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Chapter 2

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lilo meet 628

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I am thinking on how I’m going to get her out of her prison when I saw the little girl and 626 walking in front of me towards Jumba as he stood in front a largish house with a slightly worried look on his face why would he be worried and about what? I need to know what can possibly worry Jumba that much. “Gantu wanted 628 again but we stopped him right Stitch.” The girl told him as she looked over at 626. “Ih.” 626 aka Stitch replied to what little girl said my eyes widen at the name so he’s still after her as well then all the more of a reason for me to get her than for her to be left in their hands.

“Good thing 628 is locked away in ship by evil genius.” Jumba laughed as they all walked into the house and had Stitch shut the door behind them. I looked over at the red and white space ship that wasn’t that far from the house. I went over to it to get her and send her free so I was wrong about her being off this planet, oh well the easier it will be for me to get her then. I managed to pass all the security he hand on the ship and was standing infront of experiment 628 in pod form. I pass my hand through the glass and got her out, I then left but I placed a blue ball with the number 628 on it in the container so that they don’t realise that she’s gone and is with me.

After I got back to my small house I put the pod in the glass container in my lab under the lose floor boards, I then get a cup filled with water and I poured some of it on top of her and watched as she activated. After a moment of blinding light I saw 628 standing well more like stretching in front of me. She has a fox like body but the size of a ride on toy car, short thick blood red ruby fur with light sunset orange/yellow markings on her ears, two short antenna, paws and tips of her two plaited tails that make one; she has ruby pink eyes with blood red slits in the middle. She has a tooth necklace with a gem the shape of a blood drop in the centre of it that glows different colours when she’s angry or upset. She blinked a couple of times before she saw me standing before her behind the glass. “Who are you and why am I here?” She asked and the first thing I noticed was that she doesn’t speak Tanglog like the other 629 experiments do.

“I’m Black Cat but you can call me experiment 630 if you want and for why you are here it is quite simple really I saved you from being a lone pod forever.” I replied back to her two questions calmly as she thought about this info. “And the other experiments?” She asked hesitant to know the answer to that. “All are free to find their one true place while you are left to rot as a pod forever.” I replied with a sad sigh. “What! Let me out and I’ll tear them all to shreds!” She snarled as the gem turned an almost black colour and her energy had so much Killer intent that it was a little hard to breathe and her tails unplaited into two deadly tails. “Calm down, you need to learn how to use your anger to show them, it was wrong to keep you as a pod.” I told her with a stern voice like a wise mother to her young child after doing something they know is wrong.
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