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i wonder if they're going to end up back together or not. decisions, decisions. enjoy.

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Kate stood behind Patrick's door wrapped in a towel, she felt dizzy and faint. She didn't know if what had just happened was good or bad, or if it was even what she wanted. Kate walked into her brother's room and found clothes to put on; his clothes fit her a little better than Patrick's. She tied her wet hair up grabbed her shoes and left the apartment. She walked to her apartment that was only a few blocks away; she didn't have her key after leaving the bar in such a rush so she knocked on the door hoping that Sam would answer. Kate shared her apartment with Delilah's drummer Sam, Brian and Matt lived across the hall; they were a very close-knit group. She could hear Sam inside making a commotion as he attempted to answer the door. The door swung open revealing a half asleep Sam. As soon as he saw her, and her severely bruised cheek his eyes widened.
"Oh my God Kate, what happened? Did 'Trick do this?" He placed a hand under her chin and tilted her face so he could get a better look.
"No some creep did," she started off, pulling her head out of his hand, "Patrick and Joe
saved me actually. I had gotten lost, and whatever, can you let me in?" She laughed. Sam moved out of her way,
"We tried calling you but your phone was shut off."
"It died." Kate said sleepily. "I'm going to go back to sleep, ok? I'm really tired." She turned to look at Sam who only nodded. With that she walked into her room and shut the door. She leaned on the back of the door and looked around the room, the grey walls were covered in miscellaneous things, posters, pictures, magazine clippings, it was basically a huge collage. She glanced at her bed, her pink comforter was on the floor and her black and white polka dot sheets were crumpled into a ball at the foot of the bed. Kate walked to the window and pulled down the blinds, she then crawled into her bed and fell into a deep sleep.

Andy, Joe, Patrick and Pete had to go to an interview with a local magazine, which took and hour or so. When they were done they all walked out of the building.
"What are we doing now?" Joe asked Andy who replied,
"Nothing, that was the only press we had to do today, the tour starts back up in three
days though."
"Oh, ok, I'm hungry." Joe continued., they all laughed.
"What's new?" Andy replied and then looked around at the others,
"Do you guys want to get something to eat?" Pete shook his head 'yes,' but Patrick shook his head 'no,' and replied,
"Uhm, I think I'm going to head home." He started walking backwards and pointing in the direction of the apartment.
"She's not there." Pete said while leaning against a telephone pole, a smirk planed across his lips. The other two laughed. Patrick slightly embarrassed tugged at his hat and mumbled,
"Where is she?"
"Sam called and said that she was at home asleep." Laughter was apparent in Pete's voice.
"Oh, well I should check on her and stuff." Patrick started off, "You know, just to make
sure she's ok."
"Yeah, Ok. You do that, since I mean, she obviously needs checking up on. Sleeping
is so dangerous now a days." Joe said sarcastically with a laugh. Patrick nodded in agreement obviously not paying attention to what Joe really said.
"Yeah, so I'm going to do that. I'll check up with you guys later." He started off in the direction of Kate's apartment. The other three boys just stood there laughing.
"I hope he doesn't do something stupid this time." Andy said in between laughs the other two agreed and they carried on that way until they got to the diner the Joe 'absolutely had to eat in.'
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