening to this anymore and, to the surprise of both of the humans, spoke. "Serena is NOT your slayer! She is the Sailor Soldier of the Moon, entrusted with the power of the Moon, and she is to fight the Negaverse, NOT demons and vampires and such! She is Sailor Moon, and her one and ONLY destiny is to fight the Negaverse and find and protect our princess!"

Serena gaped at her cat and crouched to stare at her. "Miss Kitty Cat! You talked!"

Miss Kitty Cat looked over to her Mistress, glaring. "Yes, Serena, I did. I have been searching for you, for you are the Sailor Soldier of the Moon! NOT this 'slayer' that this man is talking about! Oh, and one more thing… Do NOT call me 'Miss Kitty Cat' again! I am so sick of it, it is SUCH a STUPID name! My true name is Luna… that is what you may call me."

Meanwhile, Merrick gaped at Luna, and moved to stand between her and Serena. "See what I mean, Serena! Your cat is no cat, it's a demon! Come on, now, we must hurry and make our way to the graveyard before sunset!"

Luna hissed at this comment and pounced on Merrick, clawing at his face.
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