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chapter 3

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lilo ans Stitch meet 628

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Chapter 3
She looked ashamed to have let her anger have control like that over her. “I’m sorry BC.” She apologized using my nickname like it was natural to say it with her head hanging. “It’s ok, Deadly Rage we just need to work on it that’s all.” I replied liking the name I picked for her and she seemed to like it as well because she purred at her new name.

After she calmed down enough that it was easy to breathe again I let her out and she gave her thanks in the form of curling around my feet and dozing off for a little bit, when she woke up I picked her up in my arms and held her close, like I do with Snow Devil and some of the other Kitsune in the family. I gave her my mark on her left antenna at the base of it.

“Now, Elena doesn’t remember what you look or I like so you can be seen walking with me around town, also we need to find out if Elena has anymore experiments planned and if so save them.” I told her as I put on her bed in my room, next to my bed. “Ok Mistress can we go out tomorrow?” She asked me with hope in her eyes as well as her voice. “Of course I wouldn’t dream of not letting you have a taste of freedom.” I replied with a smile laugh on my lips as I scratched behind her ear coursing her to purr happily.

“I know, why don’t we go out now it’s still quite yearly in the morning and I want to see if we can become friends with 626 and the girl he is always with.” I told her as I twirled into a short knee length light blue Hawaiian dress with matching blue thongs. She shrunk her antennas into her head along with one tail and she shrunk to the size of a normal fox. “Do I look ok?” She asked me while she couldn’t look me in the eye. “Yes you look like a revenge goddess on a mission.”

I smiled as we began to leave, after I closed the door I locked it and we walked down the street. Soon we came across Lilo and her experiment, Lilo looked over at us and came over to us with Stich. “Hello are you new here? I’ve never seen you around before.” Lilo asked me as Stitch followed over to get a look at both of us. “Yes we are and we don’t know our way around the island that well yet.” I replied with a kind smile as we spoke. “Oh, I’m Lilo and this is Stitch.” Lilo tells me both their names while pointing to herself and to Stitch. “My name is Rachel and this cute little girl is Deadly Rage.”

I pointed at myself then squatted down to pet Deadly Rage. “Hello.” Stitch waves at Deadly Rage with a smile and ears straight up she replies back with a dip of her head a little with a small yip. “Well it was nice meeting you, come on Deadly Rage.” I began to turn to walk away until Lilo called. “Wait do you want me to show you around the island?” I smiled as I turned back to face her. “If you don’t mind showing us around, that is Lilo.” “It’s no problem and I want to know more about you and Deadly Rage.”

Lilo smiles as we begin to walk into the middle of town with a smile showing me things until we run into Mertle, Elena, Teresa and Yuki. That’s when she lost her smile and the girls look between us. “Hi, I’m Mertle and I really would like you to be my friend.” She said with a fake smile and I hate people like that, with a kind smile I replied back. “No thanks I prefer to be Lilo’s friend and it looks like Deadly Rage really likes Stitch as well.” As I say that Deadly Rage is purring and curling around him happily, to show my point. Stitch is patting her and scratching her behind the ear with a smile. Mertle looked shocked that I picked Lilo over her, with a turn of her head the four of them left us alone.

“You really mean it Rachel?” Lilo asks me surprised. “Yes, I do and it looks like Deadly Rage has really taken a liking to Stitch.” I smiled as she continued to curl around Stitch, with small purrs coming from her once and a while. I kneeled down with my arms open and called to her in a soft voice. “Deadly Rage.” She stopped curling and purring and jumped into my arms and fell asleep the moment she curled into a ball. “I’m surprised that she warmed up to Stitch like that, she doesn’t normally like people or animals.” I told her as I remember what her primary function is to cause fear about foxes and fox like animals by attacking everyone and thing insight. “Really? She looks like she gets on with others really well?”

Lilo comments on the fact that she liked Stitch while I looked down at the experiment in my arms and smiled. We continue to talk as we walk through the town until it got dark. “Well I had fun with you today, Lilo I hope we can do this again soon.” I thanked her and began to walk away when she called after me. “Wait, Rachel! Do you want to come over and meet my family and possibly stay the night?” I turned around and smiled as I replied. “Of cause I would like to, Lilo.” We laugh and talk the whole way to her place as we reach the door Deadly Rage woke up with a yawn.
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