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This is a turning point chapter. There is nudity and sexual anxt. Oh no, whats going to happen? .:.evil laughs.:.

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Kate quickly pulled her pants up and huffed out of the kitchen. She stormed into Patrick's room as if it was her own and slammed the door.
"I HATE YOU ALL" She screamed through the closed door. Kate cracked the door slightly, stuck her head out and added "- except for Joe." Before slamming it shut again. She could hear Pete whining about him being hated for not doing anything, so she once more stuck her head out of a slightly cracked door,
"Except for Pete too," she slammed the door once more.
"So basically you just hate me." Patrick said from the other side of the closed door. Instead of a response, Kate just turned on the stereo and sat on the bed. They probably had sex on this bed she thought before quickly getting up. Oh eww, that's disgusting. I slept there. Shower, now. Kate threw open the door not realizing Patrick was leaning on it. Patrick startled proceeded to fall and Kate just moved out of the way. He fell on the floor. She proceeded to walk around him but he grabbed her ankle and pulled her down with him.
"Ugh, don't touch me." She tried squirming out of his grip with no success. Patrick laughed,
"Chillax, what is your problem?"
"How could you put me in that bed?" She spat at him pointing to the bed. Confused Patrick responded,
"Would you rather have slept on the floor?"
"Ugh, you had sex with her on that bed, and I was sleeping in it." Patrick's eyes grew wide.
"I did not." Kate laughed at his response.
"Uhm Ok." She said sarcastically. Patrick raised his voice slightly,
"I swear I never" he lowered it before he continued "did that"
"With her"
"at all." Kate looked at him.
"So what, do you lie all the time now or something?" she didn't wait for a response, she pulled herself out of his grip.
"I'm going to shower." With that she left him sitting on the floor. Kate walked to the kitchen and got a garbage bag to wrap her cast in, she then proceeded to the hall closet, pulled out a towel, walked into the bathroom and shut the door. As soon as the water was a comfortable temperature she stepped in. She rested her head on the shower wall and just let the hot water envelope her. Kate wasn't in the shower for five minutes before there was a knock at the door.
"Kate?" Patrick's voice was low. She stuck her head out of the curtain and sighed.
"Is your main mission in life to bug me all the time?"
"Ugh no."
"Then what is it you want Patrick?"
"Can you hurry up?" she glared at him.
"I know I'm sorry, but Andy just called, and I have to be somewhere in like 30 minutes.
Pete is in the other shower with Joe waiting to go after him, and you take
ridiculously long showers." Kate realized that she should just get out of the shower and let him use it, but that would mean actually doing something nice for him. She decided then not to go down without a fight.
"Uhm," She paused, "No." Kate stuck her head back in the shower.
"Kate, c'mon." He pleaded.
"Patrick, your shower ordeal seems like a personal problem to me." She was just about to wash her hair when he threw back the curtain, grabbed her, and put her on the ground outside the shower. He stepped in.
"What the hell are you thinking?" She yelled at him.
"I asked nicely." His voice came from inside the shower.
"I was in first." Kate said and climbed into the shower. She crossed her arms,
"Get out." And pointed to outside of the shower. Patrick laughed and looked over his shoulder.
"Make me." Kate's eyes narrowed, Patrick turned around.
"HEY TURN BACK AROUND!" she squealed.
"You got into MY shower!"
"It was mine first! TURN AROUND." She attempted to cover herself. Patrick rolled his eyes and turned back around.
"So does me facing this way make you feel better about yourself? I think you're being a
little bit ridiculous, I have seen you naked before."
"Shut up, those were under different circumstances." She huffed.
"You're in my shower, what kind of circumstances does that make these?" He turned around again and stepped closer to her, she stepped backwards but slipped on soap. Patrick grabbed her and pulled her close to him so she wouldn't fall. Patrick leaned in and kissed her. Kate kissed back and put her arms around his neck deepening the kiss. He pushed her up against the shower wall. As if on cue there was a bang on the door.
"Patrick hurry the hell up we're leaving in 3 minutes, and Pete wants to know where
Kate went." Joe said with a head peaked into the bathroom. Aggravated, Patrick responded,
"Ugh I don't know."
"That's weird of her just to leave without saying anything." Joe commented. Kate still pinned against the shower wall sighed, Joe however didn't hear her.
"I guess," Patrick stuck his head out of the shower, "I'll be right out." Joe nodded in response and closed the door.

"Is she in there dude?" Pete asked while tying his shoe. Joe nodded.
"Yeah." Pete shot his head up,
"Ew you saw my sister naked?" Joe laughed.
"Ugh no, I didn't see her at all actually, but unless Patrick wears two shirts, two pairs
of pants, boxers and panties; and Kate is a nudist, then she is in there." They both laughed as Patrick walked into the family room,
"What's so funny?" he questioned. The other two shrugged, and they all proceeded out the door leaving Kate in the apartment by herself.
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