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Chapter 1

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Lilo and Stitch meet 628

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I was on my vampire beach towel in my strapless black bikini as I enjoyed the warm afternoon sun of summer as I listened to the soothing sound of the ocean waves crashing on to the soft golden sand of the beach and the thrilled laughs and shrieks of the children running around playing with each other and soaking each other with the cool water. It was another ordinary day here on the Hawaii beach as I thought about what I need to do and how to do it, I wasn’t totally sure on why my big sister Ruby sent me here but I’m here now and enjoying a well needed rest. I then saw a little girl in a red flower dress and experiment 626! Fighting a big tall person over something.

“Give me experiment 628 now and I will go easy on you and your little trog.” The little girl with straight waist length raven hair said with a calm and dangerous look that could rival my little sister Luna Stone Le’darkblood the youngest of the six of us. “We’ll never let you get to it stupid head, right Stitch?” She turned to the blue male experiment next to her. “Ih, Naga-takabah.” He replied back with his arms folded over his chest as they fought against him with people running from them to safety get off of the beach.

I knew what he had said very clearly but I couldn’t remember from where I heard it at the moment though until it clicked my father had Jumba insert some experiment blood in to my veins so that I get all their strengths and can understand them with none of their weakness, ‘another upgrade to have the perfect weapon’ my father said. The best experiment Jumba as ever done he thinks so I’m known as experiment 630 the most successful to cause trouble by Jumba and Hanstervil cause I’m a mixture of the best experiments.

So the stupid head that is what the little girl with experiment 626 called him is after unpredictable experiment 628 hmm, now this place is getting good, I knew it was the right choice to come here after I left Yuuki and Crescent with their two boyfriends. I’ll have to get her first now won’t I? But won’t Jumba most likely have her locked away most likely in a super top secret base that’s not even on this earth or sector of the galaxy and that no one but him knows of its location,

but it’s nothing I can’t handle thanks to my training from my father’s best people I thought with a slight smile that didn’t reach my eyes or any true emotion. As I got up and walked away from the beach with my towel over my arm and got dressed into a nice purple top with shorts and sandal with a swirl of wind around me, definitely not my best but most definitely not my worst outfit either.
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